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  1. Jaime D. Jarrett says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Rls; Polyneuropathie

    By Levopar, with prolonged use, strange perceptions arise. A kind of hallucination. I see objects that are not there. The symptoms of the disease do not really disappear either. Sifrol has been reduced from 0,7 to 0,35 before 3 months set the condition worsens (to sleep) Cymbalta I can not properly classify, apparently improves my general condition.

  2. James C. Sipes says:
    3.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    I can only recommend this medicine. Due to depression and anxiety disorders, I was close to retirement. Thanks to Cymbalta, I am fully operational again. Fears have disappeared. Of course, accompanying psychotherapy. I had only minor side effects at the beginning of the therapy. Fatigue, shivers and freezing, mild hallucinations – problems have disappeared with dose increase however. So my tip – the first weeks and then it gets better.

    Side effects: Freeze; Hallucinations; Sweat; Fatigue
  3. Nancy T. Spain says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Mainly I (19 years old) got Cymbalta prescribed for depression and a borderline disorder at my last clinic stay a year ago. I started with 30mg and take 120mg daily since then. When I started with 30mg, I was dead tired. I had to sleep all day and could not concentrate on a piece. Besides, I could barely walk because I was so dizzy. In addition, heavy sweating and nausea came to it. BUT I survived it. What’s left is that I’m still getting tired very quickly and can barely keep my feet starting at 10pm. In addition, I sweat very fast and strong, which is quite uncomfortable. But I can live with that. Often I see animals, or shadows in the corner of my eye, but they are gone if I look closely. That’s why I sometimes feel persecuted. Against the depression I find Cymbalta very effective. I was really fine within a few weeks. It did not help against the borderline disorder. Unfortunately, I have to say that the effect has been abating for a few months and I am very depressed again. Unfortunately, I will have to go to a clinic again. Nevertheless, I am very convinced of the drug. Just try.

  4. Jordan T. Gage says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    I’ve been taking about 1 year now, about 60mg / d. 2-3 days of hallucinations, euphoria, nausea, blurred vision. Side effects disappeared very quickly. Depression too. After 9 months, depression increased again, in addition to a terrible paranoia. Weight gain 20kg / j For 3 days now 120 mg / d. increased sweating, fatigue and so a strange melancholy, thoughtful mood already the whole day. Not really bad … but not good either … weird. do not talk. Oh. Weaning is hell! I’ve tried 2 times at 60 mg. Surrender, nausea all day, extreme surges (neuropathy) What should be the first at 120mg?

  5. Constance C. Blum says:
    3.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Borderline

    I switched from Efexor to Cymbalta because I was always so sweaty. My former therapist thought it would get better but nothing is. With every little movement I sweat so much that my hair is wet and I have to change my clothes. Especially in the cold season, this is very tedious. Actually, you are freezing but still you are drenched. Next it has my desire for sex or even the ¨Nähe¨ totally turned off. I even began to despise affection. I have heard sirens, ringing and sometimes even shouts of names. Apart from that, I’ve always seen animals or shadows in my outermost corners of my eye. Now I plan to change again and just go through hell. I do not eat anymore, I just eat. I have the feeling I stuff everything into me what lies ahead. I also have this cirrus in my head. I do not even have to move to feel it. Dizziness and extreme emotional fluctuations plague me. And, joy prevails, now I even sweat, if I do not even move. My yesterday’s dinner came back by speed mail and I always have problems with my throat and throat. My right almond suddenly swells again and then becomes normal again. I feel like my whole air supply is blocked and I get a lot of air when I breathe through my nose. I am totally exhausted and weakened. Yesterday I could hardly cook in the evening because the whisk seemed to me like a concrete block. I’m always craving something to eat. But I’m getting sick of it right away and the only thing that has not bothered me so far was these chocolate bons. I have now gained 4 kilos after a week and do not feel well at all, because I already had enough on the scales. With the constant sweating and this Gesurre in mind I avoid it to go out. I’m totally beside the track but I’m not giving up now. From Monday I get new meds and let’s see what they do.