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  1. Morris C. Boyd says:
    4.0 rating

    Keppra for Fatigue

    Hello, my daughter is 9 years young and has had seizures since her first year of life (at first it was allegedly called febrile convulsions). Your last seizure has over 90 min. lasted. First, we got the drug Ospolot, but due to the very strong concentration fluctuations, my daughter was switched to Keppra. My problem is that from July 2009 to today, my daughter has gained 6 kg and is rising like a balloon. Is that normal? Can someone give me some tips here?

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  2. Elizabeth S. Rathjen says:
    4.0 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    My daughter (10) takes 2x250mg Keppra gg. Rolando epilepsy early and in the evening. Change took place about 2 years ago from Ospolot (since 6th LJ) to Keppra. since then seizure-free, however, side effects: tiredness, numbness of the whole body, in particular of the oral cavity when speaking, chewing and swallowing, speech disorders, hair loss easy, pimples, tw. reddened skin, unfocused, cognitive disorders, balance disorders, disturbance of overall coordination, weight gain, disinterest, delayed to almost no sensation of pain, weakness, weakness …

  3. Kevin L. Hunter says:
    2.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    extreme tiredness, slight weight gain, trembling hands – tremor (could that be a side effect ??),

  4. Thomas J. Butler says:
    3.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Fatigue Concentration disorders Sleep disorders Weight gain Dizziness listlessness Speech disorders Fatigue Visual disorders Mood swings Unrest Forgetfulness Weakness Thought disturbances Irritability Trauma changes Memory disorders Balance problems Powerlessness Fickleness Chair changes Essence change

  5. Lisa E. Markowski says:
    2.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Weight gain Excitement Insomnia You can live with the side effects if you know how to deal with them.

    Side effects: Insomnia; Increase in weight
  6. Deirdre G. Larrabee says:
    3.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Monotherapy with Keppra 1000mg 1-0-0-1 did not work. Still had many seizures and weight gain of 15kg within 3 months and then within 1 year again 10kg !!! Constant tiredness, severe concentration disorders, acne, dizziness, migraine, photosensitivity, severely subdued. Just about everything about side effects. I then got Lamictal and have been seizure-free since the dosage (for almost 2 years). Had 2-3 grand times a week before. Also Lamictal 200mg 1-0-0-1 has brought a lot of NW. Dermatosis worsened even more, dizziness increased at the beginning, but after about 3 months from. I only have dizziness now and then. However, I will continue taking the two drugs because I would rather live with the NW than with the many seizures and other attempts to try out effective medications. I have now lost 25kg with Weight Watchers for a long time and am back to my old normal weight.

  7. Larry E. Kingsbury says:
    5.0 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    After a brain tumor was diagnosed in July 2009 due to a generalized seizure, I take Keppra for prevention. The tumor was 80% removed in August 2009. Because of the scarring of the brain tissue or possible growth of HT repeated seizures can be triggered, I take preventive and continue to use Keppra 1000 mg in the dosage 1-0-1. Had no further seizure so far. Side effects with me are a moderate increase in weight (but can also be related to it, since I have stopped smoking), total fatigue in the time of 19:30 – 21:00 clock, associated with very strong sleep disorders (about four awake phases per night , every two hours), weekly approaches of minor depression. Headache and muscle pain also occur sporadically, but keep within limits. Occurrence of this aura with increased salivation and comical sensation as experienced before Epis. What bothers me most is the libido loss. I did not know yet. Hidden side effects can of course also be related to the brain tumor surgery or the remaining remainder of the HT. Price / performance is of course positive, because the costs are currently still fully covered by my health insurance.

  8. Jessica M. Bickerstaff says:
    4.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    To Ergenyl: The efficacy is good; unfortunately, many side effects accompany me, which is why my neurologist now creeps me on Keppra – as a monotherapy – so an interim report. Ergenyl: strong weight gain hair loss acne mood swings trembling libido loss forgetfulness speech disorders no hunger or satiety strong dreams Keppra: tired to sleep falling to weak body blackouts, as after excessive alcohol consumption internal insecurity Both meds together make of me a unserved people – hope, in 7 weeks, when the changeover is done, to be able to report better;) What amazed me by the way & amp; even more annoyed is the copayment obligation at Keppra, which does not exist for Ergenyl.

  9. Cynthia R. Kelly says:
    3.0 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Weight gain and extremely strong depression I got from the medication. But it helped against the epilepsy. Also very severely always tired, without drive. Now I’ll take Ergenyl and get along much better.

  10. Katherine R. Mathias says:
    3.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Use in epilepsy after cerebral hemorrhage Take tegretal in connection with Keppra, noted that I increased by approximately 30 minutes nose cold similar appearance have these pass but after 30 min. Also I have cold hands and heavy legs, drunk and drowsy .. and as I believe strong weight gain

    Side effects: Increase in weight; Fatigue
  11. Kristi J. Stewart says:
    4.0 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    to Keppra: Fatigue, dizziness, aggressiveness, depulsive disorders, lack of strength and listlessness – side effects diminished after about 2 months of use, unfortunately, despite a high dose in monotherapy no seizure freedom could be achieved, therefore Topamax as second-medi, again severe fatigue, occasionally mild dizziness (slow dosing!), slight eye pressure, severe bones or joint and muscle pain – improvement after about 2 weeks after each increase, mild word finding disorders mainly about 1 hour after taking Topamax – but seizure freedom !!! With Convulex (valproate) over 17 years completely seizure-free, weight gain, hair loss on the head or unwanted hair growth -> hormonal condition, other hormonal problems: cysts in the ovaries, absence of the menstrual bleeding, etc., Long-term side effect: liver parenchyma – & gt; Liver fatty acid GammaGT at 498 … & nbsp; WITHOUT ALCOHOL! Lamotrigine: gastrointestinal problems, increase seizure frequency