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  1. Delma D. Waller says:
    3.0 rating

    Femara for Metastasis; Breast cancer

    The treatment began 19 months ago with Bondronat and Femara. Since I had hardly any side effects. Half a year later, new metastases were found Femara was discontinued and I got Faslodex. From then on I felt worse and worse. It started with feebleness, fatigue, pain in the joints. Then later numbness in the hands and feet and very severe pain. I have been wearing a pain patch since February of this year and am also taking Temgesic. On some days, I feel like dazed by another star, and can not leave the house alone. My quality of life has suffered as a result. New metastases were found again at the last examination. And I wonder, how can that be. But that’s exactly what Bondronat and Faslodex are supposed to do. Have I been treated with the wrong drug in the past few months? The bad thing is, I’m staying on the track !!

    Side effects: Fatigue; Joint pain
  2. Myrtle B. Punch says:
    4.5 rating

    Femara for Breast cancer

    I have been taking Femara for 3 1/2 months, before that 3 years Tamoxifen. I feel pretty depressed, powerless, no longer powerful, totally dull and impotent, muscle and joint pain, especially in the elbow, also stiffness in the hands and ankles when I only 10 min. I have sat, total rigidity of the skeleton, I feel like I’m 90 years old, I’m 50 years old. It can not be. That’s just for the pharmaceutical companies and their special doctors to make their pockets full.600, – € for a 3-month pack and that should take over 5 years – the only one who gets well are the aforementioned people. I tend to feel that if I am well I can stay healthy rather than feel so bad !!! WOMEN ARE CRITICAL !!!

  3. Sandy C. West says:
    4.0 rating

    Femara for Pain (acute)

    I have been taking the hormone preparation FEMARA for a year now. The joint and muscle pain increase more and more from day to day. Constant headaches, diarrhea, nausea, hot flashes, then often I start to feel cold. I feel exhausted and broken. was sick for 3 weeks now. My doctor says, but I should take the drug despite all the side effects. Sometimes I think I stop, but then I feel remorse again and I keep on.

  4. Helen M. Adkins says:
    4.5 rating

    Femara for Breast cancer

    Initially, the side effects began with palpitations and sweats that have decreased significantly after a few weeks. On the other hand, the bones, joints and muscles are very fierce. Increases in liver function, fatigue, depressed mood, massive weight gain. Sleep through the night – under Femara – was once again, except for the urge to urinate one again and again out of bed. And under the daily morning stiffness of the joints, the accumulation of water in my hands and legs, I have the impression that Femara is aging at a tempo pace and makes one worry of waking up in the morning. The quality of life drops enormously!

  5. Mildred A. Harris says:
    3.0 rating

    Femara for Depression; Breast cancer

    Two weeks after the start of the intake occurred water retention, insomnia and swollen hands, stiff stiff fingers in the morning, aching feet, knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders, especially in the morning but also after breaks and on exertion, even dry skin. If the joint pain does not give, the treatment is discontinued because the side effects are not compatible with the professional activity and affect the quality of life enormously. Who knows how the maximum estrogen deprivation in the next few years would (would) affect the organism …

  6. Susan A. Jones says:
    3.0 rating

    Femara for Breast cancer

    Breast Cancer Diagnosis November 2003 Ablatio re. Side with simultaneous breast structure. 6 x chemo, then 3 years tamoxifen. Strong hot flashes + weight gain of 6 kg. In April 2007 then change to Femara. The hot flashes got better but I suffered from severe joint pain in the elbow joints + in the left knee. The finger joints began to crack. Strong water retention in legs + feet. Shortness of breath and inner restlessness. At times depressive moods u. Agression. Had the feeling of my personality to change totally to the detriment. Unbearable! After 13 months taking Femara, then in May after consultation with my gynecologist discontinued the funds. I’m not feeling well for a long time. The pain subsided, became weaker. Mentally, I’m great. The water retention still varies. At times a feeling of super-light legs. I am now taking off with the help of a dietician u. lost 7 kilos in 3 weeks. I am doing very well. My doctor told me it was much more important for me to reduce the weight than to take Femara’s 11 months. That would be purely for the statistics anyway. And for that I really do not have to torture myself for another 11 months.

  7. Ruth R. Senger says:
    3.5 rating

    Femara for Breast cancer

    Bone and joint pain, hot flashes, occasionally nausea. The hair has become a little thinner. The Femara has been applied immediately after the chemo and has successfully continued the good started path. The partial remision is continued by the capture of Femara.

  8. Linda W. Mears says:
    4.5 rating

    I live well, exercise about 5-7 x / week sport (2 x swimming 1 1/2 hours, 5 x Cardiotrainer -30 min / daily) After taking tamoxifen (2 years) no complaints – apart from hot flashes Femara ingestion now a total of 3 years: after six weeks strong bones and joint pain (very painful handshake, always pain after getting up, for example, a chair, it takes up to a quarter of an hour, until the movement lock dissolves;), mild osteopenia, fibromyalgia-like complaints, (through Sport not controllable); After 2 years of osteopenia and the border with osteoporosis (despite sports!). Recurrent stubborn joint inflammation (currently elbow), thin, brittle hair; decreasing athletic efficiency! Hot flashes (approx. 5-20 x / day)

  9. Gina S. Le says:
    5.0 rating

    Femara for Breast cancer

    I have reported here as a guest a few weeks ago about side effects of Femara. Initial side effects such as palpitations and massive sweats were massive, but after a short time they have subsided. At that time I did not know that this was just the beginning of further problems. As often read here, massive bone and joint pain, fatigue, and nausea came along, with a beginning of weight gaining and bloating without any of it. I have the experience that deny the side effects. If some become weaker or disappear, others come or reinforce themselves. The quality of life sinks in parts to zero. The fear of cancer and the hope that the side effects are bearable and stop, let me first go on.

  10. Laura M. Smith says:
    5.0 rating

    Femara for Breast cancer

    1. Significant problems with joint pain, knees and shoulders 2. Concentration disorders, word-finding problems. You sometimes say words that do not fit and you do not even want to say, or you use words from another language that you also know well 3. Memory problems, you often forget what you wanted. Recalling memories also slows down The side effects are simply brutal and diminish the quality of life! It is not possible to evaluate effectiveness.

  11. Lois A. Deschamp says:
    3.5 rating

    Femara for Breast cancer

    Bone density decreases rapiere, joint pain such as knees and fingers to the back. Dry mucous membranes of the vagina

    Side effects: Mucosal dryness; Joint pain
  12. Susan D. Perkins says:
    2.5 rating

    Femara for Breast cancer

    Side effects of tamoxifen: hot flashes nothing else. Effects of Femara: Hot flashes less than tamoxifen. Joint pain, dehydration of the mucous membranes, loss of libido, tachycardia, frequent urination. For 5 years I took Tamoxifen, since autumn 2007 I take Femara. For about 2 months I have muscle pain in the shoulder area and strong muscle pain in the right upper arm. My GP sent me to X-ray and told me to do a scan now. Can someone tell me how long I can and should take Femara and if I can not sell it?