Heartburn effect of Nicotinell

We have 17 consumer reports for Nicotinell. Heartburn effect occurred in 18%.

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  1. Steven C. Rice says:
    2.5 rating

    Nicotinell for Nicotine searches

    So I got very strong heartburn from these chewing gum. I will use the other brand again because I did not have this problem there.

    Side effects: Heartburn
  2. Cora T. Rock says:
    2.0 rating

    Nicotinell for Nicotine searches

    The side effects of Nicotinell patch were very intense for me. Sodbrennen.Übelkeit. Constipation. Dry mouth and throat. Violent breast tenderness. Sluggishness and nightmares. After 8 days I did not use the plaster anymore. Since the side effects continue even after 2 days, I have not come back to the attempt of smoking. I can not recommend Nicotinell personally.

    Side effects: Heartburn