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  1. Martha R. Dorsey says:
    1.5 rating

    Metoprolol for Heart rhythm disturbances; High blood pressure

    Since reading the reports of the side effects of other patients, I find that they agree with some of my symptoms: sometimes dizziness, suppose. Weight gain despite eating little (168 cm, 79-82 kg). I’m 61 years old and push the sometimes significant sweats (the water is just so running) always on the menopause, so do the doctors. Maybe this is due to the use of Metoprolol . The fatigue and depression as well as drive and insomnia, lightning in front of the eyes can certainly, lt. other statements, even come from it. Maybe I should change the medication. Unless the cashier pays. Or do I have to pay?

  2. Angela D. Aguilar says:
    4.0 rating

    Metoprolol for High blood pressure

    My SD was partially removed in 1993 due to knots. Unfortunately she grew up again during the year. Approximately I had rest for 6 years, then I got the same symptoms again. Especially the blood pressure and heart disturbances bothered me. Since I was also in menopause, the doctors said it would be the decline of female hormones …. But thought wrong. I had been treated wrong with SD hormones. And so the SD or the rest had to work hard and grew up..It then got the rest in the hospital – CT with iodine – and was then in overactive condition. Tachycardia, constant urination and fluctuating blood pressure, pressure in the eyes, sometimes hair loss. I always switched between over- and under-function. The calcium play was also not correct anymore, osteoporosis started and the psyche suffered. In April d. Year I then decided to remove the SD. Lt. Doctors are only the NSD still in it. First deep in the subfunction, then normal values and now again subfunction. In addition to the above-mentioned drugs, a fear-solving agent was added. Overall, I have gained 25 kg. I now have problems with my muscles, rheumatic complaints, can not sleep through and have nightmares. The blood pressure is like the weather. Badly set. First 100 mg L-thyroxine, then 150 mg, then 125 and now 137.5 mg. Such a back and forth. Nausea and listlessness are constant companions. But any means can trigger this NW. according to the leaflet, nothing is excluded. And doctors do not pay attention to weight or gender – as others have already described. And that many Pat. Have more than 50% SB due to rheumatism due to the SD removal, was also not mentioned. Dear doctors, do not think your patient is a nerd – listen to what they say and at least try to do a successful therapy. With understanding for the patient and not just the € signs in mind!