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  1. Jacqueline W. Howell says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Abscess

    I received the antibiotic Cipro Hexal for surgical follow-up after a Bartholinian abscess had been opened and cleared during an outpatient surgery. Had I known what I was doing to me – that would be over from the time of taking my life over – I would have defied the doctor and not taken it. Since taking this medication, I’ve been suffering from the most severe pseudo allergies to virtually all foods (being underweight for the first time in my life and afraid of starving or optionally dying from anaphylaxis), chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes – I can no longer live and feel a normal life me like in a horror movie from which there is no awakening! Flushes on the face, on the backs of the hands and forearms, urticaria, circulatory problems, cardiac arrhythmias and weaknesses have become my daily companions since taking this drug, torment me and scare me. Of course, the doctors do not want to have anything to do with it – and let a young person, who was once healthy and has lived and worked a normal life for 28 years, become icy cold. I can only advise everyone against this drug – no matter what the medical indication may be: There are certainly better tolerated alternatives!

  2. Dana V. Travis says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Intestinal inflammation

    Side effects after the visit to the University Hospital Rostock Anxiety and panic attacks, pain in the upper abdomen, disturbances of the heart rhythm and after 3 months stinky itching all over the body sometimes up to 2 hours at night increased tinnitus both as written not recommended …

  3. Della A. Thomson says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Hurt

    I can only advise against this drug! For me, the ingestion ended in the hospital! The problems started on the first day. I had joint pain. Especially in the left hip / pelvic region, almost so much that I could barely get up! The worst thing was on the third day of taking … Around 14 clock I was suddenly a violent dizzy spell. My heart began to race and stumbled increasingly. I’m starting to sweat. Hot-cold showers came over me. I sit in the car to drive home, I thought that everything goes away again … During the ride I started to shake everywhere. My thumb (left) went numb; just before I got home, the left side of my face became numb, then my arm, then my leg. I could not even pull up my left eyebrow. My mouth felt like needles pierced. I suffered from total sensory disturbances. I then asked my friend to drive me to the hospital. There they treated me like sb. who has a stroke … HF 111 / min, AF / min, RR 166 / 110mmHg. My heart rate at delivery 140 / min … Facial diagnosis hemihypesthesia left. The neurologist and the internist were both 98% sure they were drug side effects. At 25 a stroke would be more than unlikely. I was released after taking a sedative pill. 10 days it should take now until the MIST is out of me … Unfortunately, it is longer because creatinine is at 0.91, I’m just einnierig and now even slower down the drug! I can only ABRATE the drug ….

  4. Elaine R. McDole says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    I have been prescribed by my doctor for cystic fibrosis 250mg Ciprofloxacin. I wondered a bit, because that’s not the first choice, but maybe I’ll get it now because a few weeks ago I had one, but I brought it away with tea. I should take the drug twice a day for five days. A few hours after the first tablet, I got a lot of drills, sometimes just looking empty and unable to concentrate. I took the second tablet in the evening and began to inquire about ciprofloxacin. When I read the shocking things on the internet, I briefly wondered if I should vomit to get the second tablet out of my body, but then I thought to myself, you do not have to exaggerate it and it was just the second tablet. I should have done it, because then I got strong muscle and joint pain, numbness, especially in the left arm and heart racing. I had no magnesium (which is supposed to help) there and so I went on shaky legs totally dissolved in the emergency room. Since one said that would be a common drug and it can not come from. I first had to wait forever until a doctor came. Also, I told her about the ingestion and the now occurring symptoms and pointed out that there is a black box warning in the US, because even she just weighed down. In the end, she labeled me as a simulant and when I said after my state exam I’m just a pharmacist and I know what I’m talking about just blocking her more. I was given Lorazepam for reassurance, blood was taken (everything went well), and an ECG was recorded for supraventricular arrhythmia. She did not take that seriously, either, and I think that’s probably because I’m so stressed out. As a result, the day after I still have muscle aches and joint pain, and I hope that will go away. Conclusion: Stay away from the fluoroquinolones, unless it’s about life and death!

