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  1. Tracie D. Snodgrass says:
    4.0 rating

    Arcoxia for Muscle tenseness; Disc prolapse

    The long-term medication with gabapentin and Beofenac (the Beofenac should be paused every few months) works well in terms of back pain. Of course, these are not completely gone, you also have bad days when you have the back too much – but with this medication, you can live very well. With 2 recurrent disc herniations after an operation 10 years ago in 2 heights, one should not expect too much. It is logical that one day you will end up back on the operating table, and with a distance of almost 11 years, you can actually be very satisfied. Since I work for several years in a neurosurgical clinic, I can certainly judge quite well. With Arcoxia I have had very bad experiences. I took this medicine irregularly and only in case of very severe pain in the office, so I could work. It has worked reasonably, but not outstanding. After the approx. 20. Ingestion (was after about 5 months, it did not take too often) I already felt on Christmas Eve on the whole body an itching and burning on the skin. Suddenly the skin blushed almost completely, as if I had been lying in the sun one day too long. The skin burned so hard it was unbearable. Then joined a circulatory problem, so I had to lie down. After about 1 hour, these unwanted side effects were reasonably tolerated and were completely regressive after the second hour. I had never intended to take Arcoxia again, especially since a friendly pharmacist advised me against it. About 3 weeks ago, when I once again had severe pain in the office, but then had an appointment and was not in the mood for pain, I got myself a drug in the clinic – that was unfortunately Arcoxia 90 mg, the previous adverse effects were I completely forgot because I was in a stress situation. After taking the medicine, it started slowly within half an hour: The whole body began to itch, this time also the tongue was affected. In the esophagus, a pain was noticeable, which could be compared with the strongest heartburn. When I arrived at my girlfriend, I must have looked pretty bad. I had to lie down directly, the circulatory situation became completely unstable, the itching and the redness remained, the tongue finally became numb, the burning in the esophagus developed further and left a feeling there, as if there was a lump there, which squeezes everything to me. This pain was the worst, I was thirsty, but I could not swallow. The whole situation was life-threatening, so I called the clinic. Actually, I should have consulted a doctor, but then decided to wait, because I noticed that the side effects gradually subside. The first half hour was unbearable, a feeling like you were coming to an end – just miserable! After about 1 hour, these side effects finally subsided. I almost jumped in the air, but it took another 2 hours until I felt reasonably well again. My conclusion: EVERYTHING, NEVER NEVER AGAIN ARCOXIAThe most violent drug I have ever taken. I can not say why the side effects suddenly occurred after several irregular ingestions, all I know is that about a year ago a newspaper reported a negative about this drug. It was mainly about the effect on some people who were suicidal by Arcoxia. You should be careful with it in any case, because the side effects are not without

  2. Tonya K. Grier says:
    4.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Disc prolapse

    severe poisoning after 12 days: low blood pressure, skin irritation / rash, shortness of breath, constricted chest, stinging abdominal pain (especially after a meal), diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, loss of appetite, weakness / fatigue, headache, sore throat, dry mouth, dry nasal membranes, Change in the sense of smell, blurred vision, aggravation of tinnitus, dizziness, hot flashes after discontinuation of the drug (up to a week) severe headache (especially when lying down), sleep disorders

  3. Maria J. Walters says:
    3.0 rating

    Arcoxia for Pain (joint)

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. Against the pain in the right upper arm and in the shoulder joint my doctor had prescribed me Arcoxia 90mg. My family doctor has known me for several years, so I trust him very much. Packaging and instructions leaflet with me usually immediately in the trash, because if you read everything (most words are not understood anyway) is a layman but very overwhelmed. On Wednesdays I started taking 7 days. On Saturdays I noticed during sport that my legs were storing water. On Sundays, my face came up. Monday morning, hands thick, songs swollen, 4 kg increased, I thought to myself where did that come from. On the last nights, it occurred to me, I had to fight more with hot flashes, strong sweats and insomnia, Tuesday I took in the morning, again forced like a sponge, my last tablet and then I thought it may be the tablets. I rummaged the leaflet from the garbage and lo and behold, of the side effects that I could decipher, I had at least 15 in the last days with me. I have noted the side effects at night: chest pain sweats insomnia headache morning: thick hands, legs, eyelids and dry mouth. During the day: eyelashes, when watching TV everything was blurry. Disgust with meat Heartburn and flatulence Within 4 days 4 kg increased Very strong fatigue spread over the day. Irritable cough hypertension Today we have Friday, the symptoms are not all gone (doctor said: 1-2 days it is better again) Still have plenty of water in the body. Headaches have gotten worse. Sweats torment me day and night. I want to let you know that this drug has made me really sick for a few days. The pain that it should alleviate has remained. I am a hypertensive patient and also in menopause. By this I want to tell you that I have to struggle with some symptoms as well, but by no means to the same extent as when taking these tablets. I could imagine that I belong to a group at risk who should not take these tablets better. With the fatigue that weighs on me during the day, I should not have been allowed to drive a car, and I am involved in passenger transport. In my opinion, this drug should be checked again from all sides.

  4. Patricia R. Conrad says:
    3.5 rating

    Arcoxia for Disc prolapse

    Arcoxia works very fast and I was finally able to get through the day and go to work. At first, heartburn took Pantozol 20. Since the improvement.Since the weekend I have reduced the dose to 60 mg and have since increased blood pressure 150-94, headache, dizziness, flushing and muscle spasms. Do not take a tablet for days now. Blood pressure has remained. Can only say, keep away from the drug. I have the same problems with Lycra, I dropped off quickly.

  5. William E. McKee says:
    4.0 rating

    Arcoxia for Heartburn; Pain (back); Arthrosis

    1. Strong breathlessness, gasping for breath, increase in blood pressure to 150 to 70 mmHg, Normal: 60..70 to 90..100 mmHg. 2. Strong sleep problems. 3. Severe nausea, feeling must hand me over, mild heartburn. The suspected side effects have improved slightly, that is, the sleep problem and the nausea have almost disappeared. The last Arcoxia 90mg I took on Sunday (17.10), on 19.10 I visited the doctor.