Heartburn effect of Metformin

We have 283 consumer reports for Metformin. Heartburn effect occurred in 1%.

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  1. Victor J. McDowell says:
    1.0 rating

    Metformin for High blood pressure; Diabetes mellitus type ii

    Heartburn every night after taking Celledrin for uric acid. After taking Celledrin with 40mg Riopan no more heartburn – a good night’s sleep. If I stop celledrin, the heartburn will disappear as well.

    Side effects: Heartburn
  2. Anastasia J. Williams says:
    3.5 rating

    Metformin for Diabetes mellitus type ii

    I do not contract metformin at all. Was constantly tired, limp, listless, inattentive, unfocused. Despite taking omeprazole, I had severe stomach pain, nausea, nausea, heartburn. Eyesight, I thought I need new glasses. Was at the ophthalmologist. My eyes are fine. Came from the metformin. Take glimepiride for 14 days. Really awesome feel like new.