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  1. Eulah J. Broach says:
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    Zyprexa for Post-traumatic stress disorder

    In addition to a strong weight gain of 30 kg in three years, a tormenting nervousness paralleled an excessive drowsiness. Participation in lectures at the university was largely impossible because the patient constantly fell asleep against his will. Reading and learning were also largely impossible under the medication, as the drug forces patients to suffer from agonizing sleep attacks all day long. The nervousness with an inability to sit still was accompanied by restless legs and severe joint pain. The quality of life sank considerably, the psycho-traumatic sleep disorders did not improve, but worsened constantly, nightmares and bingeing made every night a journey through hell. Even years after discontinuing Zyprexa, the after effects of side effects are still significant. The impairments caused by the drug have been at a high level for years.