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  1. Courtney G. Johnson says:
    4.0 rating

    Enbrel for Rheumatoid arthritis

    Hello everybody, my daughter is suffering from rheumatism 2 years ago first she got cortisone pacing every 4 weeks which hardly helped. She decided to give her the medicine MTX which she did not tolerate on the 20th of December she got the drug Enbrel and we After two weeks she had problems with the stairs off or dismounted and complained about Gangunsicherheit.Anfangs I did not worry until she finished school and complained of dizziness, tingling on the head and numb feel on legs and the worst thing was that she did not feel her legs under control. She had to work so hard to run, that she got a very strong headache. She has been in hospital for about 2 weeks. The Enbrel was first discontinued. Physically, nothing was found. First, she continued with the cortisone shock therapy, as she had severe inflammation in her body After the 4-day therapy one has put together what one should do as the running had worsened further and one decided to register her in a 16 days physiotherapy that she is learning to walk again. She makes very good progress and can run quite well again. This morning was the visit and they said that they want to start with Enbrel again she was totally out of her. We do not know what to do. At first they shared everything with us others are excluded but it comes from the Enbrel and now they say it’s not the Enbrel it would be just a Kopfsache.Ich hope you can help me my daughter is 16 years old that means they want me to decide what to do. Do you have similar side effects?

    Side effects: Dizziness; Gang uncertainty
  2. Camille D. Ingram says:
    4.0 rating

    Enbrel for Arthritis

    Enbrel has greatly worsened my general condition. Nocturnal foot cramps disturbed the night’s sleep. Increasing gear uncertainty in anyway existing Gehbeeinträchtigung. I feel like my muscles are back. Enbrel increased my liver values after a short time. My impaired sense of taste was almost lost. Now I will inject HUMIRA again, because the side effects of this drug were, as far as my general health, more bearable.

    Side effects: Gang uncertainty
  3. Chris J. Harrison says:
    4.5 rating

    Enbrel for Arthritis

    I did not tolerate Mtx as Lantarel at all, after every injection 3 days diarrhea. For a year, I inject Metex without any side effect. Before Enbrel, I injected Humira for a year and was painless. Humira had to be discontinued because it was probably the cause of polyneuropathy. Now I have been injecting Enbrel for a year and my rheumatism is almost gone. After 6 months, I had a sudden hearing loss that did not go away. A slight gear uncertainty now and then, and strong muscle spasms are now my problem. I hope that the combination is not the cause of this medication.