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  1. Tracie D. Snodgrass says:
    4.0 rating

    Arcoxia for Muscle tenseness; Disc prolapse

    The long-term medication with gabapentin and Beofenac (the Beofenac should be paused every few months) works well in terms of back pain. Of course, these are not completely gone, you also have bad days when you have the back too much – but with this medication, you can live very well. With 2 recurrent disc herniations after an operation 10 years ago in 2 heights, one should not expect too much. It is logical that one day you will end up back on the operating table, and with a distance of almost 11 years, you can actually be very satisfied. Since I work for several years in a neurosurgical clinic, I can certainly judge quite well. With Arcoxia I have had very bad experiences. I took this medicine irregularly and only in case of very severe pain in the office, so I could work. It has worked reasonably, but not outstanding. After the approx. 20. Ingestion (was after about 5 months, it did not take too often) I already felt on Christmas Eve on the whole body an itching and burning on the skin. Suddenly the skin blushed almost completely, as if I had been lying in the sun one day too long. The skin burned so hard it was unbearable. Then joined a circulatory problem, so I had to lie down. After about 1 hour, these unwanted side effects were reasonably tolerated and were completely regressive after the second hour. I had never intended to take Arcoxia again, especially since a friendly pharmacist advised me against it. About 3 weeks ago, when I once again had severe pain in the office, but then had an appointment and was not in the mood for pain, I got myself a drug in the clinic – that was unfortunately Arcoxia 90 mg, the previous adverse effects were I completely forgot because I was in a stress situation. After taking the medicine, it started slowly within half an hour: The whole body began to itch, this time also the tongue was affected. In the esophagus, a pain was noticeable, which could be compared with the strongest heartburn. When I arrived at my girlfriend, I must have looked pretty bad. I had to lie down directly, the circulatory situation became completely unstable, the itching and the redness remained, the tongue finally became numb, the burning in the esophagus developed further and left a feeling there, as if there was a lump there, which squeezes everything to me. This pain was the worst, I was thirsty, but I could not swallow. The whole situation was life-threatening, so I called the clinic. Actually, I should have consulted a doctor, but then decided to wait, because I noticed that the side effects gradually subside. The first half hour was unbearable, a feeling like you were coming to an end – just miserable! After about 1 hour, these side effects finally subsided. I almost jumped in the air, but it took another 2 hours until I felt reasonably well again. My conclusion: EVERYTHING, NEVER NEVER AGAIN ARCOXIAThe most violent drug I have ever taken. I can not say why the side effects suddenly occurred after several irregular ingestions, all I know is that about a year ago a newspaper reported a negative about this drug. It was mainly about the effect on some people who were suicidal by Arcoxia. You should be careful with it in any case, because the side effects are not without

  2. Alexander P. Salamone says:
    4.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Arthrosis

    After taking Arcoxia for the first time, I had mild pain relief but had some serious side effects: insomnia, weight gain, nausea, itching in various places. After consultation with my doctor, he has prescribed to me Ostenil. Three syringes in the affected knee joint (for lubrication). The pain in the knee got worse – could hardly bend the knee, could not stand long. As a result, I started using Arcoxia again – 1 tablet daily. After three days, the knee pain was almost gone. I was able to make small hikes again and even cycle again. After a few days, despite the success, I dropped off Arcoxia again. The side effects had increased tremendously: unbearable stomach pain, sleep disorders, feeling of fullness, weight gain, sweating, itchy skin. Is that enough? Of course, now I’m curious how long I’ll go without the big knee pain and maybe now only Ostinil begins to work. I’m sure I’ll never take Arcoxia again, I’d rather endure the pain and the limitations of movement up to a probably not to be averted surgery.

  3. Maureen H. Adams says:
    3.0 rating

    The einziege drug that helps me with my migraine is arcoxia have been a nurse and therefore know any kind of painkillers but have tried arcoxia on the effect, I was erstaund but then …. Today I look again like a streusel cake and scratch myself like a monkey baby =))) have massive rash in the face right large round points a bump on the forehead with which I look like the last unicorn and now ??? Need a recommended drug against my migraine please answer and thank you in advance =))

    Side effects: Face swelling; Skin rash; Itching
  4. Cliff S. Hughes says:
    4.0 rating

    Arcoxia for Pain (acute)

    Hello had for three weeks constant headache that slowly crept in. Since it had started over the Christmas holidays, I already had a palette of pain medication (aspirin, paracetamol, neproxen,) through. Finally after the holidays, I had been able to visit my surgeon who knew that I had a cervical spine incident but never made any serious complaints. I got after a very painful infiltration, still stimulation current and the drug Arcoxia 120 mg. By noon, my headache had lessened a bit, but in the evening they got stronger again. The next morning I took again 1 tabl. Arcxia 120 mg and lo and behold, my headache was lighter again, but was never completely weg.Jedoch it was again possible to wash my hair again, which was already 2 weeks was no longer possible , Late in the afternoon the pain came back. My side effects: – itching all over (very extreme) – odor sensation (any kind of scents (deodorant, cooking odors, caused me extreme nausea) – lack of appetite, – stomach pain – flatulence – dizziness Now I am on 30 drops of Novalgin & 20 Drop of tilidine, which I tolerate much better.