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  1. Yolando C. Carrero says:
    3.5 rating

    Mirena for Breast span; Hair loss; Cyst formation

    It started very slowly, after about a year. So I got hair loss, cysts, hot flashes, breast tenderness, my days did not come back, my mood was depressed and anxious. In short: I felt like an old menopausal woman (am 21). To completely ignore my sexual desire, she had reached zero. It took me a long time to find out where my problem lies. My gynecologist praised the Mirena before inserting the highest notes, because of side effects free etc. ???? With my problems and stillness, I went to her to describe my complaints. She’s a big fan of my asking if this could be due to Mirena. Your answer, but NO, I would be the first with these complaints that she would never have heard, all other women get along wonderfully. These complaints can not come from the Mirena. After the examination she said that organically everything was fine, maybe it was because of the stress. The body also needs some time to get used to it. So I had my tranquilizer (My course brainwashed) and was a little reassured. Only my complaints did not stop, as if my body would never get used to it. So again to the doctor, this time 2nd opinion, other doctor. He was just like that. No side effects, the greatest thing it ever z.Z. At the examination he discovered a cyst and said he had to treat them additionally with the pill Qlaira, I as a non-expert and still the completely trusting sheep, let him grant and swallowed good the pill. I was getting worse and worse. I rummaged on the internet and found my complaints black and white. I found afflicted women with the same complaints and the worst I ever got was fooled and lied to by my treated doctors. I realized they were trading for the money and not for the people. Mirena is a lucrative merit, since it is best to keep quiet about the side effects. I also found out that Schering issued so-called Rote Handzettel to all specialists, but unfortunately they continue to deny the side effects under Mirena before their patients, or refer you to a psychiatrist. Long live the money and no longer the human being. I have the Mirenanach 3 years in the hospital emergency room removed. Finally, I had severe abdominal pain, inflammation in the urinary tract and again cysts. Be smart about this spiral, question everything. The doctors know the warnings of the industry and they are deliberately kept secret. CHATE YOUR LEGAL GYEGOLOGIST for the suffering of the many young women.

  2. Kathryn R. Navarro says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello! Was 25 years old when inserting the spiral. Almost never ill, no complaints, do not smoke, do not drink, athletic. No children. At first everything went pretty fast. No more mens, no longer having to worry about contraception, etc. After a few months, I was very irritated, stressed, restless. Had lively nightmares and hot flashes. Later, extreme palpitations followed. After a few months, it was accidentally found by a blood test that I suffer from Graves’ disease, a form of hyperthyroidism and autoimmune disease. I’m pretty sure today that the Mirena has contributed since her part. My gynecologist advised me then vehemently from a removal of the spiral and denied any connection with the disease. About 2 months later, bladder infections started. Soon I received antibiotics prescribed monthly. No improvement. No reason was found. I had unexplained pelvic pain, breast tenderness for several days which made it impossible for me to sleep on my stomach, never-ending yeast infections. I was advised with my friend to have no oral sex and anal sex, normal intercourse only with condoms and after each GM to swallow a single dose of antibiotics. ???????????? I’m sick! That’s a problem and not a cause fight! I will let me remove the Mirena, despite the remorse of my gynecologist. It is an offense on the body of every woman! Too bad I had to make these experiences …

  3. Marion R. Sheppard says:
    4.0 rating

    Immediately after insertion: bleeding and light abdominal jokes for about six weeks. In the first half year: sweats and hot flashes, as well as severe hair loss, as well as extreme tiredness to exhaustion and vertigo attacks. My FA denied (quite irritated) any connection with the Mirena! The internal medical examination showed that I’m completely healthy organically! After six months of lying time: first an ovarian cyst of 4cm, then at the next check two months later an ovarian cyst of 8cm (!). Both cysts regressed under estrogen treatment. Since then, the rule is only very irregular as a slight spotting. I then changed the FA, which very probably considers a connection possible. He nevertheless advised me to wait a bit while pulling the spiral. Have since the onset of Mirena until now 8 kg increased (despite consistent diet and exercise). Now that after two years of lying still severe anxiety came to it, my partner has decided to sterilization. I hope that after the removal of Mirena, I will soon become the old, well-balanced and cheerful woman I used to be!

