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  1. Estella A. Fletcher says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Nightmares; Sleep disorders

    Was very dazed by the drug. , even during the day I was just tired and could hardly keep awake. had mostly only slept day’s like night’s, with the condition was not clear. also had breathing problems with the Medik. , put it off by itself and never took it again.

    Side effects: Hangover; Dizziness
  2. Ivan L. Lewis says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Sleep disorders; Depression

    I take / took seroquel / quetiapine for the treatment of sleep disorders in the context of depression and augmentation (boosting / improving the effects of Cipralex, venlafaxine, mirtazapine .. My dose is 25mg-50mg (in exceptional cases 100mg) if needed for sleep / drowsiness .. For me, the drug is on the one hand very useful because it acts very fast / safe sleeping or I fall asleep quickly and it produces no addiction / dependence as Benzodieazpiene (Valium, Tavor, Mogadon, Hlcion) and on the other hand, the effect and sleep is not very relaxing and not very pleasant (like a mallet) .. Helpful when I am over-tired and go to sleep in time and / or do not have to get up the next day, but rather inappropriate when I go to sleep at 11.30pm and get up at 6am and during the day Fitt must be ok for sleep, against depression, manic states probably also helpful because it very dampens, dulls (both negat and posi t. feelings disappear) .. but is only my experience and use it only as a required drug and have taken it only 2-3 weeks a day – but still on demand (can be 3 times a week but only once in a month)

  3. Gilbert A. Abbott says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Bipolar disorder; Sleep disorders

    I have been taking seroquel xr, theralene for 5 years, suffering from manic depressive seizures got almost everything on neuroleptics, but since I take seroquel, my life has changed positively, I also have severe sleep problems eg 3 hours or more to sleep can, so I take in the evening before sleep 200 mg of seroquel to 30 drops of theralene and since then I can often again if I was not too stressed during the day within 30 minutes to fall asleep which is a huge relief for me and also leads to that since the Taking this medication was not a manic depressive phase, the only downside was that I did not get out of bed at all in the morning but no matter that I took it in. Main thing I can sleep again before I took seroquel I came in the week and that is not a joke extrapolated At most 10 hours of sleep sometimes I could not sleep for 3 days at all I can recommend seroquel to anyone but everyone it works differently and the right medication if man has bad luck to get the can take a long time and here I give the best advice from my side, in no case go to a doctor who is a patient mill the one just the man practice already enters the recipe I think such doctors would have to lose their approval immediately because that’s the real problem and many patients get the wrong medication through inadequate interviews and have to suffer unnecessarily long.

    Side effects: Hangover
  4. Cassandra C. Peterman says:
    3.0 rating

    Seroquel for Sleep disorders; Depression

    For me, Seroquel has helped a lot against the anxiety and sleep problems, but it does cause a hang over both appetite and the next morning. For someone who is in professional life, it is probably not recommended, but otherwise quite

    Side effects: Hangover; Appetite increase
  5. Sonia E. Allen says:
    4.0 rating

    Seroquel for Bipolar disorder

    Maybe I’m a special case and have been particularly sensitive to this drug, but the side effects were very strong. When I took the prolonged-release tablet at five o’clock, my need for sleep the next morning was still so great that I could leave bed by no later than 9 o’clock. Getting up at 6 am in the few successful attempts always gave me an unbearable feeling in my heart, every stroke was like a stroke of strength, and a strong sense of weakness, as well as the feeling (and thus the acute anxiety) just to topple over dead if I kept awake am. In sleep state this did not occur. However, in my not very high daily dose of 150 mg (as I said, maybe I respond particularly sensitive) 15 hours of sleep were needed until I was well rested …! The rest of the day I was perceived by others as tired and abolished, which see also my fellow human beings clearly with the beginning of the Seroquel treatment. After 17 o’clock, when I took my TABLETS, sooner or later I also started to fall asleep in public, so driving a vehicle was out of the question. Since my doctor did not believe that a sudden discontinuation was a problem, which I doubted, I have the tablets tried to sneak away, but not slow enough. The first three to four nights after weaning, I have slept together maybe 6 hours, so hardly. The ability to fall asleep was slower over time (1.5 weeks after weaning almost normal), but migraine-like headaches occurred from the first day of weaning. After 3 days they strengthened them still very strong and it came to extreme nausea with vomiting. This condition lasted for over a week and slowly got worse, as no remedy for the nausea and headache prescribed me. I was capable of absolutely nothing, no conversations, no television, no social life, finally not even seeing any more (severe eye pain). This was followed by even more pain and three days of hospitalization (there were more strokes symptoms), where I was referred to a relationship with the discontinuation of Seroquel. After the hospital stay, the symptoms are then in better case, that I get them even with medication under control, but now, 4 half weeks after weaning, the nausea and often also the headache plagues me every day, so I still not able to work. Slowly set these things down (over a long time!), So that does not happen to you!