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  1. Betsey M. Parisi says:
    5.0 rating

    Lyrica for Trigeminal neuralgia

    Weight gain 8kg, increased appetite, too slow build up of the drug in the body (2-3 weeks), with acute increase in TN pain, the Lyrica acts too slow. if the Lyrica is taken too long, the effects diminish (increasing the dose required) Speech disorders, word finding problems, shaky gait, balance disorders withdrawal symptoms on withdrawal of Lyrica (chills, hot flashes, drowsiness, dullness, headache) Side effects of Timonil Dizziness after taking withdrawal symptoms on discontinuation of Lyrica Timonil (shaking, chills, pain in the ear, ….)

  2. Kelly C. Longoria says:
    5.0 rating

    Lyrica for Pain (chronic)

    Paracetamol comp stada: The pain was usually well contained, in between I had many episodes of pain and took 3 x 1 tablet daily .. However, I had to fight a lot with constipation. For a short time I would recommend Paracetamol comp, but in the long run this medicine did not help me and I was prescribed Lyrica by the doctor. Lyrica 50 mg: This medicine did not help me personally; I had scary with the side effects, such. Fatigue, slackness, depression, extreme word-finding disorders, dizziness and loss of appetite. At the beginning of the intake I had to deal with pain for 1-2 days, but then they decreased to a relatively bearable level. Unfortunately came after the second week many episodes of pain and the described side effects made me very, very hard! My doctor then prescribed Katadolon S long. Katadolon S long: For two weeks I take 1 tablet daily and after about 1 week finally disappeared the side effects of Lyrica, especially my extreme fatigue. I am now much more efficient after 2 weeks (and do not always lie around on the sofa!). When I do physically (medium-light) work, then it happens that I also feel the activities painful, but on the whole I’m really satisfied. If I can do it I design my day with active and quiet phases. The look into the soul life helps too! Unfortunately, the worry remains whether I will depend on this drug in the long run.