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  1. Mary E. Robertson says:
    4.0 rating

    I took Ciprofloxacin 10 days 2 times 250 mg for kidney pancreas. I am in the 5th month after receipt, and have strong side effects still: inflammation was resolved, NW occurred immediately after taking stop on: -Darm problems -Burning thighs, abdomen, fungal infection -Wochenlang strong tachycardia, stinging in the chest, dizziness -actually severe joint discomfort, and an unbearable feeling of cold coupled with constant cold showers, they pull through the body – Before about 2 months of hot flashes in the morning and cold in the evening. -Antriebslos

  2. Elizabeth G. Pope says:
    3.5 rating

    Catastrophic side effects and long-term damage. Hypersensitivity and hypersensitivity. Monthly tinnitus. Muscle cramps, joint complaints v.a. Knees and hips with swelling and cracking. Circulatory disorders, Achilles tendon pain, panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Psychotic episodes. Skin burning like fire. Muscle weakness, chronic fatigue and much more. HANDS OFF!!!

  3. Jodi J. Burke says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Fever

    Almost all of the side effects described in the package insert have occurred after only 3 tablets. Due to severe nerve and muscle pain, I went to the hospital. Blood levels were very poor (especially the liver levels increased to over 400), and inflammatory levels were catastrophic. Knee, foot and shoulder joints and some fingers swelled and I was unable to walk for several days. After a 10-day hospitalization, I was released. Blood levels have returned to normal within about 3 months. Muscle and nerve pain occur again and again, as well as depressive moods. Stay away from ciprofloxacin! It is probably prescribed by the doctors, especially with urinary tract infections, because it is very cheap!

  4. Mitchell G. Rodriguez says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Bacterial infection

    Highest warning of ciprofloxacin and all agents from the group of flourchinolones. The remedy is on the alert list in other countries. Also in D several so-called red hand letters went to the doctors. Unfortunately, these warnings are usually ignored by doctors. Unfortunately, I also heard about the dangers too late, or felt the discomfort and damage caused by ciprofloxacin on my own body. There are countless casualties and a large number of unreported cases, as the damage to nerves and tendons, etc. may sometimes occur directly during ingestion, but can often be painful only after weeks and months. Unfortunately, doctors and patients no longer notice the connections and can not imagine that, e.g. Visual disturbances, hearing damage, tendon tears, severe pain in the joints or the emergence of a carpal tunnel damage is due to the intake of this poison. Despite repeated warnings also by researchers at the Berlin Charite daily healthy people are made by the means to nursing cases. Many have become unable to work, sit in a wheelchair and become depressed because the drug destroys life.

  5. Mary P. Hudson says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    This is bodily injury!! Have had problems with my tendons and joints for 2 years after taking ciprofloxacin. All previous therapies were unsuccessful. It is a devil stuff. My son took Cipro for 4 days and suffered severe pain in the Achilles tendon. I think that would have helped with a Gehöhrgangsgangszündung also another drug. Funny that many doctors completely underestimate this side effect. I will warn all people around me about this drug!

  6. Richard T. Frazier says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Bronchitis (acute)

    My really understandable and documented experience with ciprofloxacin I did in August 2014. At that time I was prescribed because of a persistent bronchitis the drug Ciprofloxacin, which I have also taken as prescribed. Of course, I read the package leaflet, but at the time I had no idea how dangerous this drug could be. Unfortunately, I did not receive any information from the prescribing doctor and the pharmacy only once again explained the dosage to me. The bronchitis was only partially cured by the antibiotic, I think without it would be just as fast or slow healed. A few weeks after stopping taking my left thumb swelled. He was twice as tall as usual at weddings and hurt a lot. This was accompanied by a strong back pain and a numbness of the left hand. There was the obligatory examinations together with blood count, rheumatologists, various other blood tests, etc. Already here no abnormalities were detectable. As the back pain became more and more prominent, the thumb was somewhat swollen (under the administration of Diclofenac) an MRI of the cervical spine was performed. Here only degenerative changes on the intervertebral disc C5 / C6 were found. So not the cause of the cervical discomfort. There were countless other specialist visits, the alternative medicine, I tried independently. I have consulted four different physiotherapists, mostly paid out of pocket. Also, I have let me pull teeth, which could possibly be the cause of the complaints as interference fields. As one can guess, nothing was crowned with success, but nothing at all. The symptoms grew. It was accompanied by visual disturbances (of a different daily kind), dizziness, which is really very very unpleasant. More and more muscle pain, even under the foot. The worst for me were and are, however, the heart rhythm disorders (extrasystoles). The heart beats normally and out of the blue comes a very strong, up to the head felt heartbeat, it is followed by a short break, so no heartbeat and the whole body is flooded by an unspecified wave. Afterwards headache and a heavy tiredness. The condition lasts for a while. In peak times I had these extrasystoles every 10 min. Referral to cardiologist (also several hospital visits emergency). Never a result, everything unobtrusive. At least here I was put in the psycho-drawer. Even my family doctor, to whom I had a first-class relationship for over two decades, dropped me. Of course it was not possible to miss the panic attacks during this time too, which I – at least I believe – have woken up by a firm will. Meanwhile I got used to so many health conditions. All the time I stopped all chemical medicines. I had been prescribed beta blockers, antihypertensives and the famous PPI (proton pump inhibitor or acid blocker) years ago, although my blood pressure was not exorbitantly elevated at 140/90. The acid blocker because of an alleged reflux. I am 44 years old today, never overweight (normal weight). It was not so long ago that, like many others, I saw a report on TV telling me about the consequences of ciprofloxacin and shedding light on me. Previously I was drifting towards Lyme disease, but I did not really get any further). I started self-therapy and take magnesium, vitamin C, spirulina, bentonite, B12, and D3. Everything in an elevated dose … at least as far as the anxious recommendation in Germany is concerned. I can not really say anything about the therapeutic success at this time, but I’ll describe it soon. Incidentally, help and information are available at: or

  7. David M. McCallum says:
    4.5 rating

    I felt completely broken on the 2nd day (taking 7 days, 3 times daily 1 tablet 500). I sweated a lot during the night and had a headache (they were weak but constant). Chills that I did not know in strength before. Articular cracking, pain in the knee (though I have to say that I had injured my knee many years ago, and sometimes I had a little bit of pain as well). A general feeling of weakness (go after a few meters, very tired). After ingestion thrush in the mouth and a sore throat. I found the medication extremely strong. The positive was that the inflammation was already on the third day on subsidence.

  8. Stephanie A. Sears says:
    5.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    I was prescribed ciprofloxacin 250 (2 times daily, 3 days) due to cystitis. After the 5th tablet began to itch on my face, especially the ears and eyes. I still finished the medication, my bladder infection was well cured. The itching continues to this day (12 days after the last tablet) and has spread. On the 3rd day after finishing the therapy, my joints began to hurt, so that I could not walk or reach. The pain wander, every day something else hurts. They are becoming more intense. My hands feel swollen and numb, it itches and I have a hives on my arms. Cipro works, but my body defends itself by all means against the drug.

    Side effects: Hives; Joint complaints; Itching
  9. Cathi Z. Jones says:
    4.0 rating

    I dropped off 1.5 weeks ago after five days … I have had a horrible pull in my arms since the AB and my finger joints hurt my left knee as well as my head and my back. and my legs. Joints crack all bad. What can I do against it???

    Side effects: Joint complaints