  5. Theresa J. Harris says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    Due to a bladder infection I got on suspicion ciprofloxacin prescribed. Since shortly before the weekend [Thursday] and the antibiogram was expected only on Mondays, I should start directly with the intake. Within 30 minutes, I got arrhythmia, excruciating pain in the neck and cervical spine. Complaints in the feet and legs, so that I was hardly able to wear shoes, because these sensations hardly bearable. In addition, side effects such as blurred vision, dizziness, abnormal headache, joint pain on fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulder joints and hips were constant. After taking the second dose, I stopped the treatment. My family doctor was and still is completely overwhelmed with the side effects and can not help … there is no therapy! And unfortunately, the doctors are also not up to date and prescribe drugs for the side effects that are absolutely contraceptive and further aggravate the problem. Mitochondrial toxicity is an undesirable side effect of treatment with fluoroquinolones. Fluoroquinolones interfere with the metabolism of cell organelles (mitochondria). Mitochondrial damage, especially in the context of myopathies and neuropathies, can be observed. 7 months after taking it I still have problems with the tendons, especially the feet, the Achilles tendon, the shoulder girdle and the hip / pelvic area. In addition, various inflammations, currently z.b. Inflammation of the periosteum on the ring and middle finger, head joint / neuritis with periosteum irritation, inflammation of the cervical spine. Pain and cracking in the knees, daily, normal only possible with permanent pain. Weakness in the arms and pain in the shoulder girdle, various neuralgias and others of the trigeminal nerve, tinnitus, dizziness The cardiac arrhythmias have gone as far back, whereby here certainly the intake of high-dose magnesium and additionally Q10 and potassium plays a role. Partly the pulse shoots up to 168 and isolated HRS are noticeable, but significantly less than during and shortly after ingestion.

  6. Richard T. Frazier says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Bronchitis (acute)

    My really understandable and documented experience with ciprofloxacin I did in August 2014. At that time I was prescribed because of a persistent bronchitis the drug Ciprofloxacin, which I have also taken as prescribed. Of course, I read the package leaflet, but at the time I had no idea how dangerous this drug could be. Unfortunately, I did not receive any information from the prescribing doctor and the pharmacy only once again explained the dosage to me. The bronchitis was only partially cured by the antibiotic, I think without it would be just as fast or slow healed. A few weeks after stopping taking my left thumb swelled. He was twice as tall as usual at weddings and hurt a lot. This was accompanied by a strong back pain and a numbness of the left hand. There was the obligatory examinations together with blood count, rheumatologists, various other blood tests, etc. Already here no abnormalities were detectable. As the back pain became more and more prominent, the thumb was somewhat swollen (under the administration of Diclofenac) an MRI of the cervical spine was performed. Here only degenerative changes on the intervertebral disc C5 / C6 were found. So not the cause of the cervical discomfort. There were countless other specialist visits, the alternative medicine, I tried independently. I have consulted four different physiotherapists, mostly paid out of pocket. Also, I have let me pull teeth, which could possibly be the cause of the complaints as interference fields. As one can guess, nothing was crowned with success, but nothing at all. The symptoms grew. It was accompanied by visual disturbances (of a different daily kind), dizziness, which is really very very unpleasant. More and more muscle pain, even under the foot. The worst for me were and are, however, the heart rhythm disorders (extrasystoles). The heart beats normally and out of the blue comes a very strong, up to the head felt heartbeat, it is followed by a short break, so no heartbeat and the whole body is flooded by an unspecified wave. Afterwards headache and a heavy tiredness. The condition lasts for a while. In peak times I had these extrasystoles every 10 min. Referral to cardiologist (also several hospital visits emergency). Never a result, everything unobtrusive. At least here I was put in the psycho-drawer. Even my family doctor, to whom I had a first-class relationship for over two decades, dropped me. Of course it was not possible to miss the panic attacks during this time too, which I – at least I believe – have woken up by a firm will. Meanwhile I got used to so many health conditions. All the time I stopped all chemical medicines. I had been prescribed beta blockers, antihypertensives and the famous PPI (proton pump inhibitor or acid blocker) years ago, although my blood pressure was not exorbitantly elevated at 140/90. The acid blocker because of an alleged reflux. I am 44 years old today, never overweight (normal weight). It was not so long ago that, like many others, I saw a report on TV telling me about the consequences of ciprofloxacin and shedding light on me. Previously I was drifting towards Lyme disease, but I did not really get any further). I started self-therapy and take magnesium, vitamin C, spirulina, bentonite, B12, and D3. Everything in an elevated dose … at least as far as the anxious recommendation in Germany is concerned. I can not really say anything about the therapeutic success at this time, but I’ll describe it soon. Incidentally, help and information are available at: or

  7. Antoinette W. Reese says:
    4.5 rating

    I had to take Cipro because of an infection with typhus (tropical travel). The drug helped well against the actual infection, but it led me to a cruel trip of side effects with severe cardiac arrhythmias, headaches, tension, joint pain, abdominal pain, sleep disorders, neuralgia, speech disorders, nervousness, etc.