Irritability effect of Keppra

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  1. Thomas J. Butler says:
    3.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Fatigue Concentration disorders Sleep disorders Weight gain Dizziness listlessness Speech disorders Fatigue Visual disorders Mood swings Unrest Forgetfulness Weakness Thought disturbances Irritability Trauma changes Memory disorders Balance problems Powerlessness Fickleness Chair changes Essence change

  2. Dennis D. Ryan says:
    4.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Background: stroke after heart arrhythmia in June 2006, except mild hearing impairment (telephone, music, TV sounds unpleasant) no relevant effects; Medication Beloc Zoc 95 (1/1/0/0), EnaHEXAL comp 10/25 (0.5 / 0/0/0), simvastatin AL 40 (1/0/0/0), 0.5 Marcumar average daily. After two epilleptischen occasional convulsion (symptomatic \\\ grand mal \\\) within four hours on New Year 2008 with medication Keppra 250 (1/0/1/0), subsequently followed by further observation Increase to (1/0/2/0). EEG inconspicuous. Driving license after three months again pronounced by treating neurologist. Familiarization difficult: fatigue, lack of energy, irritability, dizziness, mild headache, restlessness, poor concentration, apathy, muscle loss, increased hair loss. After / during six months taking time three or four times in addition temporarily onerous dropouts: severe dizziness (\\\ as if the ground under their feet pulls away \\\), unsteady gait (\ \\ feeling of falling \\\, \\\ sailor transition \\\), discomfort, tingling in extremities (right hand (fingertips) and right foot (feeling inadequate Circumscribed blood), dto light limb pain (hand, lower leg), slight coordination problems right hand (feeding and holding objects), high powerlessness (water bottle can not be passed with one hand while drinking), mild headache. Immediate bed rest and relaxation After two to four hours of relief, suspected new stroke or cardiac arrhythmia can be analyzed immediately, ECG negative, normal blood pressure, slightly anomalous sugar value is still being analyzed on strong and do not allow any real forward-looking planning. I will consult my supervising neurologist about an intake reduction. Without Keppra, I felt better overall.