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  1. Brandee C. Harris says:
    3.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Aggressiveness; Depression

    Hello I got cymbalta prescribed and found that it is not that optimal for me. besides, I also found that I was increasing unchecked. I tried to sell Cymbalta without the help of the doctor just from today to tomorrow – does not do that! It is hell – and not only for you – also for your environment. I was from zero to 100 in 2 seconds – I had a lot of difficulty with controlling as far as possible, that I would not have the next best one clean. I got such an unspeakable hate in myself against myself and against all others, that it nearly broke me inwardly! I take cymbalta again – because I did not stand the described condition – but I want to get away from it!

  2. Helene T. Ives says:
    3.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Epilepsy; Polyneuropathie

    I have gained about 10kg during this time; sometimes tinnitus occurs; the worst thing is the heavy sweating, usually starting from the head (wet hair), drenched clothes, very unpleasant; intense dreams

  3. Andrew M. Johnson says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Psychosis; Depression

    It was like this: was released from the clinic (had a caring liberty) for a short time. Then I decided for Solian initially 100mg for 1mt. then to 200mg 1x in the morning, until and with today .. total taken over 5months. However, recently I noticed with fright, since I have increased over this actual short time over 9kg. from 80kg to nearly 90kg., although the home psychiatrist had expressly promised that no weight gain would come about. And now, what happened? I’m definitely starting it off today, feeling so uncomfortable in my skin and body. I now take the Cymbalta for depression (2 capsules) in the morning, with Lamictal 1 tabl. Every morning and evening to keep it at bay. It works reasonably well, but if I’m only too worried, because sometimes I drink too much beer at the exit. Then let’s see how it goes on and I hope it works. so good for a long time :-)!

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  4. Erica J. Stone says:
    2.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Somatization

    Hello, I take the Cymbalta to anyway one is normal. We were now on vacation and my friend called me Dunderklumpen, thickness u.s.w .. Then I tried for 2 days to omit the medication, because I was so angry but since I get withdrawal symptoms because I was dizzy. Then I took her again. Do you take it too? What are you eating or have you changed your eating habits?

  5. Eugene L. Carter says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Psychological instability

    hello, I took the drug almost 7 years, the first 60 years then the last 3 years 30th I went before I took it, but after 4 weeks of taking it I was a lot better. I also had virtually no side effect, except that I have increased about 15kg in the years, does not know if it comes from the drug. But I had now made the decision, 7 years are enough and have discontinued the drug. I did it that way. 1 capsule then 2 days break and then again one and again 2 days break, I’ve made 2 weeks, then 1 capsule and 3 days break and that over 2 weeks, the same game again 2 weeks with 4 days break and then have I did not take any more and that is now 4 weeks ago and I have had no withdrawal symptoms at all. I helped cymbalta but I hope anyway I never needed more.

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  6. Stefanie J. Arakaki says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Overweight

    I can only say ………….. Thank you Cymbalta. I had since my 10 year of age panic attacks, triggered by the death of my grandma. At that time Valium already unimaginable. Then still other medias like Aponal , Vivalan, Imap.Da our big daughter with one year got diabetes, to asthma, a stroke and nodules in the thyroid gland, I always ran at full speed.Immer and steadily the fear that something happened to her.After 12 Jharen we got then still our small Sonnenschein.Meine Angst had already taken forms. Symptoms of dizziness, tremors, anxiety, nausea and and. I could not shop alone, nor go on vacation. My luck was and is that my husband and my family are fully behind me 5 years ago I got only Cymbalta 60 for 1 year. After that until now 30mg. At the beginning still Tavor tabs, which I only rumtrage today with me. I’m so glad that I got Cymbalta. The side effect with me is just a weight gain. Ega l, better a few pounds more, but a life of anxiety and depression.

