Increase in weight effect of Lisinopril

We have 73 consumer reports for Lisinopril. Increase in weight effect occurred in 8%.

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6′ 4″

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  1. Joyce J. Fletcher says:
    3.5 rating

    Lisinopril for High blood pressure

    Also I had various side effects, weight gain, dizziness, fatigue, increased sweating. And actually, I always had a bad feeling about taking the tablet. The side effects were – in retrospect – felt within limits. Only the permanent damage when taking the tablet – with me in the episode Diabetes II – are terrible. – Meanwhile, however, I have found a way to get off the tablets altogether with a normal blood pressure and without diabetes II. The tablets have helped me to keep the increased blood pressure in check, and I do not want to demonize the medication. Who knows if I would still be there without her? I think it’s a pity that I got to know this absolutely simple therapy so late and that she healed me. I would be happy if others can become so healthy and healthy.

  2. Anna J. Overbay says:
    3.5 rating

    Lisinopril for High blood pressure

    I took bisoprolol for 1 year (10 mg a day) and gained 10 kg without changing my eating or exercise habits. Besides, I am always and always tired, listless in everyone! Regards, regularly have diarrhea, stomach ache, heartburn, heart problems and difficulty breathing. At the slightest effort, I get out of breath, as if I had a marathon behind me. In addition, my feeling of temper is weakened.