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  1. Charlie F. Nicoletti says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Mood swings; Fatigue; Anxiety disorders

    I’m not 20 yet and have a lot of bad experiences for my age with AD. After a major change, panic attacks, extreme fatigue and eating disorders increased. The doctor prescribed me 50mg Tresleen (but helped absolutely nothing, was so desperate that I have even increased to 100mg, which in turn has brought nothing). I felt the sitting down physically speaking I had a headache and body aches (psychically, nothing had changed). I then went directly to a psychologist who recommended paroxetine to me (since my mother had responded very well to it and he said that something similar happens in the brain and therefore I will respond well). Unfortunately, I took the paroxetine for a long time, tripled the dose even under the supervision of a neurologist – no effect, except that fatigue and fatigue got a little better (but can not say that this is due to the medication, because I had no choice as turning my entire life and wondering what I had done wrong, that it had come to that) and that I was secondarily severe headache and nausea … The exhaustion over time was thankfully better and also the eating disorders were gone as soon as I had changed everything. Nevertheless, I had great anxiety and panic (as well as fear of the fear) which should actually go through the Medis. Through a blood test it came out that I’m a Rapid Metabolizer (my liver recovers medicines so fast that the usual dose does not help). After no effect on paroxetine, my neurologist Cymbalta prescribed it to me. Paroxetine I almost did not feel – mild headache and body aches. First 60mg and then blood again, then increased to 90mg – and it finally turned an effect. Exhaustion got better, concentration too and the fear of anxiety disappeared completely. Nevertheless, I had a very low stress threshold and mood swings, as well as a deep fear of a renewed overstrain and change. Side effects were often dizziness, headache and sweating (which also changed over time). Sleep was thankfully never a problem for me. So my doctor increased to 130mg to tell an even better result. No way! Nothing got better, only the side effects stronger! So I got additionally 25mg Mirtazapine prescribed, which I had to creep in slowly. My doctor said that relatively many studies prove that it would work so well in conjunction with other ADs. The first days seemed so sedating with me, that after an hour of taking it, I became so tired that I could not think properly, everything became difficult. Waking up also became more difficult. When I was on a whole tablet, I kept it up for just a few days because I was always hungry and that was really 24-hour – just depressing! In addition, I took almost 6 kg in 2 weeks! I was struggling to do sports because suddenly I did not have any stamina anymore and was sweating heavily. Otherwise no mental change (or so minimal that I did not notice because of the strong side effects). So I only took half more and waited until the next appointment. Mirtazapine has been discontinued and I’ve been ‘clean’ for almost a week now – no side effects on weaning, my mood swings have worsened. I’m fine so far, but I do not feel well. I’m scared of every little thing and I waver between ‘Everything’s fine.’ and ‘I can not do it all.’ And so I am thinking – very laboriously. Now I take Valdoxan, let’s see if that brings something. In any case, I can only advise against mirtazapine!

  2. April R. Hoggard says:
    2.0 rating

    Paroxetine for A headache

    I have a headache every night

    Side effects: Headache
  3. Phyllis J. Osborne says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Social phobia

    Hello, for a year I am taking Paroxetine for panic disorder. The reason was a post-traumatic stress disorder with depression. I could not stay with people anymore and was absolutely impotent and sad. At that time she has prescribed my family doctor and said the effect occurs after about 3 weeks. That was also the case and I felt much better. My depression gradually disappeared and I was able to return to people and enjoy life. Today I can even work properly again. The side effects are not to be underestimated! I have gained more than 15 kilos and I have a lot of binge eating that was not the case in the past. I never ate sweets then because I had absolutely no appetite for sweets. Today I can not exist without Schoki in the house 🙂 The so-called electric shocks in the head made me initially very scared. Even in the emergency room where I could help because no physical causes were recognizable. Most come when I exceed the intake time or even forget. Then I feel like ausgek ….. and run around the whole day like counterfeit money. Almost as drunk. My libido had not diminished, but the orgasmic ability was limited at the beginning, which has now been regulated. Expressly I would like to warn against simultaneous alcohol consumption. One or two beers but then you lose the feeling of drinking which I did not have before. This resulted in total loss of control with increased aggression and deviance of the personality. That could then be very embarrassing and unpleasant, which is why I now give up on parties at increased consumption. Otherwise, I feel better and the side effects are bearable. Better than constantly feeling suffocated. My doctor now recommends me a psychotherapy and the tapering of the tablets. At the moment I take 20mg per day. How it develops I can not say. I hope that someday I can live without tablets. best regards

