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  1. Brandon P. Branch says:
    5.0 rating

    I have been carrying the Mirenaspirale for a year. Unfortunately, I had to say that I suffer from strong Mirza since wearing the Mirena. I have been permanently bloated for 3 months, also in the fasted state. I have my stomach and intestines mirrored and my blood values examined …. result all right. I also do not suffer from a food allergy. To be permanently bloated, cramps in the abdomen and pimples on shoulders, impure skin on the face (never had impure skin previously increased migraine, and slight hair loss.) I also increased hunger and gained some weight, 2 -3 kilos I am always tired by the permanent bloated and totally uncomfortable 2 days ago I have the Mirena removed (as well as my girlfriend, sister and two colleagues, all of which had strong side effects) and hope for a speedy recovery of my hormone balance Do not recommend Mirena.

  2. Kala D. Cain says:
    4.0 rating

    After a good 1 year I let me remove the Mirena again. In the first 6 months there was no problem. Simply gorgeous, no period except 1-2 days very little spotting. Unfortunately, over time, more and more symptoms developed that got worse and worse. These included: breast tenderness, pimples, flatulence, weight gain, worst migraine attacks, nausea, dizziness, circulatory problems, itching all over the body, tingling throughout the body, rapid heartbeat to the worst panic attacks with dread. I did not know these symptoms before in this form and strength. I did not get much help from the doctors. It just said you’re getting into menopause. So I started to look around myself and came across the page. 3 months ago I had the Mirena removed. In the meantime, I have no more of the o.g. Symptoms. I have come to the conclusion that my symptoms are due to the synthetically produced gestagen in the Mirena. It seems that some women with a variety of side effects respond to it. Others are not.

  3. Joan D. Stedman says:
    4.0 rating

    It all started with a bladder infection. After taking the antibiotics, the fungal infection followed by a cyst. That was 1 ½ years ago. Since then, more and more Zipperleinchen have been added to the diseases mentioned: flatulence, total exhaustion, sweating (especially at night), back pain in the lumbar region, breast tensions (z.Part my breasts were already so sensitive that a light touch has already caused pain), extreme Mood swings, permanent abdominal pain, hypothyroidism, weight gain, loss of libido … As with many other women too, I have now walked for more than 1 year from doctor to doctor, until a colleague told me last that she had heard that frequent bladder infections from the HS would come. Then I started researching. Meanwhile, I have with my suspicion that the complaints come from the Mirena, my FA changed. After he had listened to my story, he first wanted to exclude other causes of my complaints by extensive research. He then told me the result on the phone … .You are completely healthy – there is no reason to worry … For my abdominal cramps, he then recommended me cranberry tablets …: – ((On Friday I let me get this thing out and hope then that the nightmare is over …

  4. Ana D. Felix says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Hurt

    Hello! I am 41 (no children) and have taken the pill for over 20 years (Triquilar and then Valette), had no problems, except a little weight gain, but not bad! Wanted something different than constantly to swallow the pill 🙂 Have been for 14 days the Mirena and the beginning were the first 2 days really horror for my body! The insertion was very uncomfortable and then I had violent abdominal cramps (labor-like), could hardly sit / driving, violent spotting-reddish brown and yellowish! Then a few days rest , then violent pelvic pain that came at night, flatulence etc, all of which lasted about 2 days and 2 nights! Also, an inflammation in the vagina, which were treated with antibiotic suppositories. Cecum I excluded, I had already removed me 20 years ago-the pain was the same! Have then read in several forums which side effects can occur – so on cysts etc., I’m not upset! So I’ll give the thing about 2-3 weeks, if it has not improved comes out again! Shit on the 300 Euro, if the food is I have again made an experience more in life and the price of my health is essential higher! LG! Tina

