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  1. Lisa G. Crone says:
    5.0 rating

    Doxepin for Sleep disorders

    For me, the drug does not work at all. Oh, yes: Acting it does, somehow: in the evening in bed hot flash with subsequent adrenaline shower and the insurmountable compulsion to just get up again; burning legs with water retention; Binge eating; Restlessness and irritability; Mouth-Sahara; joint pain; Howling cramps and attacks of aggression. Sleep-inducing effect = zero (although my psychologist said that would even upset an elephant). In my view, not suitable for me, so I will bring this spectrum of action in a week with my psychologist.

  2. Marie M. Cole says:
    3.5 rating

    In my severe depression, it helped a lot to catch the very strong lows. I almost noticed that a deep hole without bottom is coming again and the tablets have caught this after a few minutes. The mood does not lift it, but it does not let you fall that low. Everyday work that did not work at all worked better after 2-3 weeks. They did not help with the obsessive thoughts, I got a good grip on this therapy. Sleeping worked better, in the beginning I was pretty tired and slept a lot. I’ve also gained weight through cravings, 20 kg. But still better than depression! However, I have not taken the prescribed dose of 25 g but independently reduced to about 14 g because I felt with 25 g just spongy and weschsch.

  3. Lupe J. Davis says:
    3.5 rating

    In my opinion Doxepin is one of the best AD`s although it is an old AD, it can hardly be surpassed (with the exception of the tetracyclic AD Mirtatzapin which is also excellent and is gentle on the circulation). It helps very well to help you fall asleep, with nervousness and anxiety disorders it is also suitable as a (light) withdrawal pill. I myself use it for nervous insomnia when needed. To the negative properties / side effects that I noticed: – the AD has an effect on an empty stomach very slowly, only 1-2 hours. On the other hand, if you eat something very sweet and fat, it will be particularly quick (about 30 minutes), so maybe the weight gain that bothers most consumers. If it works then additional cravings for edible (which you can ignore with time, however!) Best if you notice that you are tired in bed and not to the fridge) – the next is the pulse increase which starts when it works , But that does not take long. I can deal with it very well and find it meanwhile no longer unpleasant. – Also disturbing is the dry mouth. You have a strong need for drinking but that does not hurt. Drinking is well known to be good and healthy. – if the AD works and you get tired then you also have the current loss of libido, but who wants to when he is totally tired? For me, this side effect is understandable and not a big problem. – really annoying can the nightmares werden.Die are not always but quite often. But even here I have to say, rather sleep through and bad dreams than nervously lie awake! In the morning, the whole thing is not so bad (I think) were just dreams and the reality takes place while awake. In general, Doxepin is a top medication that makes you feel more balanced and can really recommend it! Greeting Marit