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  1. Lance H. Bailey says:
    5.0 rating

    Sutent for Kidney cell carcinoma

    Ingestion: 28 days, then 14 days break. Sutient 50mg. ! x monthly. depending on creatinine value 3-4 mg Zometa infusion solution. Side effects: flatulence, diarrhea, changes in taste, salty and spicy no longer taste.Juice on the wrists and shins, mucosal changes in the mouth and anus, bone pain, always cold hands.The side effects come gradually, about after 10-12 days and sound all after 5-6 days after the beginning of the break off again. The drugs work well with me and my metastases have become smaller or at the time no longer detectable. I accept the side effects in view of the success of the therapy. I will even resume my work as a watchmaker in the spring of ’11.

    Side effects: Flatulence; Bone pain; Itching
  2. Michael D. Rex says:
    3.0 rating

    Sutent for Metastasis; Kidney cell carcinoma

    white hair, yellow skin color, mucous membranes inflamed, therefore, in the last 10 days of the 4-week intake hardly take meals, if, then diarrhea, therefore, large weight loss, itching, foot problems, sleep disorders