  5. Michelle P. Parker says:
    4.5 rating

    Hello my dears! I have the Mirena now for almost 10 years and am extremely scared of what I’ve read (not only in this forum) now for reviews. Actually, I was just looking for a confirmation that my (now increasingly occurring) abdominal spasms are related to the spiral ….. and now I have just found a whole list of side effects, which I 80 – 90% self-confirm. For me, the Mirena was recommended because at 17 I already had a leg vein thrombosis, then was not allowed to take a pill and then got the copper spiral. But I did not tolerate these and so I was (after the birth of my son) the Mirena very dear to the heart, because it has virtually no side effects, except the great fact that the menstrual is hardly or no longer felt and see. I immediately felt so well because I had to think about no interactions with other drugs, no pill intake and so on. Every now and then I had an abdominal spasm for a few hours, but after my gynecologist said it was all alright, I did not care anymore. So after 5 years I got rid of the old one and put a new one because it was so practical and the few convulsions a year were a low price for my independence ….. That I have changed a lot in the last years , for me totally untypical behavior on the day, constantly having any physical ailments for which no doctor has an explanation (blood values all super fine, organs also everything ok) and I have almost no desire to have sex or physical closeness more meanwhile almost cost me my marriageIf I have to read now that there are hundreds of women who feel the same way, I could only howl ….. with happiness that I am not alone and finally found out and in anger, because these damn gynecologists probably all really just Provitgeil or simply blue-eyed areHere is a small list of my complaints that have crept in recent years, but increasingly occurred: – extremely frequent headaches, to migraine-like conditions – scalp itching with recurring dandruff – constantly blemished skin (had hardly pimples as a teenager) – Itching all over the body – permanent feeling of bloated, up to the feeling of being pregnant – flatulence and stool problems, despite adequate hydration (good 3 liters daily) – total libido loss (maximum 1 time every 2 to 3 months of desire, but even during which disappears) – anxiety to depression – tantrums, extreme mood swings – creeping weight gain, despite normal eating behavior (eat rather little) – water retention – pernicious pain in the abdomen, with the feeling that someone pushes a knitting needle through the vagina – memory problems – joint pain (feels gout or Ar thritis-like) – massive sleep disorders – circulatory problems – sweating to chills – constant tiredness, fatigue and listlessness ….. Yes and so it goes on and no doctor finds an explanation for even one symptom, because, after all, my blood levels okay and I’m only 31 years old. Conclusion: what should I have, except that I’m more likely to be a hypochondriac, than really sick …. I go to the gynecologist tomorrow and get advice on what I have in my situation for contraceptive options. But one thing I know for sure: This little crap comes outIf then hopefully in a few weeks at least some of my problems in the air dissolve, I would be really grateful. At the moment, all my hope lies in the removal of this thing, since I really do not know myself anymore and do not want to go on living like that. Luckily, I have a man who has been with me all these years and is really looking forward to hoping I’ll be back soon.

  6. Vicki M. Edgar says:
    4.5 rating

    Unfortunately, only after 6.5 years Mirena (2.Hormonspirale) lights up on me. Also I was never informed by my FÄ (1st spiral another FA) about the side effects, but only about contraindications that they either slipped or might grow in. There should be no side effects, one drummed. That this is the greatest contraception that there is, no question, because lust for sex, I hardly have. Quite apart from the loss of libido, my skin has changed a lot and hair growth has increased enormously. Of course, only in places that should be reserved for men. My chin is now covered in inflammation and scars, as I am dedicated to my morning and afternoon ritual of stubble removal with tweezers. The hair grows, despite constant exfoliation, in the skin and this inflames. Without covering the places with tinting cream, I dare not leave the house. Although I’m dark in type and have always had more hair, but not to that extent. On the toes, back of the feet, chin, buttocks, Pofalte they have now increasingly settled, are still hard and black. Growing, shaving, plucking becomes everyday. 1 1/2 years ago I even bought an expensive device for permanent hair removal with the light technology. At first thought it would also help on the chin, unfortunately not. But my biggest problem is the permanent itching all over my body, mainly on my back and arms. Am for years at the clarification at the house or dermatologist. Since I used to have a mushroom braid, I thought I would never get rid of it. Here are circular white spots after scratching, which I can detect all over the upper body and arms. My family doctor said, with the tablet cure for skin fungus, the problem would have to be finally resolved, since I already a year often a shower cure for the disease and did not help. But I did not realize that this had already been fought for a long time. yes, no skin fungus was more evidence. Nevertheless, itching and permanent white patches of skin, which are very pronounced in summer and ugly to look at. A terrible burden, because until the evening intensifies the itching and prevents falling asleep. I had no explanation yet, already bought acute sprays for itching for neurodermatitis patients, made sea salt baths and am now still every day 2-3 times creaming and make the itching more bearable. In addition, since a few years hives, which makes itself felt in the cold. Already at 10 degrees, itching pustules on the thighs form when I go walking. Also, in the evening, all of a sudden, I got hives all over my upper body. Inexplicable, because I did not eat or did anything special. Neither detergent change, nor food change changed something. You get totally crazy because nobody can help you. My sister advised me wg. hair growth and itching to remove the spiral, as this had to be the trigger. Never, I thought, can not be, did not want to believe her. Why? No FA confirms that, as many women read here. After all, is a lucrative business with the spiral. The patient is secondary. Sometimes one gets the feeling that here in agreement of all FÄ the side effects of the Mirena are simply rejected and concealed, in order to keep the business going. Other side effects include flatulence, bloated abdomen with malaise, as if you were pregnant. For some years diarrhea, sometimes so strong that the chair is only watery. An anal thrombosis had to be removed a few times, so the proctologist advised me not to push so hard during bowel movements, which would cause hemorrhoids and thrombosis. He did not believe me the diarrhea, because I have according to his statement have a hard bowel movement. A colonoscopy, therefore, I had to endure even over me. So, nothing fits together anymore. Still ask me if all my complaints are triggered by the Mirena. Two years ago, I still got pain in my tailbone, without it would have fallen on it. At some point it became so strong that I could not sit down normally anymore. After about 1 1/2 years, a CT was finally made. Of course without findings! No periostitis or anything else to prove. Pain is my constant companion, as tendinitis in the arms to the wrist, as osteoarthritis is also suspected in the shoulder joints. As well as osteoarthritis in the knee and cervical spine. Inflammation can never be detected in the blood and I am absolutely pumperlgsund. Since many women here indicate back pain and joint pain, this pain could also have to do with the spiral. Unfortunately, one can not prove this. The coccyx