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  1. Karen R. Perez says:
    3.5 rating

    Had hallucinations (sometimes quite abstract with shapes and colors and with cosmonautsuit flying through space) … so I imagine the effect after taking drugs. During the operation, I did not feel / perceived and even after the anesthesia or the waking up no negative side effects have occurred. Except for a Lachflash … I thought waking up was just funny because of the memories of crazy hallucinations / dreams.

    Side effects: Hallucinations
  2. Elmer C. Branch says:
    3.0 rating

    Propofol got over 2 days after surgery to heal the most severe symptoms. In anesthesia everything was ok, at least I have no memory of it. The awakening that lasted for more than 3 days was very violent: from completely white ‘screen’ in front of the eyes to shocking near-death experiences with the most violent, abstract hallucinations, which went into my deepest inmost everything was there. Even after the full attainment of consciousness, I had some sort of ‘stutter perception’ for several days, i. both optical and acoustic stimuli came patting my brain every half second. But with these experiences I seem to be quite an exception. Propofol seems to be more pleasing to other patients. Unfortunately, I can not confirm that.

    Side effects: Hallucinations
  3. Gladys L. Benedict says:
    4.0 rating

    Propofol for Colonoscopy

    For a colonoscopy, I got Propofol. After waking up you should actually be just a little bit hazy. But after anesthesia I spent 6 hours in a kind of delirium. The worst nausea I’ve ever had, vomiting, fantasizing, rolling my eyes in all directions, barely responsive. After approx. 6 hrs. thank God for all that.

    Side effects: Hallucinations; Nausea; Vomit