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  1. Vanessa C. McAnulty says:
    3.5 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    I’ve had asthma bronchial for about 10 years, treatment with Symbicort with 2 stroke tomorrow’s, and 2 stroke evening. At Symbicort, no side effect has occurred. In addition, I was prescribed Singulair, which did not bring any significant improvement to my asthma, but massive hives aided by severe joint pain

    Side effects: Joint pain; Skin rash; Itching
  2. Roland D. Krogman says:
    2.5 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    Hi have M.B. Side effects under Humira at the moment very dry itchy skin. Dry mouth mucous membranes, and a sleep like a stone. The risk of suffering severe malignant diseases later is not clearly proven. But the medi does his job very well.

    Side effects: Itching
  3. Lani B. Rice says:
    2.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    In November 07, my family doctor prescribed Symbicort after I had a nightly asthma attack (seriously ill in the hospital due to mental stress). As a preventive measure, I took 1 hub in the morning or 2 in the morning every morning. I was able to detect side effects: palpitations, restlessness, high pulse, muscle tremors, bruising, frog in the throat, itchy skin, dizziness, occasional headaches, insomnia, occasional depression, weight gain. A week ago I discontinued Symbicort because the side effects got worse and worse. Blood pressure and heart rate now gradually settle on a normal, the frog is gone and the other Bescherden decay slowly. Only the nocturnal palpitations and the overweight is still there, but I hope that I am going to leave soon.