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  1. Donna C. Gaughan says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Idiopathic thrombocytopenic

    Internal restlessness, sweats, sometimes high, sometimes down … Sleep disorders, sometimes only 4 h with interruptions. Now also joint pain in the legs. Thumb and toe stopped once (water retention in the tendons?) Now after 2 weeks food cravings. Feel totally uncomfortable … like a Trabbi with a Porsche engine. This inner turmoil makes me completely exhausted … then I had almost 4 accidents because I’m pretty muddy in the head ..

  2. Leroy J. Rivera says:
    3.5 rating

    Prednisolone for Thrombocytopenia

    I’ve been on Prednisolone for almost a year. Dosage at the moment 5mg (starting with 100mg). The decisive point is thrombocytopenia. My high-dose experience: sleep disorder, restlessness, rapid heartbeat, cold sweating, steroid acne, typical moon face, mood swings with depression, and those annoying cravings. Since about 20mg: formation of glaucoma (glaucoma) and increase in intraocular pressure about one hour after taking the drug. Pain in the foot, knee, hip, shoulder and finger joints (gradually … beginning with the knees). Increased formation of darkening (acne) about 3cm tall. With 5mg: cravings, sleep disturbance, restlessness and depression, as well as pain in the joints continues to exist. There was also a very peculiar and very penetrating smell in the Axelhölen … not two minutes after washing, the smell was back. (presumably it is in connection with L-thyroxine 50mg). It is also an uncontrollable change between being awake and being extremely tired again. Think this is due to the shut down immune system. As far as my experience with the drug.

  3. Lisa J. Gillian says:
    4.0 rating

    Prednisolone for Copd

    Extremely increased irritability, one is as tense as with a strong adrenaline rush, more speech flow, difficulty concentrating, poor short-term memory, but intellectually better on it, strong sleep disorders, hyperactive, if mental disorders are present, these are exacerbated. Small skin bleeding, wrinkled cortisone skin, cravings and permanent thirst for icy drinks. Weight gain Up to 5 mg, the side effects mentioned are still weak At 20 mg then start the strong side effects.

  4. Cynthia M. Favela says:
    4.5 rating

    I am 16 years old and I am taking cortisone since my diagnosis in March. At the beginning, I was prescribed 50mg and it did not take long until the first side effects showed up. In the first few weeks you could not do anything with me, because I really could have slept through, nobody would have woken me. Luckily, that has lessened. I just noticed that as soon as I reduce the dose, I’m dead again a day later. I suddenly got 5 kg on it within 1 week, I was always hungry for food and ate everything that got in my way, and you could see that, especially on the stomach and on the face. By now I am on 7.5mg but I have to be a nightmare, I am constantly irritated and become so easily aggressive that I’m scared myself. Sometimes you can not even hug me because it even gets on my nerves. I already have a history with depression, but since I have not had any problems with it until the time when I started to take the cortisone, I’m sure he’ll get away with it. 5kg I have also lost, only the water will not let go why my stomach is still thicker than it is. Cortison is really the last dirt and I’m glad that I hope to drop it again soon.