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  1. Carmen L. Bennett says:
    1.0 rating

    Lyrica for Sensibility trouble

    I have taken Lyrica 25 mg for 2 months of sensitivity disorders [SS] (degree of sensation: heavy, medium and light spots or areas on the body): NW: massive headache to migraine-like headache, as well as fatigue and tiredness. After 2 days change to Lyrica 50 mg: No NW !!! Einnamehdauer: So far 1 week Previous improvement: 1-2 scale values, i. so far only (and fortunately) at the heavy (with lasting pain) of SS concerned hand. I hope for even more effect by increasing the dose and taking longer. In this respect already a success exists. I will continue to take it in succession and increase according to new regulation from tomorrow to 2 x 50 mg or 1 x 100 mg. – & gt; I will report 😉 Note: According to doctor, the drug in general. only after 1 week show effect, with me she almost immediately after dose increase to 50 mg occurred. Note2: Not helped and the SS had worsened in the short term had with me sand basin (cold) gravel pit (warm) or similar. manual applications such as electric massagers.

    Side effects: Headache; Fatigue
  2. Donna C. Sapp says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Dizziness; A headache

    I can not recommend Lyrica. It was prescribed to me because of my degenerative spinal pain, lumbar spine, ISG and celiac joint arthrosis. 75-0-75-0 It should be increased to 150-0150-0. I felt a leaden tiredness about 20 minutes after taking it, arms, hands and legs were paralyzed. The head felt like someone had spanned it with an iron ring that was getting tighter and tighter. I could not see clearly anymore. Everything was blurry. I got an unbearable printhead pain. I could not walk anymore because of the dizziness. I felt I had a blanket in my mouth, it was so dry. I stopped the medication. I can not recommend this medicine

  3. Margaret D. Pruett says:
    3.5 rating

    Lyrica for Cervical thoracic lumbar spine syndrome; Neuropathy

    Cold hands and headache (already shortly after ingestion), muscle pain, back pain, rigidity of the muscles (as a result of extremely difficult urination, excruciating pain between the thoracic and scapula during pressing, urination), reduction of urine volume, speaking difficulties, blurred vision, constipation, swelling the extremities, word-finding problems, hyperactivity, weak-sightedness, breathing problems, tightness in the chest pain-deposed

  4. Michael E. Wood says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Trigeminal neuralgia

    About three weeks after oral intake I had a very strong headache with the known side effects, my neuralgia could not be improved in the least by Lyrica, I even had seizures (muscle spasm), after stopping the medication headaches are gone, since then never again Seizures had, doctor confirmed clearly increased headache, seizures may occur, drug is dangerous because of its side effects and can bring risks, ingestion should be well considered, especially since the drug is actually supposed to be against headache, here is more likely to worsen

    Side effects: Muscle cramps; Headache
  5. John M. Koch says:
    5.0 rating

    Lyrica for Shingles

    About 1.5 years ago I had a severe shingles on my face, as well as in the eye. Due to the almost unbearable pain was prescribed to the morphine Lyrica 150mg. Unfortunately, I had the misfortune, which has joined me after the shingles have subsided a so-called zoster neuralgia. So I took the Lyrica on. 2x150mg in the morning and 2x150mg in the evening. I was barely approachable, completely overdriven, had very large speaking needs (I chatted incessantly), could not drive a car, very severe headache and I have increased in this period of about a year around 35kg. In the meantime, we have changed the dosage to 2x150mg in the morning. I take these when I’m at work, because otherwise I would not be able to drive a car because I’m still very stunned after taking it. The bingeing has unfortunately not turned off. However, these are clearly attributable to the intake of Lyrica. We replaced Lyrica with Tillidine drops for about 2 months and the seizures had disappeared. The pain was back for that. Finally, it should be noted that the very strong side effects are almost out of proportion to the benefit. Unfortunately, there are currently no alternatives. I am male, 38 years old and now weigh almost 130kg. My everyday life is very difficult to cope with and I simply lack the drive. Thanks Lyrica !!!

  6. Maurice B. Sturgill says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Cervical thoracic lumbar spine syndrome

    At first drowsiness, after three days severe jamming of the jaw and general irritability. The reading is difficult: lack of concentration, restlessness and unclear seeing the letters. I had to read paragraphs more often, because I was distracted by thoughts over and over again, could not focus on the content. There was also trembling of the hands during manual operations. Fine motor skills were greatly disturbed. Discarded after five days because the tension in the jaw, along with headache and irritability, was unbearable.