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  7. Marisa M. Paull says:
    2.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Neuropathy

    At the beginning with evening intake considerable sleep disturbances with restless legs, now taking in the morning – sleep through possible, strong sweating and stomach discomfort, got before Amitripthylin but not tolerated (has a better efficiency)

  8. Russell S. Johnson says:
    5.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Psychosomatic disorder

    I had a stomach ulcer in 2009 that broke up. My family doctor keeps telling me when I complained of pain that caused his psychosomatic disorders. (Occupation tax advice) Then I got a referral to the neurologist, who prescribed me Cymbalta (only 30 / then 60), although I have no neurotic disorder. For me then after 3 weeks, side effects, such as: bladder weakness, dry mouth, drowsiness during the day, and now after 1.5 years, a habituation occurred. I now vacillate between calm and beauty. Sometimes I feel like I need 2-3 (60mg) a day to get away from nervousness. In addition, I have taken after taking C.60 10 KG, although I am a very athletic person! So these tablets have in my view in addition to the many side effects also a high addictive potential. Simply settling is not possible. In October 2011 (after 2 years of taking) I should let them crawl again half a year. Hopefully I will be a normal person again!

  9. Dorothy J. Bull says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    I switched my medication from sertraline / seralin / zoloft to cymbalta 1.5 years ago (discontinuation to 60 mg in 20 mg steps every 4 days / mixed transition with simultaneous sertraline reduction). Initially, for about 8 days, I shuddered / shook myself several times a day through my entire body. It tingled, had Hünerhaut and my hair stood me literally, to mountains … but these symptoms resolved after about 2 weeks completely off. I had a weight gain of about 10 kg and struggled to keep my weight … but can live very well with it. What really bothers me (e) is the totally heavy sweat in all situations … barely moving a bit (for example, walking a little faster as normal), I run out of all a waterfall coming over me. Among them suffered the quality of life enormously! Now I only have 30 mg Cymbalta and the sweating is gone!

  10. David A. Clark says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Sleep disorders; Depression

    Hello my dears, after about a year of taking CYMBALTA against Depris, z.T. in combination with MIRTAZAPIN for insomnia, I also got sulpiride prescribed. The combination effect CYMBALTA / SULPIRID was just very good and has worn me nicely. Anyone who does not have enough Cymbalta should try the combo with SULPIRID. Due to the indispensable MIRTAZAPIN I unfortunately have to live with enormous weight gain. Recently (for about 6 weeks) I get additionally prescribed LYRICA, of which I must report rather negative. For one, I hardly feel a positive effect, on the other hand, the medi is very wrong. It increases my sleep disorders quite badly, leads to water retention in the legs (swelling) and the lungs (shortness of breath, shortness of breath). The concentration also worsens, sometimes with articulation disorders. In addition, there is rarely a tingling sensation on the skin, z.T. only on the extremities, z.T. also on the whole body, e.g. with a strong cough … (yes, I’m a smoker !!!) Will the medi therefore sneak out.

  11. Mayra J. Leigh says:
    4.0 rating

    Hi. I have taken good 2 years 120mg / day Cymbalta / Duloxetine for severe recurrent depression, psychosomatic pain and anxiety. Against the Depris, it has helped more than bad. The anxiety and pain, however, were almost completely gone. I would this NOT necessarily recommend the drug because the side effects outweigh it! I list you my side effects on: 1. Sexual aversion: Cymbalta has completely dampened my desire for sex, almost shut down, one of the main reasons why I wanted to sell it 2.Grow increase: I have almost 20 kg (!) Increase in normal Eating behavior 3. Dizziness with forgotten taking: Once forgotten to take in the morning and the day was in the Arsch.Schwindel without end .. 3.Evariableness: The Depris were a bit subdued, but you can somehow not really happy about anything. Man is somehow listless. It is not bad but also not good. One is almost a neutral zombie 4. Absetzerscheinungen: FEARBY! It was the first 5 days of pure hell, although it was slowly ausgezuschalten.Schwindel, tearfulness, Dünnhäutigkeit, powerlessness, impulsiveness, nightmares, sleep disorders, anxiety The complete program! The only positive thing is that the kilos tumble faster than you can weigh yourself. In short: I’m happy to be rid of the stuff BUT you have to mention that every body processed antidepressants differently. I do not want to say that it can not help. For me it might just be the wrong drug. Still, I would agree with the doc if there is not another alternative. I am currently in the process of infiltrating a new antidepressant drug. MOCLOBEMID is a completely different active substance, which is completely different. It belongs to the group of MAO: monoamine oxidase where Cymbalta is a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Let’s see if I can cope with it.

