Headache effect of Herceptin

We have 56 consumer reports for Herceptin. Headache effect occurred in 5%.

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  1. Babette R. Jimison says:
    3.5 rating

    heat flashes, headaches, rheumatoid pains, swollen joints, weight gain, thick feet fingers hands, increased breast size (circumference size B 65 to B 90ca., menopause misses the rule, sometimes tired, poor memory, memory gaps, not passable, quickly exhausted, fatigue after the day,

  2. Mary B. Anderson says:
    3.0 rating

    Herceptin for Breast cancer

    strong dizziness since Herceptin. Since taking Tamoxifen and Herceptin I have a headache, shivering, weight loss, currently. Nausea, strong physical tension just can not relax, high blood pressure, brittle fingernails. I started Tamoxifen at the end of August and now have Herceptin twice before me.