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  1. Sharon S. Mosley says:
    3.5 rating

    Anafranil for Migraine

    Weight gain, change of dream, anxiety, depression

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  2. Angela A. Rust says:
    2.5 rating

    Anafranil for Cataplexy

    I used Anafranil for cataplexy, the cataplexy has largely gone, but my personality has changed a lot. I became: -Agressive -Important -Lost -Vergesslich -Müdde I have increased 25kg I guess only from the drug

  3. Roberta A. Depriest says:
    3.0 rating

    Anafranil for Cataplexy; Narcolepsy; Migraine

    In 2010 I was diagnosed with narcolepsy with severe cataplexy, I started to take 200mg of Modafinil daily and 10mg of Citalopran, the first few weeks it also helped, unfortunately I had to increase the dosages quickly, so after one year at a dose of 800mg daily (far too much) Modafinil and 20mg Citalopran was. Dan got me 20mg of Anafranil, from which I got severe side effects, to the suicide attempt, I guess from it only. In the meantime, I take 2 x 2.25ml Xyrem overnight and 200mg Modafinil + 20mg CitaloQ during the day, unfortunately now my dosies have to be increased again as it just does not have the desired effect on me, but I have read a lot that it is like a miracle cure in other people. Side effects that I had: Modafinil – high blood pressure, dizziness (start time), sweat dehydration (start time), pharyngitis Anafranil – depression, suicidal thoughts to the attempt, personality changes (aggressive), mood swings, 25kg gaining weight For this I take painkillers for years, since my body is already very suffered under the cataplexy, so I have daily headache, back pain and just bruised places the pain …. I take alternating Iboprfofen 600, Novaminsulfon 500 and Dolormin extra, otherwise I get stomach problems ….

  4. Warren H. Gilliam says:
    4.5 rating

    Anafranil for Narcolepsy

    My ICH has changed completely. While I used to like to go out a lot and had lots of social contacts, now I’m just the opposite. Laughter was my hobby No.1 Complete listlessness and indifference now determine my life. In my opinion, this is clearly due to the drug Anafranil. My weight gain at 183 cm height is from now 90 kg now 130 kg Other side effects are frequent nausea and headache. Especially if I take no Anafranil or try to reduce the dosage, the withdrawal symptoms are very violent. Sweats, electric shocks in the brain (I can not describe otherwise) and the most violent unbearable nightmares are the most striking side effects. ————————————————– ——– Whether VIGIL also has side effects, I can not judge, as I einstufe above on Anafranil. There are days when I stay awake even without VIGIL (if the term awakens at all in narcolepsy) But if I expire 2 days, my hibernation will start, no matter what time of year we have … On some days it is also VIGIL completely ineffective. Incidentally, I have had the best experience with the use of sleeping pills. So I felt fitter during the day. However, since our “people’s representatives” were of the opinion that even in the case of chronic illnesses, they would no longer prescribe sleeping pills at the expense of the health insurance companies, I can no longer afford them because of Hartz IV. Incidentally, I received a 4-page personal answer on request from our remaining-yes-all-healthy-but-not-on-cost-of-health-insurance minister Ulla Schmidt. Yes, whole 4 pages. 4 words would have been enough. I have no idea But our sovereigns have more than enough of that …

  5. Ralph J. Castleberry says:
    3.0 rating

    Anafranil for Cataplexy; Narcolepsy

    1. The drug Modasomil has for me the following side effects: – Daytime fatigue – disturbed night sleep 2. The drug Anafranil has the following side effects for me: – Appettitsteigerung – Weight gain – sexual dysfunction (no more orgasm) – disturbed nighttime sleep

  6. Elva P. Woolley says:
    4.0 rating

    Anafranil for Depression

    Infinite fatigue, dry mouth, excessive sweating even with the slightest movement, extreme weight gain (20 kilos in a year), muscle twitching – especially in the legs, libido loss, supposedly it should stimulate me – encourage – but the opposite occurred.

  7. James D. Jacobson says:
    4.0 rating

    Anafranil for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    strong sweating in the smallest activity, no orgasm, for the first time no ejaculation years ago only Anafranil, because the side effects were not so pronounced. Now much stronger in combination. Furthermore: falling fingers and occasional foot toe, elevated diastolic value (around 100) in blood pressure, weight gain (10 kg).

  8. Daniel D. Rochelle says:
    4.0 rating

    Anafranil for Anxiety disorders; Depression

    Side effects that disappeared after a few days or weeks: nausea, tiredness, drop in blood pressure when getting up, photosensitivity, tachycardia Side effects during the entire period of administration: weight gain (25kg in approx. 6 months at a dose of 100mg), dry mouth (isolated), sweating ( isolated), nightmares / lively dreams (partly pleasant). Unlike all ‘modern’ antidepressants, Anafranil always gave me a sense of security. It’s the only AD that really helped me (I was allowed to try sertraline, duloxetine, fluoxetine and mirtazapine – all flops). Weaning was on the whole problem-free (slight sensations in the case of rotational movements of the eyes).

  9. Tiffany M. Lemelle says:
    3.5 rating

    Strong weight gain of a total of 43 kilograms in the 1st to about 5th year of use, as well as in the first few weeks of severe fatigue and a great need for sleep, dry mouth, urinary retention.