  4. Terry K. Mast says:
    3.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Beginning: – Lightness – Nausea – Vomiting – severe headache – strong nosebleeds During the one-man: – severe nosebleeds – effective after 4 months despite 40mg daily discontinuation: – anxiety disorders – mood swings – Perception disorders – misjudgment of situations Tip never makes the mistake Cipralex without a Statioener Abzuseten stop because the misjudgments in Situatioen. Gravering consequences have ability and also the perception disturbances are very grawenend. And should never be underestimated

  5. Albert S. Hernandez says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    I have (and still do) seek medical help because of my depression, aggression / strong negative fluctuating mood, lack of motivation, migraine headaches (0-4 / week) and anxiety about the future. I was given paroxetine, which I have been taking for a month now. The first 2-3 weeks 1/2 tablet (10mg) now a 3/4. I imagine having noticed positive changes after just over a week. My mood swings are not so strong anymore – the anger is muffled. I’m in a better mood. Likewise, I’ve become more active, seeking employment all day long. Sometimes I even have the feeling of being under power. Maybe that’s synonymous with the additional coffee ^ ^. I am less hungry and eat more consciously somehow. Overall, I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin. The pessimism has also become less. I hardly had any side effects. I often had headaches / migraines before paroxetine and the first good week, and now hardly / no longer for 2-3 weeks. I’ve noticed that I always put pressure on my jaw when I concentrate, which becomes painful over time. Likewise, I wake up more often at night and I feel like I’m getting tired early. Where, early you can hardly say. I sleep far too long and constantly overhear my alarm clocks or get them only very subconsciously. The latter annoys me a lot, otherwise I am satisfied. I will increase the dose soon to 20mg and let’s see what changes.

    Side effects: Sleeping problems; Headache
  6. Avis L. Everett says:
    5.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Drive disorders; Social phobia; Depression

    Take paroxetine for about a year. It was prescribed by my psychiatrist because of mild depression, listlessness, future, and social anxiety. My first and only antidepressant. 20mg daily. The side effects came quickly. Stomach pain, heavy sweating, sexual disinterest, headache. After about 4 weeks, the effect began slowly. Social anxiety disappeared increasingly. Easy no-feeling. Almost all initial side effects disappeared after about 2 months. What remains is the loss of libido. I feel like it, but it can be very hard to orgasm. That frustrates me a lot. I also gained weight. Dreams changed a lot after 5 months. Very confused and still very real. In my opinion, I can sleep well. People who sleep next to me, however, claim that I have breath interruption and talk a lot during sleep. My personality has changed a lot. I am more open, no more anxious and active. I wanted to achieve that. Negative (for others) is that I am partly too open and fearless. Come over partially arrogant. The biggest side effect is that it does not bother me. The effect of paroxetine intensifies with me extremely, if I do not eat, take a lot of caffeine or alcohol. I am very active, almost high, fluttery. Besides, I want to do everything, but could forget everything without appointment reminders. A lot of structure helps me. Since paroxetine I have increased alcohol consumption and must be very careful in the area. Not recommended for addicted people.

  7. Tiara N. Byrd says:
    4.0 rating

    Confusion, in the first three days panic attacks of previously unknown intensity, time feeling distorted, most violent headache on waking Since I had taken Trevilor and painstakingly spent a year and a half ago, my sense of unreality, under which I have been suffering for 15 years, became many times more unbearable. After a few months, the panic attacks due to which I was originally prescribed Venlafaxine came back. Exasperated by exam stress, constant relocations and lack of social contacts my body developed symptoms such as shortness of breath, arrhythmia and a course of horror visions falling asleep, until I went back to a psychiatrist last week. This prescribed me 20 mg paroxetine a day. Since I remember the side effects of creeping in venlafaxine very well, I started once with 10 mg a day. The compatibility is quite good, with the falling asleep I had no more problems since then and it did not come to the nauseous dizziness as Venlafaxin. However, it has unimaginable effect on me the panic attacks, which still several times a day slamming reudig. Still work full-time and try not to let me show it. It is only a few days of taking and tomorrow I go up to the dose prescribed by the doctor. Better not driving it, that’s for sure. So, whoever reads this, getting on the weekend, on vacation, or better just stationary. Otherwise, all the best, you are heroes, that you persevere on this side!

