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We have 142 consumer reports for Bystolic. Heartburn effect occurred in 4%.

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  1. Judith G. Depriest says:
    4.0 rating

    Bystolic for High blood pressure

    Belief in interactions with my high blood pressure tablets (16mg Atacand Protect (active ingredient candesartancilexetil – angiotensin II receptor antagonist), HCT-CT 12.5mg (active ingredient hydrochlorothiazide – a diuretic), moxobeta 0.4mg (active ingredient moxonidine) all in the morning, Nebilet 5 mg (beta-blocker) and before going to bed again 1 Moxobeta 0.4 mg Furthermore on herbal pills 3 x 1 Faros 300 (hawthorn extract 300 mg) and 3 x 1 benicur (garlic) .Has the interaction with L-thyroxine reflux disease got and now has to take even proton pump inhibitor.have tried and 3 days L-thyroxine 100 mg omitted and I was fine – no reflux – no proton pump inhibitor.What blood pressure tablet triggers these terrible side effects.

    Side effects: Heartburn