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  1. Patsy J. Dinwiddie says:
    5.0 rating

    Salofalk for Ulcerative colitis

    I had the first colitis attack of my life 4 years ago and had to go to hospital for 4 weeks. A pancolitis ulcerosa was diagnosed. I have been treated with 3,000 mg of Salofalk right from the beginning, and then decline after about a year. After 2.5 years, I had a boost again, this time was also treated with cortisone. Since then I’m free of push, so now about 2 years. I can only say that I have now come from 3000 mg to 1000 mg Salofalk, so instead of 6 tablets 2 tablets. In the meantime, I was struggling with joint pain, but I practice a manual job, am a woman and I am almost 50 years old. No rheumatism. I am satisfied with Salofalk so far, and have good blood levels, general well. However, possible side effects could just be the joint pain, then sweating (easy, but I am also in the change of years) and weight gain … but not blatant. But at the same time in the last 4 years I found out what I can not eat or drink before anything else, that helps me very well, and the two colonoscopies each after the episodes were also so that I may hope, both times no inflammation. I do not know now whether I have a mild colitis and how I should evaluate all this exactly, but I believe that Salofalk despite the disadvantages is a good drug that also helps well with a lighter colitis, meanwhile I can eat a lot again, and I’m still free of complaints. as I said, I rely above all on my own diet, in which I repeatedly relieve the intestines for days of meat, milk and other things that do not get him. I would like to know more about my illness, … maybe my contribution will help, I hope so and keep my fingers crossed for all concerned. Can be bad, this disease.

  2. Andrew B. Williams says:
    4.0 rating

    Salofalk for Ulcerative colitis

    It took 3-4 months for it to have an effect – as well as an adverse effect of azathioprine. The following symptoms I have identified for me as a side effect of the drug: – joint pain, mainly in the leg and ankles – sleep disorders (very long sleep phase, sometimes after about an hour so wide awake that falling asleep only a few hours later is possible) – sporadic itching – Loss of appetite – often impotent – wounds heal bad It is of course also possible that these side effects are related to the simultaneous intake of Salofalk. Before I took the aza, I had taken the saolfalk together with betnesol and prednisolone, but there had been no improvement in the intestinal mucosa. The side effects as described above were not available. There was an acne known as cortisone preparations, which has now largely disappeared. Since the intestine has calmed down well now, I will try to sell Salofalk as a next step. The Azathioprin -so my doctor- I should take two more years.

  3. Frank J. Boynton says:
    3.0 rating

    Salofalk for Ulcerative colitis

    Joint pain, especially in the arms and legs. Muscle pain, itching, fatigue, nausea, general feeling of being sick, especially in the evening at rest. When taking Salofalk alone, no problems

    Side effects: Itching; Joint pain; Fatigue; Nausea