Ineffectiveness of Trazodone

We have 69 consumer reports for Trazodone. Ineffectiveness occurred in 4%.

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  1. Larry F. Nobles says:
    4.0 rating

    I got Tritticoo 150mg with the drug Trazodon recommended and let it arrive at a trial. Is an antidepressant but according to my doctor very weak-for example, no comparison to mirtazapine or sertraline and is primarily used for sleeping-seems to vote according to Internet research also. The pills can be nice third (seems to be provided) and sometimes made a little tired when I was in bed, but as soon as I am open or / had forgotten something and I thought only after taking it was 0 sedation. Can you see positive or negative. Habs also tried with a whole, broken the pills and swallowed the pullver-but brought nothing. The only sleep-related effect I noticed was that it greatly potentiates other sleep-inducing drugs. In combination with Seroquel it helped – but unfortunately Hangover as aftereffect. Incidentally, even if it has helped times. You can try it, yes, side effects are rather uncommon – I had actually no (neither hungry, nor dry mouth or fears …) except Hangover. What is stupid ..

    Side effects: Hangover; Ineffectiveness
  2. John L. Ruhl says:
    3.0 rating

    My father in law, gets Trazodon 100 mg, he takes it in the evening and at night, but goes to bed at 8 pm, but Trazodon does not help him, he still takes bromazepan 3 mg, risperidone 2 a day, but he is the whole night awake.The man is 80 years old and should sleep through.Mal see if we can also sleep, probably soon need Trazodon, etc., Lg B

    Side effects: Ineffectiveness