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  1. Diego M. Johnson says:
    2.0 rating

    Loss of appetite, insomnia and constant nervousness as well as anxiety attacks

    Side effects: Anxiety states; Insomnia; Anorexia
  2. Samuel R. Oldham says:
    2.5 rating

    for about an hour, amphetamine-like exhilaration persisted, but slowly followed by sobriety. After 3 to 5 hours without further consumption, all 4 attempt mild depressive episodes accompanied by toothache. Even after 6 hours I could not fall asleep, besides, I lacked any appetite, even for drinking I had to force myself. Conclusion: Ritalin is only partially suitable for abuse. Euphoria sets itself only briefly, what follows are side effects. From feeling with cocaine comparable, but much weaker, but longer lasting. As amphetamine replacement it is really only partially suitable. If you do not need it, you should not take this medicine.

  3. Scott J. Jones says:
    3.5 rating

    Our child became a depressive and anxious child with ritalin, who was very cheerful and alert before taking it. Now our child in adolescent psychiatry thanks to this miracle drug, does not want to know how much money doctors get from the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to the huge increase in ADD or ADHD sick children who desperately need Ritalin. Unscrupulous business thinking destroys the childhood of our children by prescribing and recommending such drugs with active ingredients that resemble curing drugs.

  4. Walter S. Malone says:
    4.0 rating

    Ritalin for Adh syndrome

    To start, one should mention that I got Ritalin at the age of 12, up to the age of 17. As it is in ADHD children, I did not really like the intake. The idea of having to take a tablet during school hours, answering the curious questions of classmates What is it? Why are you taking this? I was a greul. Thus it happened some / several times that I fooled my parents to have taken the tablet during school time. Dosage was initially 3x 1 tablet. Later, the dosage would be set to 2×2 +1 in the evening. The side effect or side effects (as far as I can remember) – First, there is the constant lack of appetite. (No but absolutely no feeling of hunger) – Insomnia (During the duration of Ritalin it is extremely difficult for me to come to rest at all) – Do not care about mood – Dry mouth. Drinking, however, has been difficult. – tachycardia Positive effects – persistent concentration on a certain thing to the end – mindset was different, somehow clearer – calm balance: If I had to take a balance over this time until today, I would say that taking Ritalin especially in children no only alternative is. Accompanying measures such as conversation therapies or sports are appropriate in any case. I am now 31 years old and must confess, I curse the little boy who threw the pills in the toilet during school hours, instead of taking them regularly. On the other hand, I admire him, because Ritalin is and remains a drug. A stimulant which is unconsciously used by many parents to calm their children. In retrospect, you might have to mention that it is easy for me to slip into the rail of PArtydrogen by taking Ritalin and the associated effects, In my twenties (21-24). Exctasy or amphetamines in general, had an almost identical effect on me as taking Ritalin in my childhood. Maybe with a little more side effects, but the focus and calm returned at that time. It is also extremely easy in time, e.g. to throw my household, to concentrate on my work and much more.

  5. Kelly R. Drennan says:
    3.5 rating

    Ritalin for Depression; Adh syndrome

    appetite, mood swings, anxiety, palpitations, impulsivity, drive difficulties, drowsiness, strange dreams, occasionally lack of empathy, chaotic, talk without thinking, meddling, arrogance, hypersensitive, headache, heightened sexual drive, weight loss, labile, exhaustion, circulatory disorders, Insomnia, out of touch with reality, urge to be alone, retreat, despair or excessive interest in a thing or person, weak sense of identity, insecurities, nausea, hypochondria

  6. Javier D. Gordon says:
    1.0 rating

    Ritalin for Adh syndrome

    Headache Gastrointestinal disorders Insomnia Increased tendency to seizure Cardiac arrhythmias Appearance Dry mouth (Uncommon) Dizziness (Uncommon) Excitability (Uncommon) Tiredness (Uncommon) Excessive sweating (Uncommon) Anxiousness (Uncommon) Aggressiveness (Uncommon) Delusions (Uncommon) Cardiac arrhythmias (Uncommon) Tachycardia (Uncommon) Tingling sensation in the chest (Uncommon) Increasing blood pressure (Uncommon)