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  1. Bonnie D. Barajas says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    I was prescribed paroxetine by my family doctor 3 years ago without any psychological clarification, dose 20mg. The reason was my social anxiety and the resulting nervousness, trembling, rapid heartbeat, bad sleep, strong fatigue and sadness, loneliness, redness, moodiness and the like. In the first two weeks of taking it, I have noticed physically that my body is changing. I became very shaky and had quite strong dizziness, I was even whiner than usual. But that was bearable for me and shortly thereafter, I have already noted the positive side: the fear has not taken so much space. I was able to interact with people more easily, which radiated to everything else and improved my overall quality of life. I was rarely sad, could meet people, get involved with them better and thus perceive the world differently, do more business, be more fearless, find friends. All this. BUT the side effects and personality changes: my indifference to many things has grown tremendously. I mercilessly postpone things, whether it’s my studies, terse phone calls or important dates. I’ve always been tempted to postpone, but under pressure, I’ve always worked perfectly. The tablets have taken me, so I now have a huge pile of unfinished things in front of me and time is pressing. I have become incredibly unpunctual and unreliable towards people I actually like. In addition I cry much less, let me stir harder of things (which is good on the one hand, but on the other hand does not correspond to my nature without tablets). I do not feel like having sex, the libido is about 0. I have a lot of appetite and 15kg in 3 years. Because of the side effects, I decided to sell the tablets. Also, because, for lack of psychological counseling, in principle, I do not even know if the tablets fit my problem. For almost 2 weeks now I live without them, I have not auszuschlichen, but the intake stopped abruptly. I still have the well-known electric shock-like dizziness when I move my eyes to the right or left. It does not hurt, but it just annoys easily and makes me feel sick sometimes. In addition I have tachycardia every now and then, I am unfocused, very tired and without drive. I am moody and weep because of little things. I have a very strong appetite. I am a little bit more nervous in social situations. On the positive side, I feel that my libido is actually increasing. For me, the weaning are fortunately but rather moderate and I can not share the horror experiences of other people. Can I recommend paroxetine now? In my case a clear yes, because they have really increased my quality of life. For the first time in my life I have lived without fear and not permanently depressed and I do not want to miss these experiences anymore. But because of the side effect of indifference, which is having an ever more negative effect on my life and future, I just want to try again and see how I can handle it. Psychotropic drugs should only be the last step anyway. Everyone should first check extensively psychologically and be diagnosed before he reaches for something. I have taken them naively without expert advice and had pure luck that they are well worn with me. Of course, I advise you to rethink and discuss something in detail, preferably with a pure psychologist.

  2. Angela P. Crawford says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Burnout syndrome; Depression

    I want to talk about my bad experiences with Paroxat. Because of depression and fatigue syndrome, I took Paroxate 20 mg every day for over seven months. Result: – Emotionally I have been dulled after three months. I was neither sad nor happy and had only a few sensations. I was constantly indifferent. And that was the only positive effect of this drug! – I have gained 14 kg within seven months !!! So two kg per month! And I had a dream figure before! A BMI of 20! I gained weight for no reason. I eat very consciously, so I could not understand this rapid increase in weight! – My libido and my orgasm ability were already zero after two months! Since I dropped it off, everything is coming back very slowly. – The drug made me even more tired than before! – And now the worst: The demeanor! I’m not a human who can blow something away so quickly, but the demeanor was the HORROR !! Unfortunately, I did not skip the medication. A big mistake on my part! You should really sneak it out! I had extreme dizziness and thus permanent nausea and permanent vomiting. In the end, I could not even drink more water without vomiting! Circulatory problems, balance problems, diarrhea, tremors, headache, eye pain, I have herpes all over the lip. I got a kind of little punch in my head, especially when I moved left and right. I was constantly hot and cold and then I sweated extremely and then had chills. I could barely sleep. After more than a week, after I still had these problems, I went to the hospital because it was very bad and I could not imagine that all these symptoms could come from discontinuing the medication. In the hospital I was completely checked through with the diagnosis: pure withdrawal symptoms !!! I had the choice: either to go back to medication and then sneak out or continue biting through and withhold the withdrawal. Conclusion: I have kept it up. Now two and a half weeks are over and I do not have the worst depreciation symptoms, BUT (!) I still do not feel normal, I still have dizziness and headaches and intestinal problems! A FEARABLE drug !! In retrospect, I had more side effects than effect! Everyone should individually decide WITH his doctor or psychiatrist, whether it really makes sense to take this medicine and vollzupumpen with so much chemistry!

  3. Jay E. Parham says:
    4.5 rating

    Also, if I did not think it was so unlikely that my neurologist made a misdiagnosis, I took the tablets first, hoping that maybe they will lead to an improvement, but just because lack of sleep earlier for the increase , or partly led to the onset of my symptoms, then it was not better by the paroxetine. I have not slept more than 7 hours on any day that I have taken paroxetine so far, and in most nights it was 5 hours, but sometimes only 3 or 4. Since the beginning of the intake, I also feel listless and impotent and I also have the feeling that I am no longer able to enjoy activities I was looking forward to. my lack of drive also went so far in part that I should take an appointment and knew that I would be late if I did not hurry slowly, but I somehow managed not to hurry and did not feel stressed even though my pulse continued to rise, which did not fit my quiet mood. To this day, I do not feel that the paroxetine helped, but that it only made it easier to ignore the symptoms, so it feels a bit like I came to the doctor with an injury and would be hurt and hurt with the diagnosis a painkiller been sent home. I can imagine that paroxetine helps people who are actually suffering from an anxiety disorder and that the inwardly anesthetic effect helps them to calm down, but in my case there is only an accumulation of unpleasant side effects, a worsening of the condition but of relief to ignore the whole, as long as the symptoms are not so strong that I can not ignore them anymore. however, one of the most unpleasant side effects is the lack of concentration, I feel as if I have fallen asleep mentally, making it almost impossible to get creative and greatly reduce the ability to learn, people who rely on using their brain So I do not advise paroxetine. Oh, and before I forget it, I have since the beginning of strange strange dreams, which are usually hedge and in which often occurs violence, which sometimes wakes me up with a high pulse, which can be quite uncomfortable and often start the day already bad leaves. Since I’ve written so much, I’ll save the rest of time from lack of appetite to a lack of hunger, despite obvious need for food, lack of fatigue and seemingly almost completely shifted to the night urine production, which further complicates sleep.