    Side effects: Panic attacks; Confusion; Headache
  8. Angela P. Crawford says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Burnout syndrome; Depression

    I want to talk about my bad experiences with Paroxat. Because of depression and fatigue syndrome, I took Paroxate 20 mg every day for over seven months. Result: – Emotionally I have been dulled after three months. I was neither sad nor happy and had only a few sensations. I was constantly indifferent. And that was the only positive effect of this drug! – I have gained 14 kg within seven months !!! So two kg per month! And I had a dream figure before! A BMI of 20! I gained weight for no reason. I eat very consciously, so I could not understand this rapid increase in weight! – My libido and my orgasm ability were already zero after two months! Since I dropped it off, everything is coming back very slowly. – The drug made me even more tired than before! – And now the worst: The demeanor! I’m not a human who can blow something away so quickly, but the demeanor was the HORROR !! Unfortunately, I did not skip the medication. A big mistake on my part! You should really sneak it out! I had extreme dizziness and thus permanent nausea and permanent vomiting. In the end, I could not even drink more water without vomiting! Circulatory problems, balance problems, diarrhea, tremors, headache, eye pain, I have herpes all over the lip. I got a kind of little punch in my head, especially when I moved left and right. I was constantly hot and cold and then I sweated extremely and then had chills. I could barely sleep. After more than a week, after I still had these problems, I went to the hospital because it was very bad and I could not imagine that all these symptoms could come from discontinuing the medication. In the hospital I was completely checked through with the diagnosis: pure withdrawal symptoms !!! I had the choice: either to go back to medication and then sneak out or continue biting through and withhold the withdrawal. Conclusion: I have kept it up. Now two and a half weeks are over and I do not have the worst depreciation symptoms, BUT (!) I still do not feel normal, I still have dizziness and headaches and intestinal problems! A FEARABLE drug !! In retrospect, I had more side effects than effect! Everyone should individually decide WITH his doctor or psychiatrist, whether it really makes sense to take this medicine and vollzupumpen with so much chemistry!

  9. Diane C. Surber says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Suffering from panic attacks and depression for 3.5 years, which was better, sometimes worse, but in the last six months have become extremely worse, that I could not eat more and lost 6 kg! From time to time I took 1 xanor 0.5mg to overcome hard times, but then I was so exhausted and worried, sad that my mother made me an appointment with the psychiatrist. I never dared to go, I did not think I was crazy like that, and I’ll be fine again. Only now that I take Paroxetine I know again what joie de vivre is. What balance and peace is and no more constraints and fears to have. 1 week: 10mg fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, short feeling of pressure in the ear, short electrocution in the legs, but orgasm difficulties mood improvement 2 – 3 Week: 20mg Wow, a new balanced happy lifestyle without attacks and fear !!! Madness, such great zest for life I did not know anymore, I did a lot alone, which I did just fine. Swimming, walks and, above all, I was not afraid to leave the house, because I noticed that no more attacks came, so I could nowhere more fit and stood with both feet self-conscious on the ground. I was able to eat normally again without having a kloss in my throat, a pressure on my chest and palpitations. NO nausea or dizziness at all, as I read so many times. 4 weeks: high need of sleep and now and then a slight headache, but unfortunately a small relapse in the morning with feelings of anguish, tearfulness and 3 panic attack symptoms, but this did not lead to a violent attack. Emotionally everything was negative again. Have counteracted with a half xanor 0.5mg and then went back relatively quickly in a normal state. Otherwise, during the last 4 weeks during the intake of short onset symptoms of panic attacks, which have not increased despite the fear of anxiety. The orgasm problems are back to normal. In 2 days I have to go back to the doctor, who will tell him everything and possibly my dose is increased. I can only recommend Paroxetine, even if the side effects are not easy in the beginning, but that settles and it is the key to a new happy lifeAnd I find the panic attacks and life listless to spend in a gray prison much worse than the side effects !!!

