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  1. Harry J. Dyer says:
    4.0 rating

    Diclofenac for Hüftschaden

    Because of my hip dislocation, I have repeatedly been prescribed by my old family doctor Dicofenac. Unfortunately, I always suffered from the usual side effects such as flatulence, diarrhea, stomach ache, and now and then a little dizziness and itchy skin. My new family doctor has prescribed me to Dicolfenac a stomach protection. Then the stomach ache, bloating and diarrhea were done. Conclusion: I can only recommend stomach protection

  2. Sonia R. Fort says:
    4.0 rating

    Diclofenac for Lumbago

    Diclo have taken several years again and again, even several weeks not. The last time 6 hours after taking had terrible skin itching, starting on the palms, then swelled the lower lip and the tongue was thick, the mouth was too small for the tongue !!! The arms were full of whiteheads. Fortunately, I had cetirizine (an antiallergic) there, I took at the first signs. Over the next hour, everything normalized. Since then I have always had an emergency pack with cortisone suppositories.

    Side effects: Itching
  3. Stephanie R. Judd says:
    4.0 rating

    Diclofenac for Hws + lws syndrome

    1. diclofenac: after disc herniation and recurrent pain in the lumbar and cervical spine Diclonfenac i.m. received and tolerated easily. For some time now at home occasionally used for pain Dilofenac 75 Retard and also tolerated without problems. By being provided at the reception Diclo 50mg prescribed as a normal tablet. 3 hours after lunch (fish, crab and papadelle followed by a Diclo 50mg), the following symptoms were observed: palpitations, extreme itching all over, redness of the skin shortness of breath, red and swollen eyes and chills. Immediately to the doctor who gave me cortisone and an antihistamine i.v. splashed and kept me under control for half an hour and prescribed me more cortisone in tablet form and Fenistil drops for the day. For three four days, I had asthmatic complaints of exercise and stumbled over my own feet. Then again as before no complaints except for a slight shortness of breath. The doctor and I suspected an allergic reaction to the shellfish, as I had always tolerated Diclo so well, well three weeks later taking a Diclo 50mg in the morning because of unbearable pain in transition HWS / BWS with numbness right into the right hand. After lunch, the following symptoms appeared again: severe itching all over, red, itchy eyes, slight shortness of breath, redness of the skin, swollen fingers. After scraping a tibia bloody, I suspected that it might be more of a nuisance raid on the Diclo. After taking cortisone and Fenistil drops, the complaints sounded as much as possible. I am now sure that both times it is a rally on the Diclofenc, because it is the only commonality in both incidents. 2. Ibuprofen Because of severe toothache in the pharmacy ibuprofen (over-the-counter) get recommended. After taking 2, 3 tablets, the following symptoms occurred: swelling of the face beyond recognition (moon face), shortness of breath, panic attacks. Treatment was also given with cortisone and antihistamine.

  4. Angela A. Reams says:
    4.0 rating

    Diclofenac for A headache

    Since ASA and paracetamol have no effect on me, I have avoided pain with ibuprofen and Voltaren. I have had good experiences with both products. (after tonsillectomy about 4 years ago and two years ago with large-scale infection after insect bite including 2 operations.) Yesterday I took a Voltaren tablet because of headaches in the office. Approximately 1 hour after ingestion strong itching on the hands, the head and the abdomen. Diarrhea and vomiting and swelling of the face, hands and feet followed within 10 minutes. My circulation is then folded. I could not stand on my feet anymore, I had sweats and my blood pressure was 67/48, so that the called paramedic had difficulty finding a suitable vein for access. I was then given 250ml of prednisolone, 1 amp of ranitindine and 1 amp of fenistil. From that point on, the symptoms became thinner. The RTW then started chills. Then only sleep helped. I was released from hospital that same day. The only side effect in the afternoon after the discharge was a hunger for bears, which I first satisfied with a large portion of french fries and currywurst: o)

    Side effects: Swelling; Sweats; Itching; Vomit; Diarrhea
  5. Delores M. Ayres says:
    2.0 rating

    Diclofenac for Arthritis

    About 10 hours after taking diclofenac, scalp and body itching, swelling of the joint and the face, heat in the body, circulatory collapse, respiratory distress, ambulance, intensive care unit later in der der Hautklinik for drug allergy test