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  1. Marian V. Shelton says:
    4.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for A headache

    Heavier headache than before, extreme rash, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, irritability. I have noticed the side effects of the drug, in itself it did not work. Had to stop the intake after a good 3 weeks, because the side effects got worse and worse.

  2. Wynona W. Shirley says:
    3.5 rating

    Amitriptyline for Depression

    I’ve been taking amitriptyline for about 4 months now after 13 years of having my depression. It took a long time for me to decide to even take any medication. Now, in retrospect, I get annoyed that I did not do it much earlier. Amitryptiline was prescribed for me because I also had (connected with my depression) a very pronounced irritable bowel syndrome and also from the stomach, most of the drugs have very poorly tolerated. Since amitriptyline is also used in irritable bowel syndrome and probably has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, I killed two birds with one stone. The side effects were in my beginning very pronounced with constantly very cold hands, fingers and feet, as well as numb fingers and at times a numb lip. In addition, there was ongoing fatigue and at times in the first few weeks sleep disorders with sweating and nightmares. There were also extreme mood swings and irritability. My neurologist then advised me to lower the dose once more and then slowly re-dose it. At the moment I am at 75 mg and I have to say that I have never felt better …..! The side effects are almost completely gone (except the fatigue), also my depression and the irritable bowel !!! To the weight gain described by many, I can say that I have no problems with it, but I also go to the sport 3 times a week. But yes, the increased craving for sweets I have already noticed. However, I think weight gain is not as significant as the benefits of amitriptyline treatment. At least not for me!

  3. Rosa J. Sutton says:
    4.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for Arthrosis; Pain (acute); Depression

    Because of my severe pain, I take Oxicodon 20 mg daily and then Oxicodone 20 mg every morning and evening. In the beginning I was thrilled because my pain was almost gone. I did not know that for years. After 1 year I had to increase to 40mg daily, as the pain came back. I know that without this medication, I could not stand my pain anymore, but meanwhile I have to struggle with the side effects. In addition to heavy constipation, tiredness, irritability, stomach problems and very strong sweats, I can concentrate very badly. Most of all, I struggle with strong withdrawal symptoms if I do not take Oxicodon punctually.