  4. Gladys C. Duty says:
    4.5 rating

    I let the Mirena use 10 days ago. Insertion was easy. After two days circulatory problems (dizziness, double pictures). A few days later tachycardia, hot flushes, mood swings, panic attacks, breasts to burst. Internist explains, no organic problems. Today FA: These side effects are not known to him and can not be attributed to the Mirena. Think about it until Monday, otherwise it will come out immediately. Was an expensive short pleasure.

  5. Nadine R. Canales says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Contraception

    NW: panic attacks, hot flushes, extreme nausea, heart rhythm disturbances, sleep disturbances, depressive mood, irritability, aggressiveness, visual disturbances, loss of appetite, taste and smell went away, libido was zero, the feeling of being constantly energized, digestive disorders, PMDD, muscle tension, constant Fatigue and weakness. The fact is: AFTER the removal all NW were better or disappeared completely. Quality of life is restored !! Mirena is NOT ONLY LOCAL, as many doctors advertiseMirena robbed me of 9 years of my life! More infos in hormonspiralenforum or on fb. 1000s of women with the same NW do not conceive of them (as doctors often say): /

  6. Kazuko D. Penning says:
    4.5 rating

    I let the spiral set after the birth of my second child and was always satisfied. Now that I’ve had the spiral after 5 years, I thought, I’ll just check what’s on the internet about the Mireana and it’s like dandruff from my eyes. All the side effects, which are listed again and again, I’ve pushed on all other causes than on the spiral. Since I’m almost directly from the pregnancy symptoms / Stillsymptomen without interruption switched to the spiral, I did not notice directly that I still suffer from hot flashes, headaches, weight gain, night sweats, complete loss of libido, fatigue and especially sleep. By now my children are not sleeping by only me. Everything makes sense. I went directly to my gynecologist 3 days after the change and asked for removal. He also did this at my request. He would have told me earlier that all these problems that I have can be traced back to the spiral. But I never got the idea to talk to him about it, because I am not self-pitying by nature and have tried to cope with it myself. Now I hope that after 8 years I will finally be able to sleep in peace and finally I will not be completely sweaty before I arrive anywhere. My husband also hopes for a returning libido. Actually, I only mourn the bloodless time, that’s a luxury. I did not have any bleeding at all.

  7. Danika K. Lester says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello I have 10 years ago, the HS-Mirena use on the recommendation of a friend who was totally excited. The first 5 years were great I did not get pregnant anymore. Target achieved but I have gained weight, but symptoms such as irritability, chest tense, flatulence, back pain so typical regulatory symptoms I still had every 4 to 8 weeks and a slight bleeding synonymous. And what I noticed is always at the end of its shelf life so after 5 years my symptoms and bleeding became longer and stronger. I explained that it was normal because the hormones were used up. After inserting the second HS then came some strange (side effects) added things. I got hair wuschs in places where it is really bad to shave: ‘). Long black hair, I was always gereitzer so I’m fast on 180 with little things. Again, I cry at the smallest emotional things which is not my nature. Gastrointestinal discomfort (irritable bowel syndrome), respiratory chronic sinus inflammation, whistling bronchi (asthma). Now at the age of 42 years, I had the presumption that I’m in menopause because I develop more serious symptoms night sweats, bladder weakness, high blood pressure, extreme hot flushes, sleep disorders, even more extreme mood swings and inner restlessness, which limit my quality of life very much. But my HS is again over the expiration date. I went to my gynecologist and she said it was quite possible. And wrote me another HS on. Since I’m the first time over 42 years I do not know if my symptoms are normal for my age or if it really has something to do with the Mirena. Meanwhile I weigh about 97Kg if I am well balanced and burn daily over 1400 cal. I have also excluded all other metabolic diseases such as diabetes, Schliddrüsen hypofunction. I am now completely unsettled when I read the reports here and since I am again in front of a spiral changes, I would like to know whether the side effects have been specified here after the removal of HS have waned or even disappeared. So please diligently answers if I should expose my body another 5 years of Mirena or let me convince you because the side effects disappear.

  8. Ryan N. Balderas says:
    4.5 rating

    It started with rash. After a few weeks, hot flashes, aggression, depression, acute respiratory distress, loss of libido, anxiety, 10 kg of weight gain and various other side effects were reported. It was not until I had to take the pill because of a slight permanent bleeding and the symptoms increased a lot on me since I have become a different person since Mirena. The doctors wanted to put me down as mentally ill and prescribe me antidepressants. Now I am 4 days free Mirena and I am getting better every day! It was really a bad time.

