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  1. Lisa D. Yan says:
    3.0 rating

    Methotrexate for Arthritis

    Have unfortunately since the intake of MTX 30 kg increased. MTX was later taken intravenously as tablets later. After discontinuing MTX again 20 kg weight loss in several years, still metabolic disorders. Will not take MTX anymore.

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  2. Fanny J. Gagne says:
    4.0 rating

    Methotrexate for Psoriasis; Psoriatic arthritis

    Remicade: Since all the other drugs did not kill me anymore, I got the infusion with Remicade every 6 weeks now. Nausea and dizziness occur quite a lot on the day of the infusion, which lasts one day. Stupid is that it is totally infectious and the colds take longer to die down and slightly larger if mistaken treatment accept (for example, pneumonia). The liver values also increase quite a bit, which I could improve with artichoke extract. The nice thing is that the skin symptoms have completely gone down and that already after the second infusion Methotrexate: I get that to prevent the formation of antibodies against the Remicade and as support for the rheumatic part. Nausea stomach pain weight gain