  7. Deanna C. Garcia says:
    4.0 rating

    Lyrica for Fibromyalgia; Pain (acute)

    Part 3: The Withdrawal After reading one or the other, and getting annoyed with these drugs lunacy … I dropped Lyrica. And in 25mg steps over about 2-3 weeks. And many say yes there would be no withdrawal symptoms in Lyrica. So I can tell other things. Any reduction became worse and worse. I got sweats that I was scared of. During the day with every little effort I started to sweat. At night I changed (every night!) The nightgown 3-4 times, because the sweat dripped from me. Sleep … almost impossible. Mental headache and absolute morning sickness (no no pregnancy). And then the pain came … I call it a body ache, because it comes closest to it. 3 weeks ago I took the last Lyrica. And the headaches are gone. The exuberance goes like this. Have now 4 nights as good as not sweaty. But sweating in general is still. And it totally annoys. First a kind of hot flash and then I’m wet. Outside at 3 degrees I run around in the T-shirt. And the body aches are getting worse. I’m a little bit desperate … but I hope so.

  8. Krystal P. Pasley says:
    4.0 rating

    Due to my constant fear, I became an alcoholic 33 years ago, since 3 years I’m dry. Against my fear, I got Lyrica 150 mg once a day, then twice a day. I was totally crazy, constantly working, aggressive, if someone had pushed the key into my hand, I would have gone with his tank! That was rather scary, that was not me anymore !!! In addition, there were physical problems such as walking difficulties, nausea, no appetite, vision problems, headaches. The worst was my feeling: Well, that’s not bad at all, because I could try alcohol again! It was enough for me and I dropped Lyrica, … only I had problems with the withdrawal: insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, nausea. For former addicts probably not advisable

  9. Irene J. Harris says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Fibromyalgia; Pain (acute)

    Part 1 of my experience: Dosage 3x 200mg daily During this time, I had determined 80% of the side effects as commonly reported. What annoyed me most was the constant thirst and that I’ve gained almost 20kg so far. In addition, the excess was initially very uncomfortable. But after a few months, most of the side effects went away by themselves. Only slight excess, often headaches, bad sleep and lack of concentration were always. I also had one of the rare side effects. But until you noticed that, it was almost a year of guessing. Because suddenly my chest grew. I always had cup size A- and today I filled C’s. Is not bad … others operate, I took Lyrica;). In addition, from time to time still came to walk, so I had the feeling not to be present and could barely walk. Since I was therefore unable to work anymore (among other things), the dosage lagsam was reduced. More about it soon.

  10. Richard A. Hernandez says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Depression

    Be 1.5 years severe depressive episode with panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder. Panic Attacks: Venlaflaxin very good effect. Lyrica only minor effect. Other drugs have no effect. Generalized anxiety disorder: Lyrica very good effect, venlaflaxin moderate to good effect. Lamotrigine moderate effect. Depression: Therapy resistance to antidepressants of the SSRI and SSRNI class (venlaflaxin, sertraline, citalopram). Therapy to lithium. Wellbutrin low to moderate effect. Lamotrigine very good effect. Nicotine addiction (unplanned treatment): Wellbutrin very good effect. Side effects Venlaflaxin in the first four weeks: anxiety, dizziness, severe agitation, loss of libido, headache, sleep disorders. Venlaflaxin after the first four weeks: complete loss of libido. Lyrica: weight gain, initially tiredness. Wellbutrin: Sleep disorders, headache (both only at the beginning). Dry mouth. Lithium: Severe tremor, acne, weight gain, dry mouth, thirst. Lamotrigine: no side effects. After more than a year of drug treatment and unsuccessful treatments, I was prescribed the drug lamotrigine. This works very well, without side effects. Since I also have ADHD, it has modified my depression. The result was, as with many ADHD and depression patients, an extensive therapy license. According to my specialist in ADHD and mood disorders (depression, anxiety), the drugs Wellbutrin and Lamotrigine are in most cases very effective while classic antidepressants fail. After more than 1.5 years of immeasurable torment and suffering, I am finally on the road to recovery. Even if one does not believe it, it passes. PS: Was briefly treated with Seroquel (fatigue, appetite increase, weight gain) and Ritalin (agitation)