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  1. Jeanne C. Baughman says:
    4.0 rating

    The next day after assuming started to cough, as airs hardens, aspirin asthma develops. Burning feet, get away with Basenbad 2 days later. A few days later severe muscle pain around the lungs and bronchi around, the air remains away, cortisone injections necessary and many analgesics, muscle and back pain last for 10 weeks. Ingestion stopped after 4 days. At the second time 4 months later, swollen ankle, burning, itchy hot feet, 1 day later itching painful ankles, the pain moves to the knees and elbows the next day. At the moment 10 days hurt and they continue.

    Side effects: Joint pain
  2. Brian S. Stewart says:
    4.5 rating

    Aspirin for Cold

    A few hours after the onset, I had swelling in my throat, swollen eyes, joint pain, and a sore spot burning on the sole of my foot. The red spot on the sole of the foot has spread to both feet, down to the ankle, within hours. The burning was not possible after a burn, running. The burning on the third day subsided, the joint pain, swollen hands and swollen eyes hold for 3 days. Apparently the aspirin 500 is not without

    Side effects: Joint pain
  3. Jeremiah C. Barrow says:
    3.5 rating

    Aspirin for High blood pressure; Thrombosis prophylaxis

    Ingestion based on medical advice daily 1x4mg From day 4 Dizziness, balance and vision problems, muscle and joint pain, neck pain, sleep disorders, total slackness, blood pressure at 110-60 Contrary to medical advice deducted after 7 days, from 9th day recovery, on 10 Day was back Fitness strength training possible, blood pressure again at 140-90.