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  1. Charles P. Linn says:
    4.0 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    I had breast cancer in 2009, which was due to hormones. When I have to take tamoxifen after the irradiation, I am soon tricked out. Had just wanted to beat me, was from minute to the other minute something of strange, I had not recognized me again .First cheered and I wanted to tear out trees, in the näxten minute I would have jumped out of the window. My Physiotherapheut says I’m manic, that’s me too. Then the doc said I have to take the monthly injection, the would be the hammer.Enatone-gyn.und seut the torment me every day, lack of motivation, hot flashes, I get nothing more in the series and that is how agonizing die.jeden day.ich I got help, because I was completely alone ‘I’ve gained 30 kilos and it’s getting more and more, even if I eat nothing. It’s cruel. And I do not want to live like that anymore. Today I sat down and swore I would not take it that way.

  2. Donna M. Gordon says:
    4.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Tamoxifen for a year. Full program breast cancer surgery at the age of 48 years, breast conservative, chemo (6 times a session) and 36 times radiation. And now the side effects, insane hot flashes, sleepless nights, depression, lack of concentration, toenails had loosened, since March frail thin-grooved thin, badly growing fingernails, torn fingertips, so that sometimes you can barely handle. Vaginal discharge or abdominal pain and bone pain comlettis. Problems with the sense of taste. So, everything that the others have.

  3. Cathy K. Pace says:
    4.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Hello, I took Tamoxifen 1 year and 2 months and it was a terrible time for me. I could not sleep one more night. Cramps in the legs, fluid retention in the body, 16 kilos of weight gain, hot flashes, rash all over my body, I was exhausted (could not lunch at work, my head still raise before tiredness and weakness) Could no longer climb stairs (had me at the railing pull up) When I’m gone 100 meters, I was tired and had nearly collapsed and good CONCLUSION IS mE AFTER THIS YEAR NOW MY GEBÄHRMUTTER MY EGGS STICKS aND MY tubal REMOVED AS THIS MEDIKAMT MY ABDOMINAL DESTROYED HAT. I was exhausted. By contrast, the six chemos were half as bad. I ran from one doctor to another this year NO PHYSICIAN COULD HELP ME. I always got the answer DA YOU BY YOU NEED THESE TABLETS 5 YEARS BUSINESS. There are other medicines that are even more harmful. NOW, I had a total operation and GOTTSEIDANK must take no more medicine. Besides the allergic reactions continue to exist. I take an allergy tablet every day now. Without these tablets, it is probably not even more. I’m mad at you. Tamoxifen is supposed to help against breast cancer, but the side effects were unbearable for me. They’ve broken more with me than they helped.