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  1. Stan M. Moya says:
    4.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Depression

    After a short time, I did not care about anything and I did not feel like anything anymore and I do not mean anything with anything. I also barely noticed what happened around me and quickly forgot what I had experienced. Within a short time I have increased almost 20kg, which has led to permanent tissue damage. After dismounting I lost the weight just as quickly.

  2. Danny V. Marshall says:
    3.5 rating

    I have been forcibly treated with the medicine Zyprexa. The consequences were complete indifference to psychiatric detention and the willingness to accept and believe everything that is being persuaded by the so-called medical specialists. After a week in captivity in closed psychiatry, I was then no longer able to leave the clinic on my own, even after being transferred to the open area. After my experiences in the clinic, the only effect of this drug is to make a person willless and thus manipulatable and quiet. After I was discharged from the clinic after a month I made some attempts to stop the drug resulting in the worst panic attacks. Finally, I managed to stop the medication. I had to struggle with the later consequences for a longer time and it took almost a year until the inhibitory effect on my thought processes was largely eliminated. However, I notice a slight decline in my intellectual abilities, and I fear that this will be a permanent shame. I strongly advise against anyone taking this medicine.