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  1. Andres F. Summers says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder; Depression

    Paroxetine: I initially dosed the paroxetine with 10 mg and went up by 10mg every 2-3 days … At the beginning I could see a worsening of the fears … But you have to go through the first 2-3 weeks … What helped with that was dropping promethazine … About 3 weeks later, I slowly realized that my unwanted thoughts were diminishing and I felt a little more confident in public. Small tip: you have to take the drug continuously, because otherwise it does not work …. Have it ever schonmal and after some time, one or the other dose omitted …. You then have difficulties that the effect is right again ….. My current dose is (60 mg) which is definitely too high … But it definitely helps me. You can either take 20 mg 3 times a day at 8:16 and 12 o’clock, or as I have 60 mg once a morning because the paroxetine causes sleep problems. In order for me to sleep well, I take an additional 45 mg of mirtazapine (orodispersible tablets) which have a sedating effect and make you tired …. I sleep like a stone and am super satisfied. Since the 14.3.2015 I take additionally the Amisulprid, because every now and then but one thought comes through and I sometimes have the feeling that I express my thoughts … So thoughtfulness …. On the whole, the Amisulprid looks fabulous ! I can not remember any drug from the last 5 years that worked so fast and great …. I can not forget a dose of Amisulprid because it gave me such a new attitude to life that makes me think of it all day 🙂 I realize how much power robbed me of my fears … And the constant thoughts of course …. I go back to more classmates and take an active part in my life !!! The only thing that is really bad is that I have some heartburn due to Amisulprid and some stomach intestinal problems …. Furthermore, I also eat extremely much …. But since I’m very thin anyway, that’s not bad .. .. I take it absolutely in buying …. Can only recommend this combination … Greetings and best wishes for recovery

    Side effects: Hot hunger attacks; Heartburn
  2. Ruth C. Nelson says:
    5.0 rating

    For 4 years I was struggling with a massive anxiety disorder and panic attacks, at times so bad that I have not left the house over several weeks. I am married and have children who suffer a lot, even if they do not admit it. 5 weeks ago I went to the doctor and she prescribed me paroxetine 20 mg the first week I should take 10 mg, from the second week 20 mg. The first week I had strong heartburn but it was bearable with milk and eucalyptus. Otherwise, I could not find any other bad side effects, except that I also have a little more sweaty tags like night and more hungry, before that I hardly ate through the fears so I think it is not necessarily due to the tablets. A slight improvement I could already Festellen, I’m fine! Up to now I have not dared to do so but the thought does not put me in fear and scares as before, that’s a great start! I read that it can take 6-8 weeks to appear complete. I let myself be surprised 😉 and do not be so frightened by the side effects. I myself am a candidate who studies all the side effects, even I have to admit that you just wait for the side effects, so swallow the pill, take a deep breath and wait and see 🙂

    Side effects: Heartburn
  3. Renay J. Mund says:
    3.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    The first few weeks I have not noticed anything, maybe not paid attention. In retrospect, however, I notice that I had muscle twitching, sleep problems, dry mouth with heartburn and especially sweating, but obviously could not assign it to the drug office. A few days ago I had a nightmare, even worse I thought the dream was true and brought my life companion to it. Bad for a relative to see the partner standing next to him. The next morning, I was sure I would not take paroxetine anymore. I hope that no withdrawal symptoms come and that I may have to sneak out. Because, no withdrawal symptoms can be as bad as what I had to experience so realistically as a nightmare at night. Never again paroxetine.