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  1. Maria D. Tyler says:
    1.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for Morbus sudeck

    Since 2005 I took upper med still today but I have increased a lot 2005 59KG till today 2008 73Kg +

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  2. Traci I. Tackett says:
    3.5 rating

    Amitriptyline for Neuralgia

    Strong weight gain of almost 10kg. The same weight for years before use. After taking then constant increase..Medicine otherwise good in effect.

    Side effects: Increase in weight
  3. Vera J. Brennan says:
    3.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for Neuralgia; Pain (back)

    very forgetful, tired in the morning, gaining weight! These are the side effects of the two medications, but what are you doing to make the pain bearable? My feet burned so much that I seriously considered …. what should I do with my feet? Unfortunately, all medications containing amitriptyline are currently unavailable. I asked the companies and got the answer …… there is no drug to get, so we took the drug out completely. I still have some pills (get the Rectard), but I do not know how it goes without the tablets. Would be glad about experiences of you.

    Side effects: Increase in weight; Fatigue
  4. Stefanie J. Frawley says:
    4.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for Trigeminal neuralgia

    In the summer of 2007 after an unsuccessful dental procedure I got a trigeminal neuralgia. It was treated with carbamazepine last year (1200mg / day). But unfortunately there was a habituation effect and I had pain despite the maximum dose. After then also a liver damage was determined, I have discontinued the drug with the agreement of the doctor. At some point, the pain subsided and passed. In August of this year then again the horror. From morning to night the worst pain again, I could not speak anymore, did not eat – it was fatal. Again, I went to the doctor and this time I was prescribed an antidepressant called Amitriptyline Neuraxpharm 25 Mg. It struck immediately, but had to dose to 2x25mg. I take them for about 30 days, get along well. The pain is not completely gone, but I can live with the pain that occurs. Side effects, however, are extreme dry mouth, fatigue and slight weight gain. But I can recommend the preparation for trigeminal neuralgia as an alternative. Also got gabapentin at the beginning of neuralgia, which has not struck. I hope that soon the story calms down and I can sell the pills.

  5. Valerie S. Scott says:
    5.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for A headache; Depression

    I took the amitriptyline for about 1 month. I switched from sertraline to amitriptyline. I am very tired at 50 mg and not really awake, in the morning I should take then 25 mg = 75 mg / day. If you already drive weakness has, it is difficult to get fit and become and stay. Now we try in the evening 50 mg amitriptyline retard and in the morning 50 mg sertraline. Sertraline is more drive-promoting. Promethazine I should take only when needed, but this is not necessary because I am sleeping very well from the amitriptyline. The promethazine has left in the effect and should have been steadily increased in order not to lose the effect , So I feel that. Unfortunately, I have increased from the meds and do not dare to drive a car anymore. Since the amitriptyline still does not help as it should, now the sustained release of it has been prescribed, which slows the release of the drug to the body. But about it I do not really notice anything and will definitely get another medication soon and can almost open a pharmacy and if that helps, the constant change of medis is also not good for the body. Concomitant symptoms of the drug amitriptyline: hearing voices, fatigue / impotence, weight gain, furry taste in the mouth, not driving with the car, pain, nausea, vomiting, digestive problems 24.11.09: that does not stop with the vomiting and diarrhea, headaches are not synonymous away.I probably can not tolerate amytriptilin. Let’s see what the Institute Outpatient Center is doing now. I’ll probably get another drug, duloxetine or again sertraline with promethazine and back to the neurologist for the headache. The question I’m asking now is the transition from amytriptiline to duloxetine if that’s so easy? Will also let my liver values check. Come before me, like a guinea pig. 2.12.09: From tomorrow I start with the Cymbalta (active substance duloxetine) 30 mg in the morning, instead of sertraline and amytriptiline. Promethazine for the night.

  6. Dorthy J. Quinney says:
    3.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for A headache

    I take the medication for daily head, back and neck pain. Painkillers did not work anymore. I started with 2 drops and am now 20 years old. Finally I can fall asleep in the evening and sleep in about 6 hours. The head, back and neck pain has fallen sharply. I am even free of pain on a daily basis. On pain days I can bear the headache and am able to work. After taking Amitriptyline I feel dry mouth and an unpleasant taste on the tongue. However, these symptoms do not last long and I can live with it well. I have difficulty with weight gain, which is extreme. But I prefer a few pounds heavier than daily with KOpfschmerzen to live.

  7. Nikita K. Adkins says:
    3.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for Migraine; Sleep disorders; Depression

    The drug has hit me very well in my sleep disorders and as a migraine prophylaxis after a good 2 weeks, but I have to say, only when my doctor transferred me to the 25 retard, from which I take to night 2, am. From the film-coated tablets I had a terrible metallic taste in my mouth after about 1 week and the dry mouth was also very bad. For revenue of retardtabl. I do not have that anymore. The only terrible thing is the steady weight gain that I do not get controlled !!

