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  1. Victoria C. Hamblin says:
    2.0 rating

    Metoprolol for Migraine

    Strange effect of Metoprolol Since my youth, I suffer from migraines and headaches alternately with all forms of pain. (half-sided / front / back / upper head / behind the eyes / temples -two-sided-one-sided / piercing / oppressive / throbbing) Father and mother had the same problem. I myself felt pretty helpless, because I did not smoke, did not drink alcohol, did a lot of sports and ate a reasonably healthy diet. Also, I have not been able to detect any reaction to certain foods or derive any factor from other events to which I could attribute the headache, except that the pain often occurred in the morning after exercise. For decades, I dragged myself through life with normal painkillers and stood next to me for quite a few days a month before seriously considering going to the doctor with this problem. Especially during my period I suffered from 5-6 days of pain, in addition to the weekly headache. My family doctor prescribed triptans for me, without testing me for migraines in any way. But the medications helped reliably and I was glad to finally have a remedy that helps. I took different Triptan varieties for almost 3-4 years, which all helped well. At some point, however, I decided to tackle a pain therapy. Because of my low blood pressure, I got a stabilizing drug, which had no effect on the headache. Then I got Cymbalta, Lyrica and Katadolon prescribed. Again, there was no positive trend in pain. Accompanying, I had received 12 osteophatic treatments. Even that did not work out much. An MRI excludes cerebral reasons. Then I was referred to the neurologist who prescribed the beta-blocker metoprolol. At first, I was skeptical, as this drug would lower my already low blood pressure even lower. But I was ready for anything that promised hope. After slow dosing (25 mg in the evening, after 3 days 25 mg additionally in the evening, then slowly dosed up to 50 mg in the morning and in the evening) I am blindingly. After 3 months of taking it, I still can not believe it protects me from morning headaches. By agreement I had already discontinued Lyrica and Katadolon for a long time; today I take Cymbalta 30 mg every 2 days in addition to 2 x 50 mg metoprolol. My attitude to life has increased enormously Rarely do I have a slight pressure in my head, which then disappears by itself. As side effects of Metoprolol occur that I am freezing fast, I have almost constantly cold fingers and slight circulatory problems in the fingertips, but disappear by hand gymnastics again. What I find distressing is that I am slowly but steadily gaining weight since taking it. (July 65 kg – October 68.5 kg) I will slowly reduce the dosage from 2 x 50 mg to 2 x 25 mg and keep an eye on my weight.

  2. Sandy J. Aranda says:
    4.5 rating

    Metoprolol for Depression; Heart rhythm disturbances

    Valdoxan, first night, barely able to endure migraines, dizziness, tremors, high pulse, internal freezing, nightmares, although I started with half Valdoxan 25mg. Thank god, otherwise I would not have taken it further. Bearable during the day, some headache, increased heart rate and mild hypertension. Tried to regulate blood pressure and pulse in the morning with half a metoprolol, small success. After 3 days, slight weight loss. Retained half the dose of Valdoxan 25 mg for a week, then increased it to a whole, because the mood was pretty depressive and I often had to cry. Some side effects disappeared, leaving dizziness, increased heart rate and low blood pressure after 2 weeks. Yesterday evening, at about 6.30 pm, I took half a metoprolol again, because the pulse was a little high, had a terrible night, almost as bad as the very first night, migraine, trembling. I hope that the trigger of this night was the evening intake of half metoprolol. Still afraid of tonight. Positive is, however, easy weight loss, no food cravings, only because I try to hold out. Maybe the side effects will disappear.