  12. Sandra A. Haefner says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    When I started with a dose of 30mg it was already very severe the side effects. From vision problems to dizziness and circulatory problems. Now I take the drug for 5 years and have no problems with my current dose of 30mg again. In the meantime I had 60 and 90 mg, but I have to say that at 90mg I did not have any sex life! I am not sure if it is due to Cymbalta but I have been steadily gaining weight but are taking other medications.

  13. Mary J. Zeigler says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Anxiety disorders; Burnout syndrome

    Initially, additional gift from a whole Tabl.Praxiten, after three months started with the practice pruned – but after about 6 months again half Tabl.Praxiten to it, since it was again very stressful in the company (after consultation with my attending Doctor). Mentally I feel a little better. Of course, I sometimes feel that there are always triggers for a burnout or for anxiety and panic attacks. For me, it is stress, pressure and grumpy people, even the crowded tram – especially in the morning. Also noise and rushing people, no matter if shopping or in the company. I feel like I feel it when people are in a bad mood – that makes me completely finished. Now and then I also have difficulty concentrating – I start a sentence and do not know towards the end what the real topic was. I forget names. I get lost in talking. If I do not remember something, I start to sweat immediately. Side effects: Libido loss and very strong sweating and enormous weight gain despite endurance sports. Now and then also swallowing and heartburn. For better sleep, I take for 11 months also 1/3 – to 2/3 Trittico. Without Trittico, I always wake up between 3.45 and 4.00 and can not fall asleep. I feel like I’ve been dreaming a lot since taking Trittico. It’s not nightmares, but I can really remember the dreams very well. My doctor recommended me to keep a dream diary! Maybe there is also something to work up.

  14. Tiffany J. Cunningham says:
    2.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Fatigue; Depression

    I have been taking cymbalta for 9 months. I found that the effect started very late. In the beginning I only had intercurrents as a side effect. Hair loss and restless legs syndrome then came to an acceptable extent. Now, nine months have passed and the desired effect stays out. it does not really work. in the time I have 4 kg increased. had formerly remergil.wirkung good and 17kg on it, despite sport.

    Side effects: Hair loss; Increase in weight
  15. Ronald J. Jackson says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Anxiety and panic attacks; Depression

    Numbness in the legs below the knees, calves climbing stairs as heavy as lead, feelings of unreality (like behind glass), severe headaches every morning, extremely irritated (for me completely atypical behavior), nocturnal bladder pain with urination, rapid weight gain, increase or increase of Anxiety, cardiac arrhythmia (salvous), severe nightmares, high blood pressure. The drug I found unbearable. So I asked at the clinic to switch back to venlafaxine, which I had before (this had unfortunately only lost its effect after years).

  16. Jordan T. Gage says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    I’ve been taking about 1 year now, about 60mg / d. 2-3 days of hallucinations, euphoria, nausea, blurred vision. Side effects disappeared very quickly. Depression too. After 9 months, depression increased again, in addition to a terrible paranoia. Weight gain 20kg / j For 3 days now 120 mg / d. increased sweating, fatigue and so a strange melancholy, thoughtful mood already the whole day. Not really bad … but not good either … weird. do not talk. Oh. Weaning is hell! I’ve tried 2 times at 60 mg. Surrender, nausea all day, extreme surges (neuropathy) What should be the first at 120mg?