  8. Frederick M. Darnall says:
    2.5 rating

    Amitriptyline for Pain (chronic)

    Have lost a lot of hair with taking amitriptyline over the years. Approximately Four weeks after discontinuation of amitriptyline hair loss went away 🙂 FREU

    Side effects: Hair loss; Increase in weight
  9. Edward E. Doyle says:
    3.5 rating

    Amitriptyline for Pain (chronic)

    Amitriptyline made the pain bearable and at night I was able to sleep well. Constipation occurred immediately and weight gain after a few weeks. I am assuming that Ami is now already 4 years old, about half a year after receipt started my hair loss. I went to the doctor and he said it could not be from the Ami. Zig investigations have revealed nothing. Had beautiful natural curls, now I have hardly any hair and the curls you see almost nothing at all. Am super unhappy about it. I dropped off the Ami four days ago and I’m curious how it affects my hair.

  10. Nicole M. Mosley says:
    2.5 rating

    Amitriptyline for Pain (chronic)

    At the beginning dry mouth, extreme fatigue, bloatedness. Then especially weight gain, had to keep constantly strong Diaet and do sports to keep weight reasonably. After about 4 months beginning of severe hair loss, especially after washing your hair (counted 260 hair). I then discontinued the preparation for fear of hair loss. My chron. However, pain (muscle dysbalance with severe muscle pain) caused by an incompetent osteopath (violent, completely senseless straining) has steadily improved with ingestion. Exit due to discontinuation therefore unknown. Hair loss persisted after discontinuing the med. For 3 months and then came to a stop. Hair grows again.

  11. Alice B. Davis says:
    3.5 rating

    For almost 8 years I have had severe stomach pains and nausea almost daily (especially in the morning). Now I take this medication for 2 months and it has improved a lot. I’ll take it even longer, but I’m surprised it (unlike all other things) has already made an improvement. I think I tolerate it well, although from time to time dizziness occurs, my nose is often clogged and I have gained some weight (which may also be because I finally enjoy the food again).

  12. Charlene M. Young says:
    4.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for Sleep disorders

    Due to a significant, chronic sleep disorder, I have o. g. Drug prescribed and taken for about 2 years, regularly, taken. Overall, the effectiveness is good for me, and I have developed no tolerance for this drug, I always take always consistent dose. However, that certainly depends on discipline and consistency. As far as the side effects are concerned, I have already seen a whole series, in particular the weight gain (15 kg / 2 years), which in any case depends on the medication intake. Long-term changes in diet, etc. are very difficult, because on the one hand, I was more hungry and on the other hand, even with changes in diet and physical activity very difficult to no weight loss. In addition, there is still a reduced performance and concentration capacity during the day, but not serious for me, but already noticeable. Then, of course, the risk of dependency, as with so many antidepressants and benzodiazepines. Also, I’m usually pretty tired after getting up in the morning, but that basically comes with me during the day.

  13. Charles L. Torres says:
    3.5 rating

    Amitriptyline for Depression

    sleep-inducing, pain-relieving with back problems, in drop form unacceptable mouth deafness and cruel taste, as tablets ok, weight gain, tapering the drug takes patience and time

  14. Susan K. McDaniel says:
    4.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for Sleep disorders

    I take a 25 mg prolonged-release amitriptyline in the evening. The first four weeks I slept a lot, in the first week 18 hours a day. But after four weeks, I had a normal need for sleep again. I take amitriptyline for recurrent chronic headaches. It reduces the number of pain days, but does not eliminate the headache problem. In addition, I take it against sleep disorders. During the first 3 months, it had a sleep-inducing effect, but then no more.

  15. Hillary R. Gillespie says:
    4.0 rating

    Amitriptyline for Sleep disorders; Depression

    I took the drug for 6 years, I should take it in the evening before going to sleep, so that I can sleep … I still could not sleep in and certainly not … But my doctor was convinced of the drug and there Familiar with a doctor, I took it … I could have taken valerian, would have probably come out the same … The side effects have been mainly weight gain, morning sluggishness and inner restlessness throughout the day heard … One Half a year after I started doing it, I gained 10kg … Due to the sluggishness, I could not follow my studies anymore and finally had to quit … I would never take it again and advise against it ….

  16. Ann M. Selby says:
    2.5 rating

    Amitriptyline for Pain (chronic)

    At the beginning of the therapy fatigue, problems with the eyes. After about 4 months weight gain, constant fullness, feeling of water retention, joint pain