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  1. Ramona N. Maloy says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Dissociative disturbance

    Take Seroquel (200 mg) since a hospital stay last year, while still taking Seroquel prolong (500mg), Sertraline (150mg) and Lyrica (500mg) for various indoor personalities. In the beginning I felt especially the nausea and took off first (8 kg), but then followed the cravings and strong weight gain (about 20 kg). Now at least I stop the unrestrained Seroquel and especially feel the nausea very strong, can hardly eat or drink anything, even water is difficult. However, I have to say that the drug worked very well with me, I was calmer and in combination with the other medis were also the fears and panic attacks down significantly. But I would still not recommend it mainly because of the weight gain and I’m glad if I withdrew it.

  2. Thomas I. Orr says:
    3.5 rating

    Seroquel for Obsessive compulsive disorder; Depression

    After taking Seroquel, I am very tired, weak, exhausted and completely powerless and listless. I have very strong headaches and dizziness. Zero quality of life !! In addition, that I now suffer from Fressattaken sing indescribably sing, have in 2 weeks 6 kg. increased. I need 14 hours of sleep now, can not concentrate at all, have word-finding problems and speech problems. In addition, hunger hunger for sweet and greasy alternated. Everyone has to try it out for themselves and try it out, but it did not help me, I got a fat bacon belly and massive erectile dysfunction as well as increased eye and head pressure. From today I take the devil’s stuff NO MORE.

  3. Shirley R. Strode says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Mania; Mood swings

    hallihallo 🙂 I got seroquel prolong in my clinic stay, initially in the dose strength 50mg! I immediately got the above-mentioned signs, which became worse by increasing the dosage to increase the dose! With me every 2-3 days in 50mg steps increased! Until I reached 300mg! I interrupted the seroquel therapy because the side effects were unbearable! Target would have been about 600mg which would not have had a positive impact on me! the worst under seroquel prolong for me was the dazed or the confusion state, because I ran 2 times unintentionally against the door (hospital) and 3 times against a glass door! which was no longer solemn for me because the blue-purple-yellow spots were visible for almost 3 weeks! (The medication would have been intended for me about 1 year, but then I would certainly have no driver’s license in this permanent state! No matter what the doctors say, I would not have dared in this condition !!!: D) I got 2 Panic attacks by seroquel. (my first and hopefully last) in short I increased within a month about 12kg and could save me from almost no food cravings! I ate and I did not know if I had eaten, how much, how long, etc. I did not feel any saturation, I ate rations (mostly vegetables) and did not get satiety! on the subject of paptieneten and seroquel prolong. I had a girl on station that got seroquel because of self-harm and suicidal thoughts. she got 100mg seroquel prolong in the evening and in the morning cipralex. cipralex in the morning, therefore, because seroquel inhibits the serotonin intake and therefore the gift of cipralex to the mood! She reported panic attacks since taking! I also had a young boy on the ward who got seroquel because of social phobia, anxiety and depression. He in turn noticed nothing except concentration difficulty or deterioration, misting and fatigue! At home he got his doctor in 100mg steps (daily) seroquel up to a maximum dose of 600mg! He still did not notice much! It should be noted, however, that he is about 1.80m tall and weighs well over 100kg! my conclusion seroquel is mainly applied to: – schizophrenia – anxiety – mood changes (mania) …. I think the drug, in my opinion, feeble-minded because the effect of ergerlete should according to senior physicians and ward physician should be the humiliation! logically that one does not hear voices in schizophrenia and has fantasies when one is drenched! or, for example, with anxiety states that is also logical that you have only mitigated because by fogging you do not notice what happens! and in manie and mood changes I am also aware that this is suppressed by seroquel. because when you are fogged you can not get into the position of being hyperactive! I think everyone should have their own experience with it, because everyone has a different effect on the drug! I will certainly not take it let alone recommend it! LG loui

  4. Paul D. Pehrson says:
    4.0 rating

    During my 7-week inpatient stay, I was set to 800mg of Seroquel retard daily within the first 4 weeks. With a height of 191cm and a weight of 110kg good mass, I can only say that stuff is bad. I almost could not walk so dizzy and flat I was. Insensibility and a certain strangeness to my own body I took. Sleep or the desire for it was extremely pronounced. An extreme feeling of hunger and the associated increase in weight was also very fast (about 10kg in 7 weeks). By the 3 weeks initial addition of Haldol I have accordingly also been totally limited in my motor skills. Pimples and high blood pressure were also present. Stomach problems in the form of extreme stomach acid and regurgitation were my companion for at least 6 months. Am then set to 600mg within the last 3 weeks. Without hospitalization on 400mg for 2 months and then on 200mg for 2 months then on 100mg for 2 months and sneak straight out of 50mg. Short sleep phases in the form of constant waking and cold sweat attacks can now greet. Was recently at a naturopath who also chiropractic, osteopathy, classical homeopathy exercises, because I no longer trust the mainstream medicine and confirmed to me quite clearly that this drug has caused the right damage in my body. Kidney, liver, stomach and intestine were affected. What helped me the most was after the quiet in the clinic my psychotherapist who worked out the reason for my being with me and showed me new ways. I can only recommend it to anyone … do not let yourself be stuffed with pills that will only make you feel calm and vegetate anyway and earn a lot of money with them! but let a psychotherapist help you, because every illness has a deeper reason.

  5. Russell S. Rice says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Bipolar disorder

    Although it was able to sleep well, but the cravings attack blood sugar levels as in diabetes triglyceride values beyond good and evil and Extrapyramidal Syndrome let me stop the treatment.

    Side effects: Hot hunger attacks
  6. Frank C. Major says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Sleep disorders

    For about 2 years now I take quetiapine 25mg for the night. Never had problems. The only side effect during the intake about one hour after taking I got a food cravings every time and have gained in the time a good 25kg. Now I have set off 5 days ago and for 3 days I have relapses of unbearably strong itching so I almost scratch my arms neck and head sore. The falling asleep takes about 3 to 4 hours since weaning which makes me very tense and tired during the day. However, this itching is almost unbearable.

  7. Marie J. Phillips says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Delusion; Sleep disorders; Depression

    From the effect very good. but big side effects that have plunged me even more into depression. If you can not look in the mirror anymore, because you’ve gained almost 30kg, that’s not good. Also makes the drug dependent. If you let it slip away, you get suicidal thoughts and nervous breakdowns. That reinforces the addiction. I can give the drug or rather the manufacturer only a grade 5-.