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  1. Virginia L. Coleman says:
    4.0 rating

    Crestor for High blood pressure

    After 30 days of taking the new medication Crestor 10 mg I feel infinitely ill. Forcing me to get up in the morning, I have constantly subliminal to severe headaches. Also had an unexplained reason in the afternoon – in the middle of my office work on the computer – pain, from the head to the legs. Just got a new recipe for 100 pieces, but I will not pick it up. For the reasons just mentioned. Take the fluvastatin again. In spite of my metabolic illness, I still want a little bit more quality of life. And do not run around in the early morning, as if I had a night to drink through behind me.

    Side effects: Headache
  2. Richard M. Trott says:
    4.5 rating

    Crestor for Cholesterol value increase

    When taking Crestor 20 mg, I got the following complaints: – headache attacks as in a Bing-Horton syndrome – masive muscle pain in the cervical area with radiations to the small and ring finger of the left hand – very shallow breathing – cramping in the Calf (lateral) and foot soles (Plantair), spasm in the right thigh (lateral) and right buttock muscle as in a posttrombosis syndrome – vasculitis with platelets and erythrocytes to the dermal area (also simvastatin) – Rapide degradation of the muscles in the Cervical spine lumbar spine Currently, I take Crestor 5 mg as the levels are only slightly above normal. but the dermal rashes reappear and will probably be in Concens with the doctor

  3. Tonya R. Zimmer says:
    4.0 rating

    Crestor for Cholesterol value increase

    Hello everybody, today I woke up from the strong muscle and joint pain in my legs. I had the pain occasionally, but so far I have not been able to find any reason for it. I’ve noticed that the pain and cramps have increased since I eat Crestor 10 mg a day. Especially bad is when I sat all day. Tonight the whole has been accompanied by the racing heart rate and increase in my blood pressure, although I regularly take Ramipril against it. Nausea in the early morning, headache & amp; Co. are permanently there. I just hope that Crestor actually helps in the long run, because that was described by my doctor as a miracle cure.