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  1. Maureen M. Flanagan says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for A headache; Psychosis; Pain (acute); Depression

    Amisulprid How it works against me: schizophenia, paranoia, hearing voices, hostility, distrust, social phobia Rapid onset of action, symptoms of paranoia such as being bugged, feeling persecuted, being watched, voices judging your actions negatively, being transparent naked to everyone People feel helpless, everyone knows about a decision, conspiracy disappear, even in acute conditions. Without side effects. As a daily prophylaxis ingestion: 20KG increased, feelings dulled, All the same attitude By gaining weight inferiority, yield my gaze in the mirror not-why all the big mirrors smashed with anger, see someone else in the mirror-do not recognize me, can not me resign, accept-self-denial, zero self-esteem, barely joy of life

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  2. Juan E. Leavitt says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello. I took diazepam 200 mg (psychotic schizophrenia) from 2006 – 2009. I’ve never had much left for such medicines, but was virtually forced to increase this one. the time had been really very bad for me. i was constantly dizzy, slept more than usual, i was awake for maybe 24 hours out of 24 hours and spent the rest of the time in bed. I could not go out because I just did not have the strength. I could not articulate correctly and had no desire for nothing. I literally became a nursing case for my wife and the relationship lost so much in everything. When I finally understood after a long time what happened to me, I told my doctor that I no longer want to take the drug and that I no longer have the joy of life. and zack, I should take something else against depression. I told my doctor again and again that I’m not feeling well with diazepam, but no reaction on his part! I was just a madman for him. at least he gave me the feeling. He did not take me seriously and did not respond to me. I had to change the doctor 3 times to get to one of me also to hear! I slowed down the medicine under medical supervision and after a month felt clearly how I felt better! but what hats helped ?? no idea. I weighed 90 kg before diazepam. after that it was 125 kg. many of my memories are as deleted and until today 2011 not back gekert. if you ask me: hey, do you still remember how we do this and that? no, sorry can not remember. sometimes i really do not know how old i am right now. I got stuck on age 25 when I spontaneously answer the question. But that was me 6 years ago 🙂 you agree with me an appointment. If I have not forgotten him in 5 minutes, I’m sure that I will not know it in 15 minutes at the latest. very often spoke mistakes or say things that I did not want to say! sleep disorders that are so bad that I’m really mistaken! I can work all day (6am – 5pm) and drive + 2 hours and just can not sleep. Although I am tired dogs, but only lying in bed for hours. that is very bad, I tell you! diazepam has destroyed a lot in my life. After diazepam, I lost 20 kg within 7 months and am better again in life (without diazepam).

  3. Theodore M. Kirby says:
    2.5 rating

    Diazepam for Epilepsy

    Topamax Poor tolerability despite varying amounts of dose and time of administration. Extreme side effects: Loss of short-term memory, speech disorders, nosebleeds, numbness of the hands and feet – the entire left arm most affected. Weight gain of 15Kg. Side effects easy: aggressiveness, balance disorders,

  4. Sarah C. Poffenberger says:
    3.0 rating

    Diazepam for Sleep disorders

    Initially, the drug helped against insomnia, but with time I needed more and more and in the end I could not sleep despite the medication. I’m about to sneak it out now. Another side effect: I’ve gained about five pounds.

    Side effects: Increase in weight