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  1. Willie G. Snyder says:
    5.0 rating

    Abilify for Delusion; Personality disorders; Psychosis

    I took Abilify for about 4 weeks, slowly increasing to 15mg daily. An improvement in the symptoms did not occur, but unpleasant side effects. It bagged with nausea and diarrhea, then increased to vomiting after almost every meal, and there was a lot of inner restlessness. The only advantage was the weight loss of 3kg, which is probably due to vomiting. I discontinued Abilify on my own, but I do not advise anyone, and apart from the restlessness, all the side effects are still present after one week. I do not have any appetite and if I put some food into it, it almost always comes out the other way around. Therefore, I personally can not recommend Abilify!

  2. Mary A. Evans says:
    5.0 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    Severe extrapyramidal motor disorders (EMS, tasikinesia and onset akathisia), tremor, sleep disturbances, anxiety, dizziness attacks (also lying in bed), photosensitivity, weight gain, inner restlessness, severe visual impairment, very limited visual perception (walking on the street was self-endangerment) Total loss of spatial capacity, loss of sense of time, as a result of all its inability to work, Abulian-akinetic syndrome (especially in the case of subsequent drug withdrawal). I was given Zyprexa years ago, which resulted in heavy EMS. Despite knowing this circumstance, Abilify was given to me. A specialist told me that once you have reacted with EMS, you also react to the other medications from the group like that. It was already experimented on me with 6 substances, all led (in some cases after a few days) to clear EMS. On a website of a German doctor I found the hint that a reduction of the dose does not change / reduce the EMS. From experience, I know that’s true. I had to take the drug for 10 weeks on doctor’s orders. It was then deposed without substitution from one day to the next. This resulted in a heavy drug withdrawal that lasted over 12 weeks. All the side effects I knew from the start of intake were repeated in reverse order.

  3. Miriam J. Roebuck says:
    4.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    Initially strong internal restlessness and urge to move about 2 months, then gradually disappeared these side effects. No schizophrenia symptoms. Had before, however, taken already about 1/2 year Amisulpirid. However, I discontinued this because of the high prolactin levels and the associated high milk flow and switched to Abilify. Now after 2 years of ingestion I can not go without it. If I forget it I will be sensitive to light, stimuli patter unfiltered on me. Noise, light, etc. With Abilify I feel much better, in the job I hold the pressure as thickly packed in cotton wool thickfelliger.