  10. Michael J. Hawk says:
    2.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    The purpose of this drug has met in principle well. Mood brightening, increased drive, better sleep, … Over the years, however, the side effects were distressing. As side effects during the treatment I had primarily sweating, hot flashes, lack of libido. Over the complete 2 years! As unacceptable, however, the side effects at weaning after 2 years out (creep out of 40mg within 4 weeks): severe dizziness, headache, circulatory difficulties, short-term (secondarily) sensory disorders primarily in the face and hands, fatigue, lack of drive. For that, the paroxetine allegedly does not make it dependent, it is extremely unpleasant and tedious to get away from it!

  11. Linda A. Walker says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Keep up! To all skeptical paroxetine users, a positive report about the drug paroxetine. I used to take 10-20mg of paroxetine in the past due to depression with anxiety disorder and it was always very fast (about 1-2 weeks) again very well, had little side effects (gaining weight) and have the drug always again quickly (5-6 months) discontinued (mistake!) In the summer I had a lot of work stress and suddenly I got out of the blue while driving a car panic attacks and then came the fear of anxiety, mental sickness, thought circles, I could not enjoy anything , My neurologist then prescribed me fluoxetine 10mg to gain weight, but I did not tolerate the medication (initially, severe nausea, lost 4 pounds in one week!), Headache, anxiety, and panic, so I almost went crazy and on paroxetine The transitional period was really tough, I took 10mg for 4 days, 15mg for 2 days, and now 20mg for 14 days, the first days after the change I had total anxiety and inner restlessness in the chest area as well a constant feeling of anxiety, that slowly became weaker and now almost gone after 2 weeks! Further NW were fatigue, sleep disturbances, muscle twitching, trembling in the hands, strong palpitations, but that will all much less the longer one takes the medicine! I go back to work, I’m hungry again and can have fun! Conclusion: – I think the more often you take the drug the longer take it until it strikes – HAVE PATIENCE AND PLEASE KEEP THROUGH! I also thought that will never be good and does not work, but it just takes at least 2 weeks to notice any positive effect. – I switched from 1A Pharma to Neuraxpharm and feel that the NW (tremors, restlessness) have since gotten a lot better (but can also be imaginary). … AND … do not read horror stories on the internet and believe! Everyone responds differently to the drug and many relinquish it immediately because of the initial NW before it can really have a positive effect. It’s all so bad and Paroxetine is really a good drug 🙂 All the best !!

  12. Michael S. Kemp says:
    3.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Hello! have been taking paroxetine for a week now. My neurologist first ordered me 10 mg in the morning. I felt very good on the first and second day. Meanwhile, unfortunately, some quite significant side effects have set in. These include loss of appetite, insomnia, mild headaches and an increase in anxiety. I once again had a fairly severe panic attack in the store, which has not occurred since I opipramol in intensity. Take the opipramol for about half a year. Initially worked very well, but then lessened in effect. My questions would be: a) Are 10 mg paroxetine sufficient? b) When does the anxiety situation with paroxetine improve? c) how is the combination of opipramol and paroxetine to be evaluated?

    Side effects: Insomnia; Anorexia; Headache
  13. Cecilia H. Gonzalez says:
    3.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Sleep disorders; Depression

    Especially on the first three days of use (dose 20 mg in the morning), paroxetine caused severe side effects: tiredness, drowsiness, nausea, headache and restlessness, temporary increase in anxiety, sleep disturbances. From the fourth day was already a slight effect (fears were no longer so threatening) felt. Since then, daily improvement, rest remained as well as sleep disorders. Due to the restlessness and sleep disturbances, the psychiatrist prescribed 15 mg mirtazapine in the evening in addition to paroxetine. This had a very strong sedative effect especially on the first day of intake and the next day until the afternoon I had the feeling to stand next to me. On the following days, there was a gradual improvement: The medication helps me fall asleep and I get well out of bed in the morning and feel quite fit. However, the drug causes increased appetite in me to binge eating and weight gain. These continue until today. Ultimately, I can take part in the combination of the two drugs again more alive and I am very happy about it.