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  1. Barbara M. Kelley says:
    4.5 rating

    Diclofenac for Tendinitis

    My orthopedist prescribed Diclofenac for me. After taking on the first day I had the following side effects: distended stomach, mild headache. After taking on the other days increased my blood pressure, which is usually in the normal range or slightly lower. After 4 days of taking the blood pressure rose to 150/105. I should then go to the family doctor to check the blood pressure. He prescribed me a beta-blocker, gave me a Diclofinac syringe and a cortisone syringe. The blood pressure remained high and the beta-blockers did not help much. A few days later, I woke up at night with a blood pressure of 170/110 and toothache in the lower left jaw. Then I went to the emergency room of a hospital, which found a hypertensive derailment. I had to stay there, got new antihypertensives. After 4 days I was discharged again, but the blood pressure was still outside the normal range (140/90). That same night I returned to the emergency room with a hypertensive derailment and a blood pressure of 200/130, pulse 130. I was terribly afraid. This time 5 days hospital and good blood pressure with valsartan and bisoprolol. I narrowly escaped a heart attack. I do not understand why this drug is over-the-counter. The neurologist at the hospital confirmed to me that diclofenac is known to cause hypertension.