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  1. Phyllis J. Osborne says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Social phobia

    Hello, for a year I am taking Paroxetine for panic disorder. The reason was a post-traumatic stress disorder with depression. I could not stay with people anymore and was absolutely impotent and sad. At that time she has prescribed my family doctor and said the effect occurs after about 3 weeks. That was also the case and I felt much better. My depression gradually disappeared and I was able to return to people and enjoy life. Today I can even work properly again. The side effects are not to be underestimated! I have gained more than 15 kilos and I have a lot of binge eating that was not the case in the past. I never ate sweets then because I had absolutely no appetite for sweets. Today I can not exist without Schoki in the house 🙂 The so-called electric shocks in the head made me initially very scared. Even in the emergency room where I could help because no physical causes were recognizable. Most come when I exceed the intake time or even forget. Then I feel like ausgek ….. and run around the whole day like counterfeit money. Almost as drunk. My libido had not diminished, but the orgasmic ability was limited at the beginning, which has now been regulated. Expressly I would like to warn against simultaneous alcohol consumption. One or two beers but then you lose the feeling of drinking which I did not have before. This resulted in total loss of control with increased aggression and deviance of the personality. That could then be very embarrassing and unpleasant, which is why I now give up on parties at increased consumption. Otherwise, I feel better and the side effects are bearable. Better than constantly feeling suffocated. My doctor now recommends me a psychotherapy and the tapering of the tablets. At the moment I take 20mg per day. How it develops I can not say. I hope that someday I can live without tablets. best regards

  2. Josette E. Kang says:
    4.5 rating

    Since 2001, when a trauma therapist diagnosed BL, I take paroxetine 40 mg. At first, I only noticed dry mouth and heavy sweating, but I thought that would happen over time. Unfortunately, there was still an enormous increase in weight, constant hunger cravings, sleeping or sleeping difficulties and the most disgusting were the sudden onset of violent diarrhea immediately after eating. Suddenly, I could no longer properly metabolize the most normal meals and shit my pants on the way. if there were no toilets. When I informed the doctor and pharmacist, they said, it does not come from the pills, so maybe they ate wrong. Today I go z.T. only with deposits / diapers from the house. It was not until I found out by chance on the Internet that there were a few more people who had this irritable bowel syndrome in connection with the paroxetine that I finally had the proof. Now, after 16 years, I’ve been silly with the SSRI, but especially with paroxetine in all variations. With the agreement of the HA, I have reduced from 40 to 30, from 30 to 20, from 20 to 10 and then, intervals of 10 to 14 days per reduction of the 10 series. Now, of course, there are unbearable side effects, like the electric shock syndrome in mind. HA says something like that does not exist. The ass should even take this drug itself and then crawl out after years, that’s what I wished most doctors who simply do not want to believe their patients, or tell them it was all imagination or came from other things. He also denied me the heavy weight gain, even though I have been suffering from stress urinary incontinence ever since, because as a woman I also have weak ligaments / connective tissue and are burdened by my geriatric care job from the past. I do not know yet how long I can and will tolerate these strong mood changes, backache and nerve pain, constipation, then diarrhea, cravings for alcohol and nicotine, etc.

  3. Andres F. Summers says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder; Depression

    Paroxetine: I initially dosed the paroxetine with 10 mg and went up by 10mg every 2-3 days … At the beginning I could see a worsening of the fears … But you have to go through the first 2-3 weeks … What helped with that was dropping promethazine … About 3 weeks later, I slowly realized that my unwanted thoughts were diminishing and I felt a little more confident in public. Small tip: you have to take the drug continuously, because otherwise it does not work …. Have it ever schonmal and after some time, one or the other dose omitted …. You then have difficulties that the effect is right again ….. My current dose is (60 mg) which is definitely too high … But it definitely helps me. You can either take 20 mg 3 times a day at 8:16 and 12 o’clock, or as I have 60 mg once a morning because the paroxetine causes sleep problems. In order for me to sleep well, I take an additional 45 mg of mirtazapine (orodispersible tablets) which have a sedating effect and make you tired …. I sleep like a stone and am super satisfied. Since the 14.3.2015 I take additionally the Amisulprid, because every now and then but one thought comes through and I sometimes have the feeling that I express my thoughts … So thoughtfulness …. On the whole, the Amisulprid looks fabulous ! I can not remember any drug from the last 5 years that worked so fast and great …. I can not forget a dose of Amisulprid because it gave me such a new attitude to life that makes me think of it all day 🙂 I realize how much power robbed me of my fears … And the constant thoughts of course …. I go back to more classmates and take an active part in my life !!! The only thing that is really bad is that I have some heartburn due to Amisulprid and some stomach intestinal problems …. Furthermore, I also eat extremely much …. But since I’m very thin anyway, that’s not bad .. .. I take it absolutely in buying …. Can only recommend this combination … Greetings and best wishes for recovery

    Side effects: Hot hunger attacks; Heartburn
  4. Jimmie P. Lane says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    After 5 years without depression (at that time I took Cypralex 10mg for 2 years with 10kg more on my hips and with completely paralyzed libido), I was first prescribed escitalopram, which according to the doctor Cypralex corresponds to 1: 1. First 5mg for one week and then 10mg. My day consisted of eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping. I did not care about anything and I was tired of socializing. After 6 weeks in this loop, I asked for an alternative and got Venlafaxine Retard. Of course, the escitalopram was artigly off and the venlafaxine first crept in with 37.5mg. After 5 days then 75mg. Within 2 weeks, my intestines were so clogged that nothing left and I could only go to the bathroom with laxatives. This usually gave me 2-3 days of diarrhea and then everything accumulated again until nothing left. Accordingly, my skin on the face reacted with the worst acne. Again, the actual effect was quite ok, but the side effects have simply negated the benefits of this drug. After a total of 2 months, I then sneaked out Venlafaxin. Next came paroxetine. As usual, crept in with a small dose and then stayed at 20mg. Again I was trapped in sleep / essloop. This time, though, I watched as I grew fatter. I just wanted to eat chocolate and fast food and there was no sense of satiety anymore. All three drugs add that my libido and I were no longer related. Actually, I was dead in the crotch. After a lot of back and forth, I then did a little research myself and went in search of an AD that does not have these side effects. And so I came to Elontril. Unlike the other medications that affect the seretonin or norepinephrine balance (or both), Elontril addresses the dopamine balance. Due to the many positive (weight loss, drive, no loss of libido), partly negative reviews (no noticeable effect), my expectations were rather high. Well … actually, I took something off in the first 2 weeks and felt a strong push in terms of drive, but unfortunately after a few days subsided again. Otherwise I feel much less dazed than with the other medis. Incidentally, the paroxetine sedition was the worst I’ve ever experienced. I felt like a thunderstorm. Of course, I know these easy electrozaps when decaying ADs, but I have not experienced anything like that before. Drive a car & amp; walking alone on the street … Eijeijei … I felt like these remote-controlled dogs on the cable. (from the 70’s! 😉 Missing only the barking. After 6 weeks, the dose is now increased from 150mg to 300mg and I’m looking forward to perhaps a few more pounds and a little more tinder under butt. Incidentally, my libido has returned completely. Everything else remains to be seen.