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  1. Brenda M. Harada says:
    3.5 rating

    Bisoprolol for Atrial fibrillation

    Have taken a whole range of beta-blockers because of atrial fibrillation, but with all the same side effects had, large weight gain, sleep disorders, gait insecurity, to gait weakness, body aches, muscle pain, fatigue, listlessness, hair loss, physical weakness, it is a horror. After not tolerating beta-blockers, a catheter ablation was done successfully. However, because of mild hypertension, I still have to take bisoprolol with the same side effects

  2. Juanita C. Lee says:
    4.0 rating

    I take 1/2 tablet in the morning. Very amazing was my weight gain, I now wear size 44 (previously 38/40). I’m not a glutton and eat a healthy diet. The weight gain I pushed on Cola zero, Radler. After I banish these drinks from my fridge, the scale remains constantly on adipose. For 2 months I have had dizzy spells that are so violent that I can not leave the bed. If the dizziness subsides after a day, I have a confused feeling in my head. Feeling cold in my hands and feet anyway, and I did not attribute that to the tablet. For 2 months I also have hair loss, but the dermatologist could fix it with a drug. As the other users have written, lack of drive is also available to me. In any case, in the new year after consultation with the family doctor, I will discontinue this medicine and try to keep the blood pressure within the normal range without a tablet. If that does not work, I have to resort to another drug.

  3. Camille E. Vest says:
    4.5 rating

    Bisoprolol for Cardiovascular disease

    It helped, but the side effects are too serious for * younger generations over 35 years *. Unfortunately, I’ve got a whole Latte of side effects. Pulse and blood pressure drop hair loss milk flow in the breasts (although I did not have a child) diarrhea complete lipid loss muscle pain in legs and arms dry eyes shivering-freezing at night / dizziness massive sleep disorders listlessness-mood swings allergy increase worsening of depressive phases toxic hepatitis

  4. Sonya A. Runyon says:
    3.5 rating

    Bisoprolol for Atrial fibrillation; High blood pressure

    Unfortunately, I can not say anything good about all beta-blockers, they all have the same side effects. For me, above all, big weight gain, the internist wanted to talk me out, but everyone knows his body but best, and I found now on the Internet the confirmation for it, because in the leaflets that is not listed, great fatigue, listlessness, weakness, Sleep disorders, hair loss, fatigue, elevated liver enzymes, in three hospitals, I was always asked if I drink until I asked exactly why this question. Muscular pain, joint pain, constipation, gait disturbances, nightmares, in July 2007, then a catheter abatement was performed but I still have to take bisoprolol due to increased blood pressure. The side effects are still the same.

  5. Yolanda R. Leal says:
    4.0 rating

    Bisoprolol for High blood pressure

    Hello, I have been taking bisoprolol for 8 months, only today I noticed that my constant fatigue, listlessness, bad looks and other complaints could be. I had never thought of it before because the side effects began creeping, I never worried with my eyes, now I see very bad, was also the eye doctor who could see nothing, the greatest made me my constant trance and not to be present feeling great Worry, I constantly invented other illnesses and did not rest until I noticed TODAY what it might be, to late notice is due to the, as mentioned, creeping kind of side effects. Among other things, I increased strongly and have other side effects such as depression, nausea, hair loss, tachycardia, etc. I’m curious how the discontinuation will make noticeable, I am afraid that my high blood pressure problems are worse, for assistance, I would be grateful gruss

  6. Carolyn R. Alegria says:
    3.5 rating

    Hair loss Weight gain 20 kg Dizziness Drug-freeness Sleep disorder Skin itch I’ve gained a lot of weight. Then I noticed my hair is getting thinner. Allergic reactions to my skin. I got totally dry skin. Certainly there are some side effects which I did not notice. Drug discontinued. NEVER AGAIN CHEMISTRY MEDICAMENTS

  7. Jean J. Sutton says:
    3.5 rating

    Bisoprolol for High blood pressure

    Weight gain about 12 kg, numbness in the hands, hair loss. Increased from 2.5mg to 5mg for 3 weeks.Now heavy itching when I come to rest.Night extreme inside, knees, thighs, calves, lumbar region, fatigue hands numb + cold.Print feeling chest, abdomen. Doctor wants to switch to LisiHexal, what \ ‘s what?

  8. Linda A. Novoa says:
    2.5 rating

    Bisoprolol for Heart failure; Heart rhythm disturbances; High blood pressure

    1/2 year intake. 7 KG weight gain! ‘Concentration disorders, weakness, bad depression and the like no drive, muscle and bone pain, hair loss, itching, despite leakage water retention i. Face, hands u. Feel heartburn, pain in d. Esophagus, abdominal cramps, Dürchfälle, Schlafstörungen.Glaube almost also halucinations. In combination with Eferox (Hashimoto) the same side effects potentiate the symptoms even more !! Do not bear this anymore. Who knows alternatives, other active than bisoprolol hemifumarart?