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  1. Paul J. Anderson says:
    3.5 rating

    Sutent for Metastasis; Kidney cell carcinoma

    Take Sutent for one year. Start with 50 mg, due to severe side effects (see later) discontinued after 20 days.After 2 weeks break reduction 37.5 mg.After control with good regression of metastases.After 2 more cycles with 37.5 mg .Control: mixed findings.Then continuous intake of 25 mg.Befundverschlechterung, then again increase to 50 mg.Kontrollbefund (MRI) again regression of the metastases. Side effects: hand-foot syndrome; severe pain and bruises on the feet. Tongue pain, taste disturbances, blood pressure increase, diarrhea, moderate blood picture changes. Against the tongue burning / pain help frozen, fresh pineapple pieces, slowly melt in the mouth, very good. Against the sometimes unbearable foot pain helps Voltaren 50 mg excellently, but respect stomach and blood picture! Ointments: Fortecortril, Nivea, ointment from the Munich urology. Who has other recommendations?

  2. Samuel S. Riley says:
    3.0 rating

    Sutent for Metastasis; Kidney cell carcinoma

    In Sutent in the first cycle, partly violent nausea with vomiting, severe constipation and bone pain. Two weeks but also ok. The 14-day break unfortunately with severe nausea (half-life of the drug!), And pleurisy. Now, at the beginning of the second cycle, rapids drop sharply to 9.5 (kidney is out), Epo injected. Bisphosphonates so far without side effects

  3. Brandon N. Kessler says:
    3.0 rating

    Sutent for Kidney cell carcinoma

    Undertow. Handfusssyndrom (painful pressure points on the feet, detachment of the skin) occasionally diarrhea, tiredness tongue burn skin discoloration occasionally joint complaints blood picture changes gag reflex New now: Thorax pain and Schluckbescherden without explanation