  9. Karin B. Varner says:
    4.5 rating

    I had the Mirena for 7 years. Actually, she should go out after 5 years, but my gynecologist said, as long as she sits well, she can continue to prevent violent bleeding in front of the spiral (she has) and can remain quietly, to prevent me, I should additionally protect myself with condoms , The entire first year I had bleeding, sometimes more, sometimes less, then hardly any bleeding, which I found very pleasant. But – about 4 years ago, the first time hot flashes occurred, again and again I was groundless bad mood or irritable, nervous, impatient (all before no character traits, which I had attributed to me) and since last summer, I had several times before panic attacks, flicker the eyes, shortness of breath, and since the last three years always different back and shoulder pain. All this I would never have attributed to Mirena without reading this report. I have had countless examinations and treatments with the various medical specialists behind me – without result. no conspicuous blood values, no noticeable inflammatory values, no noticeable X-ray or MRI images (back / shoulder) – and my psyche would now also be described as completely in order ;-). Since Monday, the Mirena is out, about two hours after removal have used light bleeding, which last until now (Thursday), but I have no pain. Conclusion: To prevent the Mirena was great. Whether she actually caused the other problem -? I’m curious if the other symptoms improve … and will report again.

  10. Elizabeth F. McAnally says:
    4.5 rating

    One week ago I let out the Merina spiral and lo and behold: I feel much better !!! I have laughed so much on the weekend as never before !! I have re-established contact with friends and these (without anyone knowing of the Merina) tell me that I listen much better …. and that after such a short time. Of course it may be that everything is just a head thing BUT the complaints were there and now I’m better and that counts !! If something changes, I will write again …. I wrote my first post 2 weeks ago ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: complaints: 5-6 years, I got panic attacks, had the feeling (when falling asleep) to get more air. Was with the pulmonary specialist, o. , A short time later (when I was alone at home), I also got panic attacks during the day: racing heart or thinking of the heart sets. Again to the family doctor: o. , During the day and at night, I sometimes had hot flashes (which I attributed to menopause). My gyn twice made a hormone test: o. I always had a headache and breast tenderness every now and then. Last but not least, I have been suffering from severe depression since last summer, went to the spa and since then I have been unable to work. By chance, I now learned from a friend about these or similar problems using the Mirena. Until yesterday, I really would have recommended this spiral to EVERYONE … but somehow it looks as if there really are connections. Anyway, I’ve just made an appointment and I’ll get her next week …. will then report how I feel about it. I got my first Mirena spiral 14 years ago. This was, wg. Desire for children after 3 years away. About 5 months after this pregnancy, I got the Mirena again and about 5 years later again, which I wear until today.

  11. Shawanna C. Gates says:
    5.0 rating

    So girls, after I’ve finally noticed that the HS can be responsible for my complaints, I would like to describe my experiences with Mirena here: I have in 2007 the first Mirena and 2012 set the second. The onset was rather little painful and good to endure. Now, I have gradually changed over the years! I am joyless, aggressive, have mood swings, suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, fast tachycardia, digestive problems, dizziness, hot flashes, headaches, back pain, my breasts are so sensitive that you can hardly adjust them and the desire for sex is completely gone! I would never have associated the Mirena with it, but then I got severe abdominal pain and constant bleeding. My gyn was currently on vacation, so I could not get an appointment right away. After a while, it was less and I thought: Ok, then everything is fine again! But then it started again and I once entered Google: Bleeding despite Mirena! Then I came across the various forums and must say: I WAS RELATED! It was as if the women’s reports came from me! I could virtually class myself with all the side effects described! I could not believe it and then I’m gyn. Diagnosis: uterine infection! … basically, this was still missing to complete the list of side effects! I told him that I fear the Mirena is responsible. He said that he would not believe that, not even the other complaints. I told him that it does not matter if he believes it! I believe it and that’s more important! I could not let the Mirena because of the strong inflammation on this day. Had me for a new appointment. Unfortunately I could not comply with this because of dizziness and panic attacks (basically strange! Can not fix the cause, because the complaints do not allow it) and now have the appointment for pulling today. I would never recommend anyone to the Mirena again! I would never have dreamed that she might possibly be the culprit of my problems! I thought I was absolutely psycho and needed therapy 🙁 I seriously thought of going into psychiatric treatment to return to normal life, I hope … and believe …. that my complaints So, to everyone who might be thinking of having an HS inserted! Stay away! Any other method of contraception is better